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Birthday cake for my son's friend when the two boys were playing in the orchestra for a university production of "Hair."  The tie-dye seemed appropriate.  One of two cakes decorated in our hotel suite when we went to see the musical.
By itsacake
Oct 22, 2005
My friend's daught graduated from cosmotology school.  All accessories are candy molds.
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By GinaJuarez
Oct 10, 2005
I made this cake for a charity that friends of mine run - they train service dogs for children with autism.  This was my first BIG cake.....10 cake mixes!  I used tip 233 for the dog's hair, and tip 234 for the grass.  Eyes, nose, jacket and flowers are MMF; everything else is BC.  Thanks to cindy6250 and tripletmom for their instructions!
17 26
By gakali
Aug 5, 2006
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By frosting111
Aug 21, 2006
saw this in an Oklahoma bakery when I was there for the sugar art show and had to make it!
24 97
By seven
Oct 25, 2006
Buttercreme icing with all accessories made out of fondant.  I was very impressed with myself.  Everything came out very realistic.
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By q2ggirl
Jan 13, 2006
Made this for a Breast Cancer Awareness event held at my hair salon. Thanks for everyone for the ideas you gave to me when I posted on the forum.  It was my first hairdryer cake. I cut up and stacked the little cake till it took shape of the dryer then covered it with pink icing. The cord is made of Marshellow Fondant.
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By Susan94
Nov 11, 2006
10" bottom with double layer 6" carved slightly for bag.  All accessories made with chocolate molds and were dusted with luster dust.  Bag covered in mmf.  I finally found a purple that actually stayed purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By bush1
Nov 11, 2006
A customer ordered this cake for her cousin, the hairdresser.  It's a 9X13" & 8" round yellow cake covered in BC.  The floor, wall, shelf & chair are cardboard covered in gumpaste.  The little hair tools are gumpaste as well.  The chair arms are royal.  All hand painted.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Nov 29, 2006
Birthday girl with a new face and hair style,  i wasnt happy with my first attempt at a face so i redid her... i like this one better...
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By sweet_as_tisse
Feb 8, 2007
This half sheet cake was made for my cousin to take to the beauty school that she attends.  The cake was made for Valentines Day but she wanted it to have a "Hair Theme" to it.
By kimhamjohn
Feb 16, 2007
Covered in fondant with airbrushed spots, fondant saddle and straps.  Clay gun used for extruding hair for head and tail.  ears were dried fondant airbrushed black.  Edible glitter sparkles all over since it was for a little girl!
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By sugarnut
Feb 26, 2007
This cake is for a dermatologist's 50th birthday. 10 inch layers of chocolate and yellow cakes with IMBC filling and crumb coat. I used Penitinice fondant for the first time and I enjoyed working with it. All fondant outer coating. The middle "hair" is a candle.
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By krissy_kze
Oct 26, 2006
horse pattern transfer with flowers I had on hand.
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By chefamanda
Mar 26, 2007
Chocolate scissors and comb, rice krispies blow dryer and phone covered in fondant. First time using the rice krispies, so its a little bumpy
5 4
By ashley87
Apr 25, 2007
My partner and I did this  for a client's birthdaty that owns a beauty shop.
Items onto are made from fondant.
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By Suebee
May 1, 2007
This 1/2 sheet cake was made for a lady who does hair.  It was a 
belated birthday gift.  Everyone at the salon loved it.
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By kimhamjohn
May 15, 2007
Cake for a graduating cosmotologist.  All pics drawn with buttercream.
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By sunlover00
May 30, 2007
This cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  Needed something for someone who graduated beauty college and just started her first job at a beauty salon.  Used MMF to make a silhouette type of look for the hair styling tools.  MMF rope border.
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By gourmetcakes
Jun 14, 2007
I made these along with hairdryer cookies for a friend who owns a hair salon as a "thankyou" for giving my daughter a free trim! :)  They are shortbread cookies with royal icing.
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By bellejoey
Jun 22, 2007
Hairdryer cookies.
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By bellejoey
Jun 22, 2007
I made this cake for my hair stylist and his salon to say "thank you" for all of their wonderful word-of-mouth advertising they've done for me.  It's an 8" chocolate cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate raspberry icing.
12 138
By karensue
Jun 28, 2007
I did this for my DD's graduation from beauty career school.
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By LittleLinda
Jun 30, 2007
Church event....see all picture on my album.  
The theme was Avalanche Ranche and here are the kids hiding under the hat!
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By Cancook
Jul 27, 2007
This was made for a girl graduating from beauty school.  I am not much on sheet cakes, but she wanted to have 4 stars, 1 in each corner.  She said that they wanted her to join a 4 star salon.  I wish it could have looked better, thanks for looking!!!
8 28
By ByTheSlice
Jul 29, 2007
WASC carved the head starting with an 8" square then stacked 2 5" rounds then topped with a mini wondermold.  Carved and added piece to form the slope.  The little girls wanted a white horse with yellowish, brownish, goldish hair and a pink bow...I love kids!!!  It is fondant covered with all fondant accents.
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By shelie
Aug 3, 2007
6" cake for my kids hairdresser.  fondant scissors painted with silver highlighter/luster.
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By saj_stuff
Feb 28, 2007
A thank-you cake for someone who receives many haircuts for free! Scissors, comb, sign, shoes, hands and eyes are fondant
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By bellejoey
Aug 8, 2007
blow dryer for a girl graduating from beauty school.
2 16
By ByTheSlice
Aug 25, 2007
I made this cake for a Cosmetology graduate.  Buttercream frosted half sheet cake.  Hair dryer is cake covered in fondant.  All other decorations are gumpaste.
19 112
By infields
Sep 10, 2007
By nancyfancy
Sep 20, 2007
Cookies I made for a salon
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By summersmilf
Nov 13, 2007
This cake was made for a girl going to cosmetology school.  The accesories were made with a chocolate mold.
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By eatsleepdreamcake
Nov 29, 2007
Made for the salon that does my hair, they sell Aveda products. All Fondant.
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By CreativeCakeFactory
Dec 11, 2007
cake inspired again by CC member Seven- and my son who's hair is almost that long! lol he just turned 16 and had chosen another style of cake but when i saw Seven's creation i declared this was the one! lol. although the snoopy cake had fallen apart during transit this one did not (hehe) all bc.. chocolate cake. i really hit the short cuts because of an8 hour shift and no sleep.
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By GenGen
Jan 14, 2008
Close up of the Hungry Jacks fairy ... I tried to copy the fairy from the invite. The only thing I altered was the hair, to make her a little more interesting. The flat hair looked a little boring. Took ages to make the fairy, especially when my daughter kept poking holes in it and eating bits! Grrrrrr!
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By dreamykittykat
Jan 23, 2008
This is based on many of the spa cakes on this site but the birthday girl wanted her hair being highlighted with foils and all the necessary accessories.  All fondant except for the coloring brush and comb which are gumpaste! Thanks to msauer for answering her help and inspiration!
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By steffla
Apr 5, 2008
2 3
By plbennett_8
Apr 7, 2008
Last min. cake for a friend.  All I had was a little orange left over from a previous cake.
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By froglover
Apr 28, 2008
My mom is turning 60 in June and I've been blessed with the honor of making her swimming pool cake. I wanted her diving into the pool with 60 on her butt. (gotta have some fun) This is my 2nd attempt at a fondant/gum paste figure. The legs were difficult as they are formed around wire so she doesn't go head first into the cake. If anyone can let me know how to form around wire and get rid of creases please pm me! My dh helped me get a nice round belly and I had a blast dressing her. Thanks for looking!!!
15 18
By CakeInfatuation
May 9, 2008


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