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This is an 8" double layer round Carrot Cake with crusting cream cheese icing and a Berreta Gun and logo.  This was made for an sportsman and a law enforcement officer.
By Cakemaker
Aug 4, 2005
here's the sleeping cowboy
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By bmote1
Apr 28, 2006
The final product on my nephew's 6th birthday cake.  He's such a typical boy, loving anything to do with guns & army & police, so I thought I would surprise him with a military inspired cake.  Yellow cake, chocolate buttercream.  I used a cupcake to make the hill, oreo crumbs to make the road, blue tinted piping gel for the water & a frosting covered pretzel rod to make the log.
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By culinarilyobsessed
Oct 1, 2005
Customer wanted a cake for an 8yr old who loved paint ball.  It is strawberry cake with BC. The fence and boy are modleing paste.  Thanks for looking.
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By phoohbear
Jul 8, 2006
This cake was for a 21 year old grandson, from his grandmother.  She explained to me that she was telling him she cannot believe he's 21, and he goes, "I know Grandma, License to Kill!", so she thought this would be really cute & was SO excited about it.  I just had to share, thanks for looking!
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By OCakes
Jul 28, 2006
BC icing with MMF accents.  The "stripes" were made with a clay gun.
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By coolmom
Aug 20, 2006
Gun and target designed in buttercream. Handmade fondant bullets. Gun and bullets painted with silver luster dust.
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By KimAZ
Aug 31, 2006
Groom wanted a cake w/ shotgun shells and fishing lures!  Lures were made out of fondant and rice paper, shells are fondant also.  Choc. cake w/ chocolate buttercream.  16, 12 and 8" square - very heavy!
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By cakesbyallison
Jun 13, 2006
This cake was done for a gentleman and his son for their birthdays.  They love to hunt, camp and the entire reason the dad moved to Alaska was to look for gold.  the icing is buttercream, the rocks, tent, tools, logs, tent strings, EVERYTHING else was hand made with fondant.  The river is CK sugar sparkles in 2 colors of blue.  The gold nuggets in the pan and the "hidden nugget" in the river are painted with gold highliter.  All items are "glued" down with piping gel for easy transport.
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By cakesbykitty
Dec 24, 2006
Hat is all fondant  and gun is all hand molded fondant
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By mypastrychef
Dec 25, 2006
Carved vest iced with buttercream.  Fondant, chocolate accents.  Gun is molded RK treats and covered with fondant.
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By DianeLM
Jan 12, 2007
For a corporate party last night. Their theme was James Bond, so I did playing cards, martinis and guns.
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By antonia74
Jan 19, 2007
Couple of first's on this one!  Clay gun for bottom border & chocolate roses and leaves.  First time doing drapes also.  Inspiration from one of Toba Garrett's.  Yellow cake with Vanilla/Hazelnut coffee creamer added for flavoring covered with SatinIce fondant.
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By mjs4492
Feb 1, 2007
i did this cake for a ladsy son who collect guns...gun is ri and bullets and trim are fondant choc cake choc chip filling
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By Erlyns_Treats
Feb 25, 2007
1/4 sheet - Laser tag vest and gun with laser beams.
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By KimAZ
Mar 4, 2007
Wow! This was heavyyyyyyyyy! I used 2 full 1/4 sheets of chocolate cake with strawberries in the middle.! My kitchen sure smelled yummy! The order was for a classic gangster themed cake. The customer asked for a "gun", a cd with specific markings and the a reference to the liquor. As always my cakes are 100% edible... if you so choose :)
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By SommCakes
Mar 10, 2007
This is the top view of the cake.  The cake is all chocolate and the decorations are made from fondant.  It's hard to see, but in the grass around the boy on the ground are little blue "pellets" because he's been shot out by the blue team.  They boy that I made this cake for was having an airsoft gun tournament as his birthday party and the two teams were blue and yellow.
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By SarahJane
Sep 1, 2006
By marygus
Mar 19, 2007
My friend is really in to guns so I made this cake to resemble the bullet chamber of a revolver. This was my first experience with fondant and with piping.
By jesslsteele
Mar 19, 2007
Rifle Cake
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By wisdom102
Mar 25, 2007
Rifle Cake
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By wisdom102
Mar 25, 2007
This cake was a birthday cake for a Police Officer.  My DH helped me with this one, as I knew nothing about guns.  Carved from a 9x13 sheet cake.  BC with black fondant accents!
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By sbcakes
Apr 1, 2007
Botton cake is chocolate with cookies and cream filling, Badge cake is yellow butter cake with hazelnut mousse filling, buttercream icing, fondant accents.
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By pbertone1005
Apr 15, 2007
I made this for my twin brothers' 18th birthday.  It was my first time to try fondant and my first try at sculpting.  I ran out of time so instead of dying the fondant, I used shimmer dust.  I was disappointed but they weren't.
By fraggle
Apr 25, 2007
Alright my husband loves and owns a Glock so how fitting that this is what he got for his birthday cake! I just got new 2 inch square pans so I tried them out on him and did two different flavors just for fun. The cake is 8 inch
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By rhondie
May 5, 2007
This was a baby shower cake for a little boy whose dad is a police officer.  They also wanted a western vibe.  Badge is MMF painted with gold luster dust.  Guns were done with a piping gel transfer.
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By christen9302
May 5, 2007
This cake was attempted with about half the time I should have taken to do it. It was for my dads birthday and he liked it so I guess thats what counts. The quote is from George Mason. The whole line is "To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them..."” But I had to shorten it b/c of space. Thanks for looking and as always any comments and tips are more then welcome!
By Aliwis000
Jun 3, 2007
chocolate cake shaped like a sniper rifle, i carved it out of a sheet cake
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By Lael
Jul 13, 2007
This was my first FBCT, and it turned out OK, i wasn't too happy with it
I found this idea on CC, thanks for the inspiration
THe bullets are fondant painted with luster dust
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By mcassada
Jul 24, 2007
Chocolate mold gun and bullets for the numbers!
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By mom2aeml
Jul 28, 2007
This cake was done for a customer whose son was into the whole Cowboy thing... This pan had no directions for this so, I designed it on my own... I purchased the lil plastic hat and simply cut in half & placed on him... Thought it turned out pretty well...
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By Cakeyladey
Jul 28, 2007
Cake I made for my husband, he loves his shooting.  It's a chocolate cake with buttercream
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By VeronicaLuis
Aug 23, 2007
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By Petey
Aug 25, 2007
this cake was for my husband's 40th birthday.  i hate that i couldn't get a decent picture, but that's what happens with little ones, they need you at the craziest times, so i picture was taken by someone else & i had to make the most of it.

4 layer german chocolate cake, tons of icing & that thing was heavy!!!
chocolate writing &  accents, chocolate transfers
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By daltonam
Sep 2, 2007
Birthday cake for two brothers. Used a spraygun on hat and base of cake. Lots of fun.
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By Laurar
Sep 20, 2007
12" Red Velvet filled and frosted with crusting cream cheese icing.  Groom is a tattoo artist.  Had him do some original designs for top and front,  had them made into edible images, cut them out and applied to top and front  of the cake.  A model of a tattoo gun was placed on top.  First time with edible images,  since I waited for the icing to crust,  I did a light mist of water before applying the images.
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By aztomcat
Oct 7, 2007
Just wanted to use up my leftover choco-pan fondant and play with my sugarcraft gun. Of course I messed up on covering this because it's so hard to work with choco-pan. From now it's either MMF or Satin Ice. Anyways, the sugarcraft gun was a blast!! So many possibilities.
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By fooby
Nov 8, 2007
Great inspiration on this site.  Thanks for all the help.  All buttercream except figurines and suger cone tree on a pretzel stick
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By kathybenitez
Jan 22, 2008
the last of four we did for the big birthday party - was for a 55th birthday :)
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By sweetnik
Jan 24, 2008
single layer 9" round iced in buttercream.  WHEW....those concentric circles were fun.  :) Edible image cut out of 50/50 fondant/gumpaste.  Please excuse the had to travel hundreds of miles, so the gun was placed on at the birthday boy's home and emailed to me.  Not exactly how I would have placed it either, but it works.  :)
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By saj_stuff
Jan 26, 2008


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