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I was told to just decorate with "girl stuff".  With lack of direction I used a few ideas from this site.  So Thanks!! to those who contributed...  white cake with strawberry sleeve filling.  Gumpaste booties, fondant blanket, buttercream iced.
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By karateka
Mar 17, 2007
I recently completed a gumpaste & fondant class with Colette Peters herself at the Wilton school in Darien, IL.  It was amazing!  Here is the final cake that I made at the end of the week which incorporated several of the techniques that we learned.

My Final Class Cake

The bottom layer is a beige fondant tier with green brush embroidery and green leaves as the border.  This layer was draped with swags and decorated with sage green bows.  

The middle layer is a sage green fondant tier with a quilted design accented with buttons.  The border is lump design using alternating colors of the fondant.  

The top layer is striped with alternating luster dust colors topped with ginko leaves with brush embroidery on the ends accented with buttons on the top of the leaves.  The border is alternating colors of green and beige leaves.  

The cake is topped off with 3 gumpaste calla lillies in white & green.
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By Daddycakes70
Nov 7, 2005
I was very pleased with how these turned out. Half fondant and half gumpaste mixed, then brushed with luster dust. Can't wait to try other colors! Also, other types of flowers...
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By Bethroze
Sep 17, 2006
This cake was for an epilepsy foundation fundraiser in Rochester, NY.  The event was at a garden convention and the theme was Drama in the Garden.  It is a 12 inch single layer, 8 inch two layer tier, 6 inch 2 layer tier.  I purchased four basic plastic masks, covered the basic face area with gumpaste, let it dry, took it off, then re-used the masks to create the crowns so each crown would correctly match the contour of its matching face.  Painted crowns with luster dust mixed with lemon extract.
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By tanyacakes
Mar 16, 2007
This piece was done for a competition in Austin last year.  I received a 1st place award for it. 

It is completly make from gumpaste, fondant, mexican paste and royal icing  This was so much fun to make.  I use some articles in some magazines tha tI have, other than that, I winged it!

One of my all time favorites that I have worked on.
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By Birdlady
Apr 4, 2006
My nationality is Hmong and I don't ever see anything Hmong out there on I designed one for my people..bright colors with symbolic meaning (umbrella, striped ribbon) Fondant coverd cake with fruit fillings.  This cake was my final project at Le Cordon Bleu.  The flowers are handmade gumpaste flowers.  I enjoyed making these gumpaste flowers, but when I open my cake shop, I will NOT specialize in gumpaste flowers..too time consuming!!!!
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By cakez
Apr 4, 2006
I made this cake for a friend who is tea lover. The cake was covered with fondant, the flowers on the bottom are made from gumpaste. The flowers on the cake are done in the brush embroidery technique with royal icing.
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By islandije
Sep 27, 2005
Practice cake from sugarcraft class. Fondant on vanilla pound cake with sugar flower bouquet.
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By sweet_honesty
Mar 11, 2006
Anniversary cake made for one of our employees.
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By Godiva
Apr 13, 2005
Sheet with frosting sheet pix on gumpaste plaques; fondant molded pig.  He was going to travel and play w/grandkids so that's what the pix show:)  Size of cake is 24x16x2; it is iced in buttercream
By kakeladi
Mar 12, 2006
My nephew requested a blue fire breathing dragon, so I tried to give him that.  Wings, eyes and spikes were made with the new Wilton Premade Gumpaste.  Legs, ears, and teeth were made with fondant.  Mouth was a piece of metal bent and iced on top, fondant inside.  Fire (or what I wanted to be fire) was thick gelatin brushed on plastic wrap.  I used several sizes of round cakes to make it.
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By TexasSugar
Jun 3, 2006
This is banana cake with cream cheese frosting, fondant blanket, gumpaste roses, booties, & leaves.
By estherhead
Jun 18, 2006
Gumpaste decorations on mini cakes for cake tasting
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By Daisy1
Aug 2, 2006
11 inch round cake with a large serving cut out and placed on top of cake.  Silver decorations are edible and purchased from a Greek grocery store.  Greek lady educated me that these silver decorations are used on desserts at Greek funerals.  Many other awesome shapes of these silver dragees. Swirly pink trim pattern applied with discontinued Wilton scrolls, then traced pattern with pink royal icing then painted scrolls with pearl luster dust mixed with lemon extract.  Gumpaste decorations(flowers, ribbons
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By tanyacakes
Aug 20, 2006
Stacked Baby shower cake that looks like stacked baby blocks.  Gumpaste gigures and animals on sides.  Bows are gumpaste.  Cake covered with fondant.
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By tanyacakes
Apr 14, 2006
Close up of flowers for 3-tiered heart cake for State fair 2006
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By JoAnnB
Aug 23, 2006
This cake was inspired by a cake and from a class with Colette Peters.  I had to pack my cake pans; fillings; shortening; and gum paste, not to mention I carried the fondant (20#'s) through the air terminal to make my connecting flight.  I baked, filled and frosted the cake at one friend's home and then we transported it to another friends home to cover it with fondant and get it decorated.  I tried to keep it simple due to wanting to participate in all the activities of the weekend reunion.  Go Gators~!
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By Rupnzel
Aug 23, 2006
I made this for a baby shower that the baby is already here. I had some flowers left over from last weekends wedding so I used those.
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By MaryD
Aug 28, 2006
This is the top to my basket weave wedding cake that I did for a bridel fair.  I love playing with fandant and gumpaste!
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By rayven
Apr 21, 2006
Modelled in gumpaste, the wings are cloth covered wire dipped in liquified gelatin, dried and then painted with gold luster dust thinned with Everclear.
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By ShirleyW
Sep 25, 2006
The teapot cake is french vanilla with peach preserves & custard filling.  It is covered in MMF, with gumpaste spout, handle & lid.  Painted with luster dusts.  The cup & saucer on the tray are gumpaste.  The cup in front of the tray is the "real" cup & saucer that was used as inspiration.
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By kakabekabunny
May 15, 2006
Square class dummy done in an Embossed Buttercream class.  The cake is an 8 in dummy with a different design on each side.  The bow is made of gumpaste and the pearls are made of fondant.
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By LuvCakes
Oct 15, 2006
This is my topsy turvy halloween cake.  The pumpkins are fondant with a clove stuck in each one for the stem.  The cats, bats, ghosts are gumpaste.  The big cat and moon on top are made with gumpaste also.  The grass and fences are buttercream.  HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN!!
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By CakesBySandy
Oct 29, 2006
This is for a baby girl shower for tonight...she is a rubber stamp demonstrator gonna make a card to try and match the cake.  All BC except for the shoes.  Thought it would be cute to add a rose to the inside of the shoe. I was freaking out because I had intended for the basket to be is coloured in Wilton Rose Petal pink which is beigy looking!!!  So I added that same colour with plain rose colour and mixed up the icing so there would be some sort of colour coordination..Hope it looks OK..
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By JaneK
Dec 13, 2006
(different view)
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By mjs4492
Dec 14, 2006
This is the first of THREE cakes I am making for a friends birthday tonight. I couldn’t decide which cake I wanted to make so I am doing all three!!! This is a dummy cake so she will be able to take it home with her. I can’t post a cake with a figure on it without thanking Aine2… without her I would have never ventured into the modelling world :)
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By katharry
Jan 20, 2007
Made this tiered cake for a friend of ours that was promoted to VP.  Thanks to boween for the crown inspiration.  Crown is a 2 layered marble cake covered in fondant.  Gold pieces on crown are gumpaste painted with gold luster dust.  Bottom cake is reverse marble covered in BC.  Coin pouch is fondant.  Coins are chocolate candies.
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Jan 25, 2007
a silly congratulations on getting married cake- for a cow-lover. 1 layer torted 12x18 yellow cake with almond-vanilla BC and gumpaste/mmf cows and hearts. cows and hearts dusted  with my new favorite CAKE CENTRAL brand super pearl
a big thanks to all the cc cow cake creators  for your inspiration from the gallery
5 21
By sweetviolent
Feb 2, 2007
For a friend's baby shower tomorrow . . . .baby sleeping in sweetpea garden (look for the two little ones still in their peapods!)
17 25
By jmt1714
Feb 16, 2007
This was my first attempt at Gumpaste flowers on a cake. It was a last minute order, I'm pretty happy with it. I do need some more vibrant colours though!
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By Sugarbean
Feb 17, 2007
Cake is classic white cake with 1/2 butter, 1/2 crisco buttercream. Flowers out of gumpaste, sign, frogs, blanket, butterflies, dragonflies and large flower on top made of fondant and decorated with pastel chalks.  I got the idea for the frogs off of another users frog prince (I don't rememer her name though).  So thank you! I was just disappointed on how UN-smooth the buttercream is.  My friend told me to stop messing with it, cause she said everything else totally draws away from the flaws. :)
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By evesloven
Feb 18, 2007
White gumpaste flowers w/ pink airbrushing on an ivory fondant covered cake
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By stampingsam
Aug 21, 2006
Fondant covered cake and Gumpaste blossoms.  Entire cake painted with luster dust
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By SweetConfectionsChef
Feb 18, 2007
This is a torted chocolate cake w/ bc, fondant decoration, and gumpaste bow. This was my first time to use the Viva method...I love it. It is also my first gumpaste bow!
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By reese04
Feb 23, 2007
I love all my cakes so so much! Thanks to a great teacher and some helpful tips from classmates, I am now comfortable with fondant and gum paste. I look forward to some more beautiful projects in the future.
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By SommCakes
Feb 28, 2007
Got this design from the new Wilton Course 4 Gumpaste book.  Made it for my son's girlfriends birthday.  The template provided was for an 8" round, however, I used a 9" round, so the handkerchief's weren't touching side-by-side as in the book.  I added little heart candy in the box and attached the ribbon from 3 helium balloons up under the box.
By StandingForJesus
Mar 3, 2007
I need alot of practicing, but this is my very first attempt at making a tootsie roll rose...I'm more impressed with the fact that I haven't eaten it yet!
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By imaginecakes
Mar 5, 2007
This was my second attempt at making gumpaste flowers after finishing the Wilton 4 course.  I got the idea for this cake from another member of the class. I am so proud of this cake!!
By jamilyne
Mar 9, 2007
Ýt was made by sugarpaste.
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By pastaci
Mar 15, 2007
My first attempt at modeling, made with fondant/gum paste mix.  I'm still trying to figure out how to attach everything together!
By mme
Mar 21, 2007


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