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Purple Flower Mother's Day Cake
By HillyMillsCakes
May 14, 2013
Elegant ivory and gold wedding cake.
3 25
By airamx
May 31, 2013
Blue and White Seashell Wedding Cake with Starfish Cake Toppers.
By anniecakes01
Apr 11, 2013
1 2
By duckscakery
May 5, 2013
Prepared for a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Ordered by their kids, designed to represent couples love for gardening, flowers and butterflies, also green is their favourite colour, so green and other pastel shades were requested with gold accents representing 50th anniversary colours.
1 19
By airamx
May 31, 2013
By Diney411
Mar 24, 2013
Spring birthday cake. Vanilla cake with strawberry SMBC. Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse BC. Vanilla cake with vanilla SMBC. The flowers work took me 10 hours to complete . I spent 24 hours making this cake.
1 6
By SweetChewyCakes
Apr 6, 2013
I made this frilled cake for a class project after watching Maggie Austin demonstrate the technique on her class.  I donated the cake to a dessert auction fundraiser for Relay for Life.
13 64
By SherylB
Mar 28, 2013
Top: Raspberry swirl filled and coated with white chocolate ganache
Middle: Banana filled and coated with white chocolate ganache
Bottom: Chocolate mud filled and coated with dark chocolate ganache. 
Finished with lace and twine. Handmade gumpaste peony
By Karyn Homewood
Apr 23, 2013
By CButler36
Nov 16, 2012
Quilting on fondant with airbrushing techniques and an array of gumpaste flowers.
By MerciCakes
Apr 11, 2013
Cymbidium Orchids
3 19
By Jimmyca
May 21, 2013
By CamilleAnna
Dec 10, 2012
Wedding cake.
By Spellboundcakes
Mar 28, 2013
This cake was made for a 40th Birthday Party. The Theme was "Travel"...The passport, airline ticket and country stamps were made of edible rice paper...Orchids were gumpaste...
By mo845
Nov 25, 2012
3-tiered Black & White Wedding Cake
By CapitalCityCake
Dec 31, 2012
This was more of an excuse to try different tools and techniques. It was a darn tasty cake though. I torted two 6" dark chocolate cakes and filled them with Chambord raspberry filling. I left the top layer domed. I think the intent of this cake was to create a basket of flowers. I would have needed a lot more flowers to achieve that though.
By ratwings
Jan 3, 2013
Heath and Casey's wedding cake.  Snowflakes and Bling.  Covered with homemade marshmallow fondant.  Used Royal icing to attach rhinestone banding and fondant/gumpaste snowflakes. Ran battery operated lighting down one side of the cake and under the cake stand.
3 12
By jstamoore
Jan 4, 2013
7 34
By Idaris
Apr 17, 2013
Gumpaste rose.
2 3
By Cudolepek
Apr 19, 2013
I learned how to perfect these after taking the Craftsy Class with Nicholas Lodge!
2 2
By mo845
Jan 21, 2013
Thank you Craftsy Classes! Keep them coming!!!
By mo845
Jan 21, 2013
My Friends 30th Birthday! ... I lost my phone that night with all my pictures this the only pic I had from my iPad.
By Ro0628
Apr 2, 2013
By mo845
Jan 22, 2013
1 3
By Idaris
Dec 2, 2012
Cattleya Orchids
2 3
By Jimmyca
May 21, 2013
8 40
By rfatkins
Jan 29, 2013
Just some practice gumpaste flowers I have been working on. I did discover I need a lot of practice with inserting wires into petals, man this is hard for me! Thanks for looking.
3 2
By HamSquad
Feb 1, 2013
By CamilleAnna
Dec 10, 2012
2 5
By clever-squirrel
Nov 24, 2012
2 4
By mo845
Feb 10, 2013
By mo845
Feb 12, 2013
Satinice brown (chocolate) fondant and turquoise tinted white fondant.  Gumpaste flowers.  Contrast stems and leaves.
By jenspin
Mar 9, 2013
Pink Fondant Wedding Cake with gumpaste flowers.
By coleyscakes
Mar 9, 2013
Learned to make the Orchids, leaves and the Clean and Simply Chevron Design from Craftsy Classes...
By mo845
Mar 10, 2013
This is my first try with a ruffle cake.  I have been in love with the look and finally decided to try one.
By Lduran
Mar 15, 2013
Quatrefoil cutouts with sugar ranunculus and hydrangea.
5 71
By EricaObrienCake
Mar 18, 2013
By baking4ever
Mar 18, 2013
Birthday cake with gum paste ruffle flower
By Bobbydylan310
Mar 19, 2013
Garden wedding cake with gumpaste flowers
5 33
By palatiello
Jun 15, 2013


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