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Eifflel Tower cake for client. Marshmallow fondant, the top is rice krispies. I really enjoyed making the cake. It was quite a challange!
By sweetssensation
Jul 20, 2013
Made this little guy to resemble the birthday boy on his soccer themed bday party
By Cakes_By_Diana
Aug 5, 2013
A birthday cake for three people.  The couch is modelling chocolate covered in fondant. The figures are gum paste.
By dkn1973
Jun 30, 2013
The beginnings of my friends hand sculpted sugar paste heads... weird to have them sitting on my counter like this!
By april_liza
Jul 19, 2013
Bon Jovi cake.  I made the dagger out of skewer sticks an fondant.  Gumpaste roses.
By shelli38
Dec 20, 2012
Little sailor figurine I made for a sailor party
By Cakes_By_Diana
Aug 5, 2013
By The Big Sweetie
Apr 24, 2013
Gumpaste Figurines, MMF decorated 6 and 8 inch cakes
By AngelFood4
Apr 29, 2013
Octonauts themed cake and matching cupcakes
By CakeWarner
Jul 15, 2013
By CButler36
Nov 16, 2012
Sweet Mama monkey and her baby.. I sculpted them out of wilton fondant.
6 64
By tennilley
Jun 25, 2013
My ever so popular Mama Monkey cake:) Sculpted monkey from fondant.
1 6
By tennilley
Jul 21, 2013
Gumpaste/Fondant mix for details. Buttercream icing. 

Incorporated everything about him, graduated one year early, loves rock music, works at a hamburger food chain, LOVES working out and is spiritual so the bible and ties! 

if you have any questions, id be happy to help! 

Banana Nut cake with Pastry Cream filling.
By DamarisC
Jun 6, 2013
Fondant/gum paste Nemo figures.
By Kiz31Met
Nov 13, 2012
buttercream frosting with a gumpaste piano, music, and bow.
By shelli38
Sep 8, 2012
Sorry about the terrible photo! Made out of gumpaste
By Miffy
Nov 3, 2012
Gumpaste farm animals & matching grass cupcakes
By The Big Sweetie
Apr 24, 2013
By The Big Sweetie
Apr 24, 2013
Cake is Ganached in White chocolate ganache tinted pink.. Puppy is sculpted out of wilton brand fondant :)
2 42
By tennilley
Jul 1, 2013
gumpaste buildings on skewer sticks, butter cream frosting, fondant accents
By shelli38
Jan 4, 2013
4" tall Gumpaste Korean Figurines.  2 cousins celebrating their 1st birthday together.  Made these to match their outfits.
1 2
By AngelFood4
Jan 7, 2013
Gumpaste figure made to look like my niece.
By Lefemme410
Jan 8, 2013
This was for a girl who does cheer competitions. I used the gym decor for inspiration for the design. Buttercream with fondant and gumpaste accents. Sorry, I'm having trouble rotating a couple of these pictures.
1 3
By Connie1027
Oct 31, 2012
By mo845
Mar 2, 2013
Handcrafted edible JLS cake toppers :)
By LetsEatCake2012
Nov 22, 2012
By StrickenAngel
Mar 9, 2013
my 1st Mickey Mouse cake
By baking4ever
Mar 18, 2013
Giraffe cake topper
By kadeebo
Dec 10, 2012
Lion cake topper
By kadeebo
Dec 10, 2012
Daisy cake.
By Spellboundcakes
Mar 28, 2013
Elephant cake topper
By kadeebo
Dec 10, 2012
By Lduran
Apr 7, 2013
Hand sculpted Hello Kitty from gumpaste.
1 14
By SweetBeas
Dec 11, 2012
Book birthday cake.  Books and bow were made out of gumpaste.  Buttercream icing.
By shelli38
Aug 18, 2012
Baptism Cake - Fondant and Gumpaste Roses.
By SweetyfromNYC
Dec 14, 2012
Dora the explorer, the left half of this cake is strawberry and the right half is chocolate, details are gumpaste & fondant, tree painted wih chocolate and a piping gel and buttercream river.
By maccajackkk
Nov 9, 2012
El Chavo del Ocho Character Cake for my grandchild.
By ladyofaith
Dec 15, 2012
Ninjago Lego and TMNT Cake - The cake is covered in chocolate ganache that I tinted black. The figurines are made out of fondant and hand painted. 
Lloyd the Green Ninjago and Teenage Mutant NInja Turtle Michelangelo
By tennilley
Apr 17, 2013
Lace, handmade figurine, orange, black, inspired by a Kebaya, rose, 40th birthday cake
By SSN_sweets
Aug 11, 2013
By natz_ml
Aug 7, 2013


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