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Armadillow Groom's Cake.  Inside was chocolate.  The bride couldn't make herself do red velvet!
9 6
By ntertayneme
Apr 13, 2005
Armadillo Groom's Cake.  Inside was chocolate.  This was a work in progress and this thing grew to be massive by the time I finished with it!
12 3
By ntertayneme
Apr 13, 2005
This groom's cake was made from fondant. He wanted something very out of the ordinary!
4 6
By traci
May 8, 2005
This was for a groom that loved corvettes! I used a 3-D race car pan to look like a corvette. It is stacked on top of a 3/4 sheet. They loved it!
3 11
By traci
May 9, 2005
Based on a design on the CakesbySam website, this was a white cake designed to have the colors and emblem of the golf course the groom belonged to.  His initials and nickname are going down the right side of cake.  The balls have the course emblem and the tees have the wedding couples name and date on them.
7 12
By cindycakes2
May 29, 2005
My brother-in-law is a bassist and actually won a guitar off the internet -- so my sister asked me to duplicate said bass for his grooms cake.  It took me five days and was over four feet long.  Apologies for the poor film quality -- it's a scanned image.
10 6
By karaisma4all
Jul 16, 2005
Here is a picture of the groom's cake I did for my husband at our wedding.  He doesn't eat cake so I decided to use chocolate dipped strawberries.  He loved it!
4 1
By lng_1978
Jul 20, 2005
This was groom's cake that I just did this past weekend.. it was a doctored cake; chocolate/chocolate chip cake with sour cream chocolate icing ... I drizzled melted semi sweet chocolate chips and melted white almond bark over the edges.
5 2
By ntertayneme
Aug 15, 2005
Here is a groom's cake for the avid golfer.  It is completely covered with fondant.  The clubheads are completely made of fondant while the bag is made of chocolate cake.  This was so much fun to make and was a HUGE git at the wedding.
6 20
By luv2cake
Sep 2, 2005
Since the groom is a big Tenn Vol fan I felt this would do the trick.  Vanilla with raspberry buttercream icing and edible image.  The top said "The game ends in a tie!".
4 2
By piklpop2
Sep 25, 2005
Edible image on top of a sheet cake. Fresh fruit surrounds the cake board. I asked the reception hall to give me a table cloth and they said they did not have anymore!
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By traci
Oct 2, 2005
This cake was chocolate layers with chocolate buttercream.  Sugared grapes - they were so yummy!  I had never done the sugared grapes and the texture and flavor is great!  Had a little mishap on the front corner - a friend stuck his thumb in it and I only  had the darker icing to fix, therefore it looks darker.
6 16
By _ChristyB_
Nov 14, 2005
3 tier hunter grooms cake
By TinaRe
Dec 8, 2005
This was the football cake pan on top of a 1/2 sheet cake.
2 1
By Daddycakes70
Dec 20, 2005
I made this cake in the final class of my level 1 cake decorating (not a wilton class).  It is supposed to be a groom's cake, therefore it is a chocolate cake with various shades of chocolate buttercream icing.  I was pretty pleased with the result as I am still new to cake decorating.
3 2
By bbelias
Jan 15, 2006
This was a birthday cake for a friend who loves his BMW, but would work well as a Groom's cake also.  Devil's food chocolate cake with cookies and cream pudding for filling and covered in MMF.  I added the black strip on the bottom border with blue dots just to dress it up somewhat, but hopefully keep it masculine-looking.  It's hard to see, though, on the black tray.  He loved it, and didn't want to cut it!
2 2
By mommymarilyn
Jan 18, 2006
All buttercream with UNC logo. The bride wanted it to reflect the wedding in some way, so we added the Precious Moments bride and groom to it.
7 4
By KittisKakes
Feb 15, 2006
This grooms cake was done in honor of the grooms late grandfather.  They would always go to the river together - so this is how he made he's grandfather a part of the wedding. The inner tubes the bride & groom sat on were made out of fondant. The trees were trees that you would see on a train set from the craft store. The river was raspberry jello.
7 1
By Sue23
Feb 23, 2006
Grooms cake with sugared fruit
By hamie
Feb 24, 2006
First time doing a topsy-turvy...had to travel 2 1/2 hours with it!  Groom wanted color scheme of black, white, silver to match reception.  Had a few "bumps" along the way that I had to fix....have better ideas what to do next time I need to make one.
6 20
By cindycakes2
Apr 1, 2006
This cake was kept secret from everyone so that the groom would not see it until the reception. He is a die hard Grizzley fan. The cake was brought out just as the couple arrived.  He was so very pleased with this cake he didn't want to cut it.  I was pleased with it myself.  The bride scored big for keeping it a surprise.
3 1
By kimhamjohn
Apr 3, 2006
Favorite of Texas A&M grooms. Choc. cake, Choc butter cream and butter cream flames. Outhouse made from Popsicle sticks and painted with paste color diluted with vodka
4 5
By sdfisher
Apr 10, 2006
The Bride and Groom requested a ball and chain Groom's cake. I already had the 3D ball pan so I just used it. The cake was dark chocolate, fudge filling and dark chocolate buttercream icing. The chain was made with fondant that I rolled out with my hands. I made each link and then linked them together. It looked really nice next to the Chocolate fountain they had for the guests to dip the strawberry's in. :)
8 5
By BamaSweets
Apr 10, 2006
This is a very good tasting cake.  I usually fill with raspberry filling . This is Hugh's cake.
By Batter
Apr 18, 2006
I never realized how hard it would be to cover the ball.
1 12
By lillcabby
Apr 26, 2006
I made this hat to go with a wedding cake (in round wedding cakes) for a cousin. It is my first Hat cake and honestly I thought it would be a disaster.  I let the outside hardden for about 1 week on top of a real hat (it wasn't straight jaja) and made the whole center the day before. It is a challenge!!! Try it
16 55
By Reyna
May 2, 2006
By neicey1971
May 4, 2006
This was my first groom's cake.  I can see now a lot of my mess ups.  Yikes!!!!!!  This one isn't very good at all!!!!!!  There are domino cookies around the edges.  I wish I would have done a shell border around the tops and bottoms of the cookies.  The cookies were decorated with chocolate chips.
By pastrypantry
May 16, 2006
Chocolate fudge cake w/ choc buttercream - and fresh berries.
5 23
By cakesbyallison
May 20, 2006
This was a VERY HIGH 2 tier cake in BC icing.  It was a grooms cake served at the rehearsal dinner.  I got the two toned idea from a cake I saw off this web site!
5 29
By MicheleF
May 22, 2006
Such fun to make this one! I used a mixture of the Hershey's Special Dark and regular cocoa to get a lighter look, and it turned out to be kind of marbled. It looked like a chocolate box. Many guests came close to setting their drinks on it! The picture added a really personal touch. I had envisioned using more stick-like chocolate shavings, but the wind was so strong that they all blew off when I tried them, so I ended up pushing the smaller shaving down into the cake a bit. It worked out great!
6 13
By tobycat
May 28, 2006
This is the groom's cake I made for a good family friend.  Thanks to everyone that helped me with ideas, and a very special thanks to Tammy (imakecakes) for your idea that became the cake!  It went so well with what I wanted for this couple!
2 2
By NeeNee30
Jun 12, 2006
two tiered grooms cake, 1/4 sheet on 1/2 chocolate on chocolate. Simple scroll design, with fresh strawberries and fern decorations.  They thought that chocolate covered strawberries would be too much chocolate so we went with the "naked" ones :)
2 3
By mendhigurl
Jun 17, 2006
Horseshoe grooms cake, marble with buttercream roses on chocolate buttercream icing
1 4
By sugarspice
Jun 18, 2006
Bit of a nail biter-second marriage for slightly older couple-they use a golf cart at their 2nd home to go nearly everywhere-butter cream frosted with some of the canned spray for the grass & cart. Fondant covered roof, wheels, steering wheel & seat cushions. Dowels used for roof supports, covered in aluminum foil, lollipop stick steering column. Cart itself carved from a Wilton 3D car pan-chocolate cake; chocolate sheet cake on the bottom filled with chocolate cream & seedless raspberry preserves.
5 13
By saranac2000
Jun 20, 2006
Bailey's Irish Cream cake with a Kahlua chocolate mousse filling. She wanted Pink and brown as her theme
1 10
By dawnbakescakes
Jun 23, 2006
this was a 16" three layer round cake it was really fun and the groom loved it, I used a pie tin to make the center
18 101
By dawnbakescakes
Jun 23, 2006
mini grooms cake
By dawnbakescakes
Jun 23, 2006
grooms cake chocolate basket chocolate dipped strawberries
1 2
By dawnbakescakes
Jun 23, 2006
An Arkansas Razorback hog so reealistic you'd think you heard it squeal!
7 10
By sincerel
Dec 31, 1969


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