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Groom requested the wedding cake for the wedding. They were big fans of LOTR. So we came up with a Minas Tirith Cake. Rock jets are cardboard covered in Fondant, Fondant accents on Messy BC (to look like rock). I think its pretty cool! :)
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By Sugarbean
Feb 13, 2007
My sister just bought a house, so for her birthday I made her this cake. This is my first time make a carved cake, so I am really happy with the results. The funny part is that her house is a "FIX 'ER UP 'ER" so when the cake settled a little it just made it look more like the real thing. The house number is her age,.
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By icing_fever
Mar 11, 2007
Made with MMF plaques (grey goose bottle is painted with food coloring and icing whitener)
By glitterkris
Mar 16, 2007
WASC/lemon filling, covered in MMF, dusted with pearl dust. Man sleeping with a Grey Goose bottle.
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By tarisca
May 1, 2007
This cake was the talk of the party!!!!!!
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By tarisca
May 1, 2007
A friend of mine wanted me to make a bottle of Grey Goose cake.  After much plans falling through, I ended up painting the fondant free hand to look like the bottle.
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By Lindseyr6
May 9, 2007
This is a graduation cake I did for a friend's daughter.  Colors were Maroon and Grey and their Mascot is the Gators.
Everything is fondant except the tassel and gator.  16x16 bottom, 8x8 top, the cap was made with the Wondermold, I only filled it half full.
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By violetbutterflyz
May 15, 2007
All fondant covered 6,8 and 10 inch rounds. Grey fondant with mauve bows.  My first wedding cake!  A lot more work than I anticipated!
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By delaware
Jun 1, 2007
This was a last minute cake for a friends niece.  She said just make a cake, so this is what came to mind.  I had about 4 hours to do it so needless to say the cakes were still too warm for the frosting not to melt.  I still like how it turned out.
By sugarandsnails
Jun 24, 2007
The design is taken from the invitation for the communion.  All french vanill cake w/ Vanilla buttercream and fondant accents painted w/ gold luster dust and vodka.  I had posted the pic of this cake before but erased it along w/ others because one of my cakes got insulted.  I got over it and am re-posting them little by little.  Sorry if you've already seen some of them and TFL....
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By lynda-bob
Jun 25, 2007
Based on the invitation designed by the aunt.  Fondant with royal vines and fondant flowers.
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By KoryAK
Jun 25, 2007
My son's Baptism was on the same day as his Godfather's birthday, so I made him this!  His favorite color is grey, btw...
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By RoseArcadia
Jun 26, 2007
Repost of pic.  Tried to revise, but had to end up reposting
By Barbend
Jul 6, 2007
Cake was done for a customer who wanted cake to match the colours of her outfit she was wearing for her 25th birthday.  White, silver & grey/blue.  All modelled freehand.  Paisley design painted freehand with edible cocoa & petal dusts.
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By Arty
Aug 14, 2007
This is my first 'mock' cake; grey-blue fondant with flowers flecked with luster dust. - can't really see the sparkle though!
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By JennySeal
Aug 31, 2007
By megamere
Sep 5, 2007
Customer wanted a simple cake, but one that made a statement.  Bow at front & on top modelled freehand and finished with sprays of diamantes.  Bride was very happy with overall look.
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By Arty
Oct 26, 2007
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By donvi
Oct 26, 2007
This is a castle I did for the love of my life.  We jokingly call him the King of the Castle... so I thought this cake would be a surprise to him.  Everything is made of cake and MMF... even the towers.
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By pinkbox
Nov 2, 2007
I did this for a dummy cake to sit in my window but he looks so sad!  I think I shall need to make a few adjustments to cheer him up and use him later when he feels better! :o)
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By aine2
Nov 2, 2007
Cake is 8" square, covered in fondant.  Hand painted with dusts and americolor gels.  Customer wanted cake as a joke for co-worker who is a dog lover.  DH recently came home w/ grey cat that she complains about in the ofc all day.  I'm not much of a painter, but was pleased with the result. Criticism welcome.
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By msauer
Nov 2, 2007
....for a chocoholic.  Devils food with chocolate BC.  University's colors are blue and grey, hence the blue roses with grey squiggly thinks and accents.  Tried to be a little creative with the borders.  MMF scroll.
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By Parable
Nov 10, 2007
This is a 2 layer 10" cake chocolate with chocolate mousse filling. The helicopter is a choc transfer. TFL!
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By dezzib27
Nov 14, 2007
This is the cake i have finished today for my brothers 1st wedding anniversary.
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By sasporella
Nov 18, 2007
This cake was made for my friend's co-worker for a halloween party. 
Spiderweb, gravestones, and protruding bloody hand decorate it.
By CakesByAmbjer
Nov 20, 2007
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By siahsammi
Nov 25, 2007
Hand sculpted grey mouse made with cookie crumb frosting.  Looks a bit gross but It was Halloween after all.
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By cocobean
Nov 27, 2007
Okay - here is the Gray's Anatomy themed cake I made back in September - and yes I spelled 'seriously' wrong - not once but twice!  This cake had such great potential - thanks to all of the suggestions from the CC members, plus I really am a great speller!!! And DH looked at the cake too & he never caught it.  I noticed it just as the customer walked in the door to pick it up at a central meeting place, so I didn't have any icing with me to repair it!  UUGGHH!!
By Suzycakes
Jan 8, 2008
carved white cake with buttercream icing and fondant nose/eyes. It's for an 18th b-day for a guy who is fixing to go study them over the summer. Critique subgroup member, so any comments are welcome :)
12 7
By sylly
Dec 31, 1969
From Carol Deacon book - made for a child for his "dream" MMF first time making MMF, nice taste, got the recipe off CC - thanks everyone
6 22
By minorfan
Feb 7, 2008
8" white cake with cannoli filling.  This is my first attempt at chocolate transfers!  I started to sweat when my friend asked me to put the school logo on the cake, but then I remembered all the wonderful info that  Merissa and Squirellycakes shared in the forums on choc. transfers and decided it was time to give it a try--what fun!!!  Thank you both so much!
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By CakeDiane
Feb 19, 2008
Rich chocolate cake, sandwhiched with chocolate butter cream. Grey marbled effect fondant. Hand made black and red roses, made from Sugar Florist Paste.
By Suzie-A-Qs
Feb 24, 2008
This is my first cake ever. I am teaching myself as I go. I hope you like my baby. I love her so much I call her Genevieve
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By mignonfrancois
Feb 25, 2008
And yet another bat mitzvah sample. toba's glace over butter cookies
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By kneadacookie
Feb 28, 2008
By hmarie_73
Mar 31, 2008
had a lot of fun with this one! the couple are climbers and wanted me to carve the grooms cake like El Capitan mountain. they provided the little climbers for the cake, which are actually magnets. thanks for looking! all comments appreciated!
By beccakelly
Apr 5, 2008
I made this for my mom, brother, & SIL who were performing in a community theater version of  "Steel Magnolias".  And for a bit of a twist, I put a cast on one of the back legs (Break a leg, get it?).
All of the decorating was done w/ fondant (imprinted w/ my smallest round fondant cutter), and edible marker.  Thanks for looking!
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By doughdough
Apr 15, 2008
This cake was for my daughter's 12th birthday. They did a music/karaoke theme so it went very nicely. All buttercream.
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By jameii
Apr 21, 2008
Giant 60th Birthday Cake. All buttercream with MMF polka dots.
By tasteebakes
Apr 26, 2008
This wedding's colours were a dark dusty rose and silvery grey. They loved the look of rounded corners, but didn't want fondant. I rounded the corners of this IMBC buttercream cake by simply icing it as usual, then slicing off the rim in 3 turns of the cake on the turntable. I let them chill an hour in the fridge, then took them out an spun them on the turntable as I held a piece of waxed paper over the rims to smooth them out as best I could. 

Gumpaste bow topper and grey fondant strips on all tiers.
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By antonia74
Aug 5, 2006


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