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Moist Chocolate cake using Splenda for Baking to replace sugar, frosting with regular Wilton Buttercream.
By culinarilyobsessed
Mar 30, 2006
This cake I did for some friends of ours. Thier colors were green and white for thier wedding, and they were really indecisive. So I designed this and they totally oved it! Yellow cake with Cream Cheese filling, fondant decorations.. Thanks for looking!!
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By StarAmy
Jun 8, 2006
This is a strawberry cake with dark chocolate BC on 8 inch base and regular BC with strawberry filling on 6 inch top. Dragonflies, flowers and leaves are all edible molded from Pettinice. Your critique for positive improvement would be especially welcome.
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By tiptop57
Aug 11, 2006
The cake is covered in SugarShack Buttercream with fondant accents.
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By mcshay
Sep 23, 2006
Devils' Food inside, MMF top, dots, & bow over buttercream.
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By arosstx
Nov 12, 2006
This cake was made for a college graduation party.  The university school colors are green and white.
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By ang3617
Nov 15, 2006
All edible decorations. Tree, holly and balls around the base all made from fondant. 8 inch fruit cake covered with fondant
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By YummyFireMummy
Nov 29, 2006
This is a yellow cake with white, green and red buttercream icing. Red and green m& m's, jelly beans, gummies, poinsettia, garlands and a santa bubble head  (not edible) with green, red and pearl sparkles on top.
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By Eeyore16
Dec 24, 2006
My nephews 2nd birthday. His mom said to have fun with it! So I did!
Thanks for looking!!
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By GrannieJ
Jan 6, 2007
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By kdaze
Jan 13, 2007
Cake Dummy with corneli lace and dots with artificial flowers.  Not real happy that my "arches" aren't consistent, but this was the last of 4 cake dummies I did this weekend and my hand is ready to fall off!  Oh well, overall I like the idea, I just need more practice.  Thanks for looking!
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By vivedcreations
Feb 25, 2007
This is the side view of the cake uploaded earlier
By janey105
Mar 13, 2007
Me and two friends made this cake for my sister-in-law's baby shower. One layer was white cake and one was chocolate, both with raspberry filling. Ready-made fondant to cover and frosting for decorations, except the little pink bears and white booties (store bought). Everyone at the party wanted to know where she bought the cake and were surprised to know that I made it! Of course, I told them I couldn't have done it without the assistance from my friends!
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By Snowbird
Mar 15, 2007
Me and two friends made this cake for my sister-in-law's baby shower. One cake layer was chocolate and the other was white with raspberry filling in both. We used ready-made fondant to cover and decorate, frosting for the trimming. (The booties and little pink teddy bears were store bought.) We were all delighted with how it turned out and many of the guests at the party thought it was made at a bakery!
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By Snowbird
Mar 23, 2007
22 91
By Hansel_Gretel
Apr 16, 2007
The Gazebo is made of pastilage
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By dolcebaci
May 8, 2007
Another Bridal Expo Cake. Dummies used covered in mint green fondant with two different sizes of daisies with green centres.
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By Briarview
May 12, 2007
This didn't turn out quite like I hoped, but then they never do.  Buttercream
with fondant accents.
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By bethany98
May 14, 2007
This was the graduation cake I had today. School colors were green and white. Client was shades of green with polka dots and accent of pink. I made the pearl curls with fondant on floral wires. The graduation cap & tassels were made from fondant also.  Flavors were all Swedish butter cake; top 2 tiers were chocolate IMBC filling and bottom was strawberry IMBC filling. Served 50.
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By heavenlycakes
Jun 23, 2007
I just made this cake for my brothers HS Graduation on Saturday! I was soo happy with the way it had turned out. Its all iced in BC with a CT panther on the top. Its double layers of 12", 9" & 6" all torted and filled with BC. Can't remember who i got the idea from, but whoever you are...THANKS!!!
By melissa043
Jun 27, 2007
Yellow w/Chocolate Bavarian on bottom; Chocolate w/Raspeberry in middle; Rainbow Dot w/Bavarian on top.  BC covered w/fondant.  Gumpaste daisies.  RI monograms painted with Silver Sparkle Dust
By wolfley29
Jun 30, 2007
Last Grandchild to graduate high school.....Top layer, chocolate fudgeWhite almond,filled with strawberry mousse....... Chocolate instruments painted with gold luster dust...
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By grama_j
Jul 13, 2007
going away party. Customer wanted it very plain & not frilly.  I used WASC cake, w/BC icing.
By jamhays
Jul 17, 2007
Tada!  It was beautiful like this when I delivered the cake, then I went home and got ready (it was for my friend's wedding so I was attending as well) and then I walked into the reception hall and OMG, they had sat it RIGHT in direct sunlight and the decorator's cream cheese frosting under the fondant had bulged between the layers and the whole cake was shiny. I was mortified and angry because I had made a beautiful cake and it was ruined before anyone could see it. But, they SAID they loved it.
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By domestic_diva
Aug 12, 2007
I did these cakes for twin boys, they are white chocolate raspberry cake with raspsberry mousse filling and a crusting white chocolate buttercream frosting.  It tasted WONDERFUL but I added too much liquid to the frosting and it was a nightmare to work with. I got the pattern for the onsie from CC and I traced it onto cardboard and cut it out then I carved the cakes from there.  The blocks and stars are RBC and the rest is white choc bc. TFL!
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By dezzib27
Aug 13, 2007
Made for my best friend's little girl. She was 7.
By jackson
Aug 16, 2007
iced in green bc, smeared pink bc on and outlined in white bc
7 11
By cakesbycombs
Sep 19, 2007
2 7
By Cakenator
Nov 29, 2007
I only did three ornament cupcakes this time. 
Sorry for the crappy photo...
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By CakesByAmbjer
Dec 3, 2007
Marble Cake layers, filled with raspberry filling. Covered with Buttercream.
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By Sarsi
Dec 4, 2007
These french vanilla confetti cupcakes were iced in buttercream using a large star tip with hand striped fondant candy canes for a little girl's birthday party at school.
By BakeQueen
Dec 7, 2007
Made for an elementary school's staff Christmas party
16 173
By Eight
Dec 8, 2007
This cake was made for someone who had a Baby Carriage theme for her shower.  The cake is covered in fondant and decorated with fondant & gumpaste.
By msams
Dec 12, 2007
Inspired by Collette, I made this for my daughter's birthday/family Christmas party.  It is chocolate cake w/mint icing and royal icing accents.
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By kaseynh
Dec 14, 2007
My best friends grandparents 50th anniversary. They are very irish!!!
By Romo
Dec 18, 2007
pudding filled chocolate cake with mmf icing, gumpaste and royal icing holly leaves with buttercream piping.
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Dec 27, 2007
buttercream with candy melt dots, holly, berries and pointsettia
6" + 8" squares
11 27
By SugarMoonCakeCo
Dec 28, 2007
10" x 8" double round cakes decorated with MMF.  Made to match the party invitation.  They loved it.  Course, it's not my favorite but I've gotta pay bills, right?  Wow!  It's hard to get stripes straight, isn't it?
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By CakesUnleashed
Dec 31, 1969
My daughter (Smilegrl0529) and I made this cake for her friend's anniversary. Our only instructions were no words and pretty. The rest was up to us. We had just completed Wilton's Course II, so we're pretty proud of it.
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By Amenagerie
Jan 26, 2008
cake for a preschool Director's retirement. Flowers and ribbon are silk, icing is buttercream
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By ellyrae
Mar 12, 2006


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