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This cake was copied from Fancy Cakes By Lauren.  It's white cake with buttercream icing and silk dogwood flowers.  Very unique.
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By frankandcathy
Jun 4, 2006
This cake is covered in buttercream with fondant palm trees, letters, & border.
6 12
By mcshay
Jun 3, 2006
A cake for a friend!  Coconut flavored butter cake, coconut flavored buttercream with mmf flowers
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By Yjudania
Nov 4, 2006
square cake covered in sage mmf with brown and white circles and top ribbon
2 4
By srmaxwell
Dec 18, 2006
4 19
By chefdot
Jun 11, 2006
Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream...mmf bow and accents.
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By krystalp
Mar 25, 2007
3 1
By carrielynnfields
Apr 2, 2007
Half Sheet Vanilla Cake with all Buttercream Dream decorations. All circles done with various cups and back of tips. I have a list of how to put this together if you need help making one.
4 7
By Joolz
Apr 17, 2007
My daughter chose an Asian theme for her 10th bday party.  The cake is chocolate with chocolate mousse filling and buttercream icing.  Decorated with fondant bamboo and cherry blossoms, chocolate transfer fan and name plate that says Happy Birthday summer in Japanese kanji.  1st time doing chocolate transfer and I was happy with the way they turned out.  This was fun, thanks for looking!
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By crystalina1977
May 13, 2007
Butter pecan cake with mocha filling and coconut cake with pineapple filling. All buttercream icing, real brown ribbon and real Cybidium Orchids cascading
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By aligotmatt
May 21, 2007
9", 6" round cake. I wanted to do a fun springy cake for a party I was having. My first attempt to make a cake with MMF. I was really surprised in using it and liked it a lot!
24 87
By mcataylor
May 29, 2007
10" round 2 layer bottom and 6" round 2 layer top; triple chocolate cake; iceed in peppermint buttercream; covered in mint green (leaf green) fondant; brown satin ribbon around bottom of each layer; chocolate covered mint leaves for topper and side accents;  completed for my friend's birthday party.
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By laxgal00
Dec 26, 2006
Thanks to KelCake and Timmy the turtle for this idea... this was my first sold cake... should have charged way more but so it goes... Thanks for looking :)
19 43
By Tray2
Jun 21, 2007
Cookies made for a party for my cousin's upcoming wedding (same one as the cake in my profile with the same colors).  My first time doing decorated cookies since I really TRIED to do it right after learning :)
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By shalderman
Jul 19, 2007
All buttercream except the fondant around the baseball. This one was fun!
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By czyadgrl
Jul 20, 2007
Marble cake with BC and fondant accents.
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Jul 21, 2007
This was actually a birthday cake, but I think it would make a cute wedding/shower cake, with the couple's initial(s) on top.  My first adventure with wired decorations.
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By jenspin
Jul 25, 2007
My first attempt at wired decorations.  Some bulging (from settling) on the bottom layer - in retrospect, I'd have supported the top layer better.  Fondant (SatinIce) tinted lime green and brown.  Top layer: toasted coconut cake with pineapple filling.  Bottom layer: chocolate cake with raspberry filling.
6 12
By jenspin
Jul 25, 2007
This cake was made for a banquet.  I used Wilton Mist to get the
camouflage look, the turkey is fondant and so is the hunter and gun.  Cake is a little off center they decide to move after I put it together.
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By nicki9774
Aug 2, 2007
10" an 6" cakes iced in buttercream covered in fondant and fondant decorations. Put it in here because it seems more like a cake for a baby shower.
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By notjustcake
Aug 15, 2007
Carrot cake with cream cheese icing and fondant decorations.
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By laurakelly2
Aug 16, 2007
Just the top tier from my cake from class, loved it all by its little bitty self
4 20
By notjustcake
Aug 28, 2007
This topsey turvey cake was done for a family reunion. The client called and said she wanted something fun in chocolate. She asked for a brown, green and blue cake, so this is what I came up with. See what happens when you don’t specify what you want, Spongypants gets all crazy n stuff…lol. Ok so double chocolate cake sprinkled with kahlua, chocolate bc filling, iced in chocolate bc with fondant accents. And of course a couple of duff roses just for fun. This was a fun cake to do as it was my first harlequi
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By spongemomsweatpants
Sep 2, 2007
Chocolate sheet cake with vanilla and chocolate bc.  I used a FBCT for most of the design elements here.  Also used Wilton spray colors for the sky.  The ground is the chocolate butter cream blended with the white I used for the upper part worked out to make it look like a fog rolling into the woods.  This was fun.  (after posting I found my mispelling  an i in ontario)
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By mommicakes
Sep 2, 2007
This is my first stacked cake.  I made it for a friend's birthday party.  It was a bit of a disaster, I had gotten the icing so smooth and was so proud of myself, but it was about 90 inside my house and before I knew it, the icing had metld down the side of the cake.  Next time its that hot I'll definitely have to try a different BC
By Thinknice
Nov 2, 2007
The Birthday boy wanted a camouflage cake.  I made this with buttercream icing and a #12 tip for the center & camouflage.  The green border is #5 dots.  The brown border is #9 dots.
8 28
By Steady2Hands
Jun 21, 2007
Here's the second picture, better lighting and flowers on top.  I guess there was only one other cake booth so mine was a big hit!  Thanks for looking!
6 6
By slpbjones
Sep 20, 2007
This cake was inspired by alot of cakes here.  The colors were a light/sage green and chocolate brown.  The topper is actually a wooden letter covered in matching fondant.  This cake was funa dn I was happy to add to my portfolio!
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By cykrivera
Sep 23, 2007
I did this cake for my son's nursery school family pot luck dinner.  Yellow cake with vanilla pudding, vanilla BC.  Ribbon roses are MMF and pumpkins are candy corns bought from the store.  I thought I was being nice and pre-marking the cake for cutting, well that didnt go over well.  People dove into it like it was going out of style.
3 1
Sep 25, 2007
Did this one for my EMT class this week!  Chocolate cake cookies & cream filling and vanilla BC with MMF.
1 7
Sep 25, 2007
I made this last minute (decided on Tuesday, for Friday) birthday cake for my MIL.  6" & 8" rounds in German Chocolate.  I wanted to do something nicer than the traditional coconut pecan and chocolate icings, so I decided to give the chocolate wrap a try.  It was so easy, and my family was totally facinated by it.  Thank you ShirleyW & Stephanie for posting the "How To".  The roses are fondant.  TFL!
16 46
By lanibird
Sep 26, 2007
12x18 sheet, all buttercream, used silver dragees for flower center.  Jenn Cowin's design (thanks Jenn!)
1 17
By StaceyC3
Sep 26, 2007
1 2
By amodeoandrea
Oct 7, 2007
I loved this cake, and I am so sad I didn't get a real good picture of it! This is the only decent one, & it looks crooked!  The 12" bottom box & 8" cupcake are fake, with rice krispies to shape the "paper" and cupcake top.  Middle 10" is Orange Butter cake w/ Orange SMBC. Fondant all over w/ RI decos on the bottom box.  Thank You to SugarFrostedCakes for the inspiration.  TFL!
29 85
By lanibird
Oct 22, 2007
2-layer 12" rounds with 2-layer 8" rounds iced in buttercream with fondant decorations to match provided invitations (the other side of the invite has the crazy polka dots).  I also made 48 chocolates as favors (3 shown).   I'm really proud of this one.  Thanks for looking.
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By saj_stuff
Oct 27, 2007
11"x15" yellow butter cake, w/ crusting BC - "Peanuts" figures are made out of royal icing, and are attached to sugar cookies for added stability.  "Great pumpkin" is made out of 2 mini -bundt cakes, I added mellowcreme pumpkins, and used tip 352 for the leaf border on the edge of the cake.  Not too worried about the cracks -after all the frosting was meant to look like a pumpkin patch :) Honest critiquing preferred...thanks!
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By newlywedws
Oct 27, 2007
Palm Tree is Chocolate Fudge Cake with Chocolate Icing.   Coconuts are Coconut Cake with Chocolate Icing.  Topped off with MMF.  A bit of green luster dust was used on the Palms.  This was for friend who was having a Cruise Bon Voyage Party!
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By LvMy4Runner
Nov 13, 2007
Chocolate fondant, gum paste cymbidium orchids
12 130
By Godiva
Nov 22, 2007
This was for a woman that was leaving her company and moving to Texas! I thought it was very fun looking! Just wish it wasn't chocolate icing! Made this last night! My wonderful BF baked and iced it for me so I could relax a little after working all day! So sweet! He's an icing pro! Always impresses me! lol
1 2
By DelectableCreations
Nov 28, 2007
This was a birthday cake for a work-friend's Mom, turning 65.  
CBC on bottom 2 tiers with Fondant accents.  Top tier covered in chocolate fondant.  All finished with ribbon trim.
3 6
By jannanners
Dec 3, 2007


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