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This is a No Special Reason Cake! I just felt like playing around. Mistakenly I did the rosettes before putting on the Walnuts on the side. So I had to place each individual walnut by hand so I wouldn't get crumbs on the rosettes. :) Thanks for looking.
By Lazy_Susan
Apr 25, 2006
National Nurses Appreciation logo for 2006
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By fytar
May 10, 2006
I did this cake for a sweet 16 birthday party.  My first topsy-turvy cake.  I was TERRIFIED something was going to happen to it, like it was going to collapse once I left the party, but it didn't!  I have learned several lessons for next time though (like put my borders on at the site).  Bottom tier was chocolate cake with oreo filling, middle tier was yellow cake with dark chocolate raspberry ganache filling, top tier was yellow cake with lemon filling.
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By WebDiva
Jul 3, 2006
This was a birthday cake for my husband, and he requested that I do the logo for our new company,  It's half vanilla, half chocolate cake with buttercream and MMF.  The letters are done in color flow.
By Cakey
Jul 17, 2006
Got the design from an invitation.  My royal icing dragonflies broke so I had to figure out how to pipe somewhat presentable dragonflies from BC.
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By fytar
Sep 13, 2006
The 9 yr b'day girl wanted a chocolate cake with green and blue frosting.  This was what I came up with.  I added a little yellow and orange just to brighten it up. I know it isnt great, but, I think it looks OK.
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By SidAna
Sep 16, 2006
I made this cake for my brothers 22nd birthday. The baseball and football are made out of rice crispy treats and fondant. The whole cake is buttercream. Everyone thought the white part was marshmallows, but nope. I used tip 12 and white buttercream. I wish i could make cakes like this in fondant but my family HATES fondant. I got the idea for this cake from the Wilton Yearbook 2007. It was a really fun spongebob cake.
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By Daniellemhv
Oct 27, 2006
I found this teddy bear picture on the internet, and added a few baby toys around him so he'd feel at home.  It's hard to tell in the pic, but the cake is iced in a pale lime green, with light blue, lilac and leaf green accents.  My camera just couldn't cope with the lime green. LOL  11x15 sheet, yellow/choc. marble, bavarian cream filling, iced w/BC.
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By momsandraven
Oct 27, 2006
This is chocolate with cherries, and white cake with almond and raspberries...fondant covered...purchased butterflies.  From that amazing gal on this site...i'll find the name and give her proper credit..though mine doesn't do her design justice.  For my neighbors retirement party...a big gardener and butterfly fan!  I wish i could have done better with the fondant...but this is my second i guess i'm pretty happy with it
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By maemae
Nov 5, 2006
Both of these cakes were made in the same day! Both cakes were baked the previous night at 1:24 am. Mother's b-day cake was finnished around 8 am and then my friend's cake was finnished around 6 that evening for his b-day the next day. I wouldnt let my mother cut her cake until I got a pic of the two cakes together.
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By Dreme
Nov 14, 2006
Gave this to my dad for his birthday.  I think it was the 3rd cake I ever made.  8in. 2 layer iced in lime green, tip 21 rosettes.  He liked it
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By kimmy37
Dec 1, 2006
This was for my future sil's shower yesterday. I loved decorating the little 6-inch cake, although I ran out of time/energy, so it's not as good as I would have liked. Everyone thought it was good, though.
By jayhawk
Dec 10, 2006
Hand molded w/MMF and gumpaste.
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By sherrialex
Dec 16, 2006
Trendy circles cake,
By countryslave
Dec 28, 2006
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Fondant cover with fondant bow, BC accents.  First time covering square cake with fondant.  Had trouble with corners.
By cakekim
Feb 3, 2007
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By turquesa
Feb 15, 2007
For a man born in the star of Pisces.
Chocolatecake inside
11 23
By elin
Mar 3, 2007
Two tiered cake with buttercream frosting.  My first stacked cake that I made for my dad's 70th birthday.
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By flowermom
Mar 7, 2007
This is a promotional cake that I did for myself to put down in a local cafe that features art in their place as well. There theme was anything green for st patrick's day  on their opening night and the owner let me bring in any cake I wanted to make. This is MY cake...what I would create if someone gave me the freedom. It is a dummy cake, airbrushed, highlighted with luster dust.
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By step0nmi
Mar 17, 2007
My daughter designed this cake for me to do for her birthday.  I think we make a good team!  I've come a long way since last year (see my photo album).  I modeled all of the figures out of fondant (I got wonderful ideas for these from the cc gallery).  At the last minute I decided to do the "Happy Birthday Katherine" message in chocolate transfer.  I've been experimenting with this method alot recently.  This cake was loads of fun to make!
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By CakeTopper
Mar 18, 2007
For a baby shower at work. The tub is made from rice krispies and was made just for the brothers of the baby. Covered completely in pleated fondant. Everything else is also fondant, except for the bubbles which are buttercream.
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By kimheflin
Apr 8, 2007
round cakes covered in mmf for a baby boy.  K on diamonds around base for monogram. gumpsate bows
3 3
By srmaxwell
May 2, 2007
My little brother wanted an Evil Clown Cake for his 16th Birthday..So this is the result. I used DH French vanilla cake mix and buttercream frosting. The colored areas were created with sugar sprinkles...
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By cookie22
May 13, 2007
basic ribbon rose with extra circle petals.  Just Playing.
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May 17, 2007
9 43
By laurakelly2
May 20, 2007
Simple design for graduation.
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By sunlover00
May 20, 2007
3 5
By arwa
May 23, 2007
I have been wanting to do this cake for a long time and finally got the opportunity over the weekend when I was given the go ahead to do what I wanted for a young ladies' 33rd birthday.  Butter cream frosting, fondant accents.
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By klg1152
May 30, 2007
I have been enjoying this site and am inspired by everyone's talent here.  I've been making cakes for years, but never did a fondant cake.  I thought I'd experiment with my son's birthday cake.  This was just for our family and I had fun making it.  My son helped me cut out the circles and make the giant pearls.  It's chocolate with MMF.  6" and 8".
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By Jenn2110
Jul 2, 2007
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By rs3560
Jul 6, 2007
1/4 sheet cake for twin boys.
By cohen1
Jul 10, 2007
I made this cake for my boy friends dad on father's day, simple but nice!
By dinasantoro
Jul 13, 2007
10" square -3 flavors, white, strawberry and yellow. Iced in BC with MMF stripes and bow. I didn't really like the look of the cake but customer designed it. I had a big disaster with the bow, when I woke up the next morning after decorating one of my loops was broken on the bow. I did the best I could to piece it back together. At least I learned my lesson and next time will make extra loops!!
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By BlairsMom
Jul 16, 2007
This was for a kids pastor at church who was leaving that ministry.
Buttercream with fondant decorations.
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By Yorkiemum
Jul 25, 2007
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By kimberly84
Jul 26, 2007
140 cupcakes made with buttercream icing.  The theme was music because the groom is a musician and the bride wanted peacock also in the theme because those were her colors.  The white cupcakes had music notes on them, the green and blue cupcakes had gumpaste guitar picks on top of them that said Ed and Jan.  And to top off the top cupcake had two guitars on it!
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By foxylove0
Jul 31, 2007
Thanks to gourmettiger for the inspiration for this one. A friends sons first birthday. Marble cake with bc. smash cake is chocolate.  All decoration is mmf. TFL
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By manders
Aug 12, 2007
This was done for my son's 3rd birthday.  All buttercream.  Butter pecan cake with coconut pecan filling.  Octopus is white cake with choc. filling.  This was my first 'round' cake... I'm surprised it stayed together because the round cake gave me fits.
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By froufroucakes
Aug 24, 2007
This cake is a 9" round fudge marble covered in BC icing and fondant stripes.  And a 6" round swiss chocolate covered in fondant.  All fondant/chocolate fondant accents with real ribbon.  And I really really under charged!  : (
4 10
By jannanners
Aug 25, 2007
6" and one layer 8" covered in buttercream.   Made for my husband's birthday.  Practicing trying to get my icing smooth!  Thanks for looking!
3 2
By tootsa
Feb 6, 2006


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