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This cake is iced in chocolate buttercream. In order to achieve the "dirt" pile look and grave, I scooped out some of the chocolate cake. Used Hershey bar as tombstone. All decorations done in buttercream.
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By gourmetcakes
Aug 4, 2006
This cake is for a co-worker who turns 30 on on the 10th. My fiance really helped with the concepts. It is so morbid though that I kept laughing after a little while... I bought the grave stones from a party supply store they are department 56.
By aquibell
Oct 9, 2006
Grave stones, ghosts, and moon are MMF.  Everything else is BC.  Done for my in-laws annual party.
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By maplecakes
Oct 16, 2006
I entered this contest just to share,& because my children asked if  I would put their cake on the site. My 2 & 4 yr old wanted to do a choc. graveyard cake after seeing an idea in a kids mag.  They helped mix, frost, and place the various "things" on the cake.  I used chooc. covered graham crackers & heath bars for gravstones (even cut out hole for new coffin coming soon!), fondant ghosts/moon, black sugar dirt, gummy worms, candy pumpkins, and the spiders are non-edible plastic. They had so much fun!
By J-lo
Oct 21, 2006
This is a halloween themed birthday cake.  The cake is chocolate and the house is yellow cake.  The cake is decorated with BC.
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By bfelt
Oct 26, 2006
This was so fun!  The fence isRoyal icing, the tombstones are fondant and the rest is BC.  The cake is dark chocolate fudge.  By the way, those aren't crumbs in my icing, I wanted an uneven color, instead I got little dots. Happy with it anyway.  Ivana Live, ha!ha!
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By shannan6607
Oct 27, 2006
This was inspired by someone's pumpkin patch picture (I'm sorry.  I can't remember whose cake it was...)  It is a 10" round vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.  The fence, tombstones, tree, ghost, and pumpkins are all fondant/gumpaste mix.
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By rsaun
Oct 27, 2006
Yellow cake baked in Wilton's Over the Hill tombstone pan. All icing and decorations done in buttercream (except for the plastic bats)
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By Beckalita
Oct 28, 2006
These designs came from all over, the ghosts was from someone on here. (don't remember who). The werewolf, mummy, graveyard are from, and the dracula was from googling "dracula cupcakes"
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By Sugarbean
Oct 30, 2006
The skeleton is modelled from a combination of fondant, gumpaste, and modeling chocolate. I used different combos for different parts. Gravestone and fence are gumpaste/fondant also. The "dirt" is cake mix crust.
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By mamacc
Oct 31, 2006
Chocolate sheet cake decorated in buttercream.  Fun, fun, fun!!!
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By valora387
Nov 1, 2006
By angelcake4u
Nov 3, 2006
I did this one for work for a potluck and no one wanted to cut into it cuz it was so cute.
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By chefdot
Nov 5, 2006
White 1/4 sheet cake with buttercream frosting.  Tombstones are sugar candy ones also candy pumpkins
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By dalechick12
Nov 11, 2006
50th birthday cake - all buttercream icing.
By tammik
Jan 13, 2007
This was for my friends 40th b-day. Just a layered 9x13. The tombstones are iced grahm crackers.
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By amber6258
Feb 28, 2007
Quick and simple cake that didn't turn out as well as i had hoped.
The ground is a crushed chocolate Flake
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By kirst1310
Mar 23, 2007
I actually did this for a weird East Texas family gathering at a graveyard, but it is perfectly suited for Halloween.  The only thing I would do different is bake a thicker cake for the tombstone so that it wouldn't need so much help to stand up or screw it to a cake board.  It worked fairly well and was a hit with everyone!
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By Froggytat
Apr 12, 2007
The characters are cookies.  The stain-glass windows are piping gel.  To make the fence, I covered the pan I was going to use to bake the cake with wax paper and I piped royal icing onto it and let it dry.  This way it was the same circumference as the cake.
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By MerR2D2
May 6, 2007
I made this for a man who wanted a over the hill cake for his wife is was turning 32!!  he wanted her looking over the hill at a graveyard.  So I treid to made it as pretty and femine as possible.  They both loved it.  Bottom cake is french vanilla covered in white chocolate raspberry BC (so yummy) and hill is WASC flaved with white chocolate raspberry coffee creamer covered in same BC. everything covered in MMF (the wife loves it) and the accents are MMF and fondant (satin ice).
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By Blue0877
May 31, 2007
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By MaMaCreates3
Jul 31, 2007
This has to be the strangest cake request we've ever had, but it was a lot of fun to make! :)
The theme was the Mexican "Day of the Dead" celebration (even though the customers are not latin at all, they just like it!)
The coffins are made of cake, iced in BC.  The base, backboard, skeletons and wires holding the cross and flags are the only non-edible components.  The dirt is oreo crumbs, the skulls are fondant/gum paste and everything else is gumpaste (even accents on the skeletons). 23"x14"x12"
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By xpressioncakes
Aug 22, 2007
This is an "Over The Hill" cake that I did for a co-worker who was turning 50. We went with a graveyard theme, complete w/another co-worker dressed as the grim-reaper. 
Sheet cake is German Chocolate w/traditional GC filling and the dirt pile is Chocolate Fudge Cake with a Chocolate-Rum filling. Tombstone is made of Homemade Rice Crispies covered in Fondant & Painted to look like stone. The worms are made of Fondant w/candy eyes. All of the grass is Royal Icing.
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By MKrilla
Sep 27, 2007
Side View of My Graveyard Cake
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By MKrilla
Sep 27, 2007
Close-Up of worms
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By MKrilla
Sep 27, 2007
Back of Tombstone on  my graveyard cake.
Rice Crispie Treats covered in Fondant.
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By MKrilla
Sep 27, 2007
buttercream icing, "blood" is red icing mixed with piping gel.Rings are the heads, icing is the bodies.
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By zatsdeb
Oct 6, 2007
NFSC , RBC and RI...
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By cakesonoccasion
Oct 8, 2007
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By Wietske
Oct 20, 2007
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By Wietske
Oct 20, 2007
Customer wanted orange on the cake but she also wanted the cake to match the inviation which doesn't have a lick of orange. So I made a pumpkin patch side of the cake. Which I will upload next.
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By CrumbCoat
Oct 26, 2007
This was a Dirt Cake for a kids party. All boys - they loved it!!
By Tiffysma
Oct 27, 2007
I did this for my 11 year old cousins halloween party. It's all buttercream icing.
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By LetThereBeCake
Oct 27, 2007
A chocolate cupcake cake with buttercream.  Sme of the accents are fondant and others are candy melts.  The dirt is grated chocolate.
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By mawagner
Oct 28, 2007
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By peanut_mc
Oct 29, 2007
These are my graveyard cupcakes for my works' Halloween party. I got the idea from a cookbook so I cant take credit for the design but love to make them!!
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By Courtycake
Oct 30, 2007
This won first prize in the baking contest at work! Chocolate pumpkin cake with pumpkin cream cheese filling,
chocolate buttercream icing, white chocolate Kit Kat bars, and dark chocolate M&Ms.
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By LindsayMeagher
Oct 31, 2007
Made for Halloween 2007.  Vegan chocolate cupcakes with vegan buttercream frosting and Milano cookie tombstones.  (One tombstone was intentionally left off to keep that cupcake completely vegan for a co-worker.)
By ladycrim
Oct 31, 2007
BC with Fondant/Gumpaste headstones and tree.  Fence is RI.  Had fun with this one.  Blood is colored piping gel.
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By emhurston
Nov 1, 2007
This is a Grave Digger monster truck cake for my co-workers son.  I made it so the Grave Digger truck was destroying all of the other trucks in the graveyard.  The tombstones are chocolate covered grahm crackers.  The logo behind the truck is a chocolate transfer.
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By CakesBySandy
Jul 2, 2006


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