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Stained glass look using colored piping gel and pattern found on a stained glass site.
9 21
By msbask
Jun 28, 2005
Stained Glass Praying Hands
7 10
By rydersmom
Sep 15, 2005
Did 40 of these today for a client's wine & cheese party tomorrow!
15 21
By antonia74
Sep 30, 2005
I made these as part of the party favors for the kids. Sugar Cookies with fondant decorations. Personalized with FoodWriter. Superpearl dust painted on "glass slipper".
2 3
By mvucic
Oct 1, 2005
This was a cake that I did for a pastor appreciation party that we had at out church. I knew it was missing something but I didn't realize what it was until Sunday morning when I was getting ready to leave for church, I didn't put a top border around my bottom 1/2 sheet. I carved the cross from 1/2 sheet cake, and tinted piping gel for the glass look.
10 11
By mistygaildunn
Nov 8, 2005
I made this cake for my Grandmother. French vanilla cake, brandy IMBC. Stained glass is outlined in candy melts tinted dark grey and filled in with colored piping gel.
27 99
By mamafrogcakes
Dec 24, 2005
This was done for a First Communion. The cake design is from a Wilton Yearbook ( can't remember which year ). "stained glass" colors were mixed with piping gel. I know it is "copied" straight out of the Wilton book, but I thought it was a nice cake design for just about any church/ religious event.
10 5
By Twisted_Sifter
Jan 4, 2006
Stained glass chocolate cross with buttercream icing
6 7
By mscorliss
Jan 8, 2006
First time making a diabetic cake & icing.  All I can say is the cake tastes ok but it's a good thing there's icing on it because it's very lumpy!  Had to flip over the top & put it in the middle because there was NO way to level it!! Very thick batter.  Icing wouldn't hold shapes well so had to go with just basic decorating...
6 2
By swoboda
Feb 15, 2006
Buttercream drawn with projector and airbrushed. Hot peppers and cactus on the sides (thanks to many photos on this site)
7 8
By Jenn123
Mar 3, 2006
This is the two-step buttercream someone brought over from the Wilton site.  Lovely to work with and not very sweet.  The design was transferred over via a buttercream outline, just like a piping gel transfer, but I was running out of gel and wasn't sure I had enough to spare.  The buttercream outlines worked fairly well.  I got some skips in the design, but was able to fill them in.  "Glass" is piping gel, of course.  Next time I think I'll do an edible image, brushed with piping gel instead.
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By Crimsicle
Mar 7, 2006
This cake was done with the single cream colored pillar and the blue candles for a soft opening party at a home decor store.   These are like these stained glass votives they actually sell in the store. The wicks were  lit just for the picture.
6 14
By mendhigurl
Mar 30, 2006
This was my first attempt with WBH BC.  Liked the taste but found it melted in my hands when using it so I had to do royal icing flowers.  The girl is a chocolate transfer & the cross is piping gel to look like stained glass.  Any critiques or suggestions for improvements welcome!
12 5
By swoboda
Apr 10, 2006
hi this is a half sheet butter cake w/ strawbery filling. the limes are mmf figures painted to (hopefully) look like limes>>haha. i also combed the sides but you cant really tell in this pic, sorry. ( it also was not as yellow tinted on the top in person. )
1 10
By tabs8774
Apr 24, 2006
This was a special request for a couple of bartenders
1 4
By umfalcon
Apr 24, 2006
When I saw this cutter in the store, I had to get it. I used sugar crystals around the top. I use no fail with royal icing. Thanks for looking!
1 4
By manatee19
Apr 28, 2006
This cake was carved using a paper template!  It was covered in fondant and painted to give detail.  The foam was created by making the fondant look like fluffy clouds and then attached to the cake.
2 5
By Mysweetcakes
May 1, 2006
I made this for my mom.  Outlines are buttercream, "stained glass" is piping gel.
9 33
By gakali
May 14, 2006
No fail cookies w/royal icing and MMF accents.  Made to go with a  wedding cake tasting for today.  Thanks for looking!
7 18
By newtocakes
May 16, 2006
Celebration of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday I made a sherlock holmes magnifying glass.
By pigbook1
May 22, 2006
I made this cake for my soon to be sister-in-law's Bachelorette Party.  I was really upset because the top layer cracked.. you can tell a little in the picture.  But she loved it all the same.
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By MrsSoko
Jun 21, 2006
This is the William and Sanoma pumpkin bundt pan. The cake came out of Debbie Brown's Fairy Princess book. The cake is covered in fondant and the accents are in gumpaste. This was a real treat for Natalie's 5th Birthday
12 59
By siblingsweets
Jul 7, 2006
I forgot to use this picture it shows the mice!
9 44
By siblingsweets
Jul 7, 2006
Everything is edible, made with fondant. Thanks for looking!
4 7
By bigcatz
Jul 9, 2006
The cake is not crooked, just the photographer, me!  Iced in buttercream, handmade gumpaste lilies and roses.  The bride changed the reception colors without telling me, but it blended nicely with the decorations.  Phew!
3 10
By peterlori1
Jul 22, 2006
Many thanks to cindww, for her inspiration and lending me the ideas to build from!!  Bottom cake choc, top french vanilla.  This is the first time using the Wilton fluted glass separator, I really liked it.  All BC icing.  The client loved it and gave me a $20.00 tip!!!  So thanks again Cindy!
8 7
Jul 23, 2006
This is a strawberry cake with buttercream, MMF, and piping gel for the flowers.  The bride really likes the colour red, and she likes cinnamon heart candies - which I used for the bottom border!
12 8
By gakali
Aug 1, 2006
This cake was for my daughter's wedding.  The original plan was to have champaign glass pillars under the top two cakes as well, but one fell and broke, so I had to modify the plan!  The cake is covered totally in buttercream.  Flowers in the glasses which were sitting on a mirror.  I will post a better one when the photographer's photos come in!
4 5
By sunlover00
Aug 11, 2006
Did this for a mystery dinner at church.  Someone stole a wireless mic and we had to solve the mystery.  Cake is 12" round, handle is 2 small loaf cakes.  Lens is a glaze recipe I found on CC somewhere...... Fingers are MMF - my first time playing with the stuff.
2 3
By ME2
Aug 22, 2006
My friend Jan made this cake for her son's wedding. i showed her how to cover them in fondant and dowel them. The top tier is victoria sponge filled with strawberry jam and buttercream. The bottom 2 tiers are English fruit cake, covered in marzipan then the whole thing is covered in fondant and decorated with lilac roses, minature white lillies, silver leaves and lilac rose petals
2 13
By MissBaritone
Aug 26, 2006
This cake was for a friend's son's baptism. He's 11 so we didn't want to make it too babyish so we used icing gel to create a stained glass effect.
5 7
By mqguffey
Aug 29, 2006
Spy theme cake for my son's 7th birthday.  Features magnifying glass, fingerprints and a mystery.  Someone snuck in, ate the end of the top layer and the kids had to figure out who did it!!!  This is one of my first cakes so it's a little sloppy.
4 12
By AmyH
Aug 30, 2006
This cake was made for a Church Cluster from Wiltons Double Mix 3-D Book Pan, 1/2 French Vanilla and half Lemon Creme Cake...Completely Done in Buttercream (both the window and the butterfly are FBCT's)... the Bricks around the windows are cut up white choc chip hershey bar pieces then covered in the Buttercream 'vines'
1 1
By southrnhearts
Aug 31, 2006
This was my first mug of beer, made with buttercream.  It was pretty easy to do, thanks to the ideas on here.  Thanks to all you pros.
3 5
By toneg24
Sep 8, 2006
Loved doing this cake.  Colors are maroon and yellow like Griffindoor and I did the Maruaders' Map, glasses and wand out of MMF.  The lenses were my first attempt at poured sugar.....I still need work on that!
By bovaritter
Sep 9, 2006
12" orange cake with raspberry filling. All buttercream icing. The shells are white candy melts, colored and dusted with pearl dust. I used the "stained glass" method that CC has been advertising at the top of the page.  It's a really fun and creative way to do a design. I was also told that the orange/raspberry combo was VERY yummy.
4 5
By eriksmom
Sep 9, 2006
This one was really fun to make.  The tray is an 12in round cake covered in fondant painted to look like wood. The salt shaker, lime slices and receipt are gumpaste, painted with luster and petal dusts.  The margarita glass is 3 5in round cakes wrapped in fondant. The salted rim was crushed white lifesavers stuck on with piping gel. The icubes were plain geletin squares. The best part is that I stuck a double shot glass in the middle of the glass, it acted as support and at the party we (finshed below)
15 74
By phoohbear
Sep 17, 2006
Marble cake with BC icing.  Cross is made with colored piping gel.
By bfelt
Sep 28, 2006
This cake was done for a church raffle.  I was found out that they collect $80.00 for this one cake.
9 12
By neicey1971
Oct 8, 2006
FINITO!!! Had some spare piping gel and was able to finish today...I need to refine my brushstrokes, but it was fun doing this for the very first time!  WooHoo!!!
24 80
By Godiva
May 8, 2005


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