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A customer called me for a cake, telling me to do whatever I thought was good.  Her daughter loves Barbies, Bratz, polly pockets and other dolls like this.  So I did this one.  It's a Bratz doll, but with a kinda-Barbie look.  I hope she likes it.
By Pootchi
Oct 20, 2006
This was a monster cake!  14" and 12" layers, both 4" tall, provided by a local bakery where the mother LOVES their buttercream.  Brought to me with only crumb coating and 2 cups of extra frosting.  Added my pillow cake on top and additional flourishes to make it match the 23 individual princess cakes that went with this order... will post next.
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By Lambshack
Jan 29, 2007
girl wanted "girlie' and flowers, mainly royal flowers.
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By smashcakes
Feb 2, 2007
I made this doll cake for my co-workers adorable 9 year old daughter.  The idea was pink and girly so this is what I came up with.  The cake is yellow pound cake with chocolate filling.  It is iced in buttercream and dusted with pearl dust.  The top and flowers on the skirt are fondant.
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By indigojods
Feb 7, 2007
I made this cake because I needed a picture of me and some of my creations that will be part of an article in a few weeks, in our local newspaper.  I donated the cake to one of my good friend's daugther that turned four just today!  You should've seen her little face when she saw her cake!  I made thrre flavors: bottom tier vanilla, middle Maple caramel, top chocolate!  Buttercream icing and lots and lots of MMF!!  I warned my friend that her girls will probably go on a sugar rush after that! :P
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By Pootchi
Feb 22, 2007
"Girlie" Winnie the Pooh cake for 2-year old.  Covered in MMF; everything is edible except for Pooh (candle) and the springs!  The flowers, bees, present, #2, and hunny pot are made of chocolate clay.  Writing and supports are royal icing.
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By krstik
Apr 22, 2007
Chocolate molds,  for shopping..Humming Bird Cake with BC frosting.
By slb1956
Apr 27, 2007
I'm not sure how well you can see the sides of the cake but the white and pink mix together in the swirls.
By Sionann
Jun 15, 2007
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Jun 25, 2007
I made this for my daughter's 11th birthday.  strawberry cake (bottom) choco. fudge (top) filled & iced w/ buttercream. Marshmallow Fondant.
The cake was fun but very,very,very time consuming!  It was worth though to see my daughters smile!!
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By nickymom
Jun 28, 2007
used grass tip to make hot pink "shag" and then filled in with zebra border.  all buttercream - very simple :)
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By tdleath
Jul 8, 2007
this was for my best friend!  those are always the best cakes to make!  10 - 8 -6 champagne cakes with bc frosting...royal icing gerbers and white chocolate grad hat.
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By CakesbyM_LC
Jul 22, 2007
Sisters had a 'Spa Sleepover' party where everyone came in their pajamas and got manicures and facials!  So much fun!
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By Lambshack
Aug 9, 2007
This was done as a special order for a cake the girl really wanted.It is yellow cake iced with buttercream. There are two layers of fondant and 400 hand made white pearl beads out of fondant.
By craftst3
Sep 2, 2007
For a friend turning the big 2-1!
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By laurakelly2
Oct 8, 2007
This was for a customer and her daughters first birthday. All buttercream with fondant flowers and colour flow butterflies (bought curly ribbon).
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By sio
Oct 17, 2007
well a difficult cake to make. I think I underestimated the amount of work it required. It took me three days to finish the butterflies only, It had beautiul little daisies that we can't see in this picture. It was beautiful cake and cheered a wonderful girl up.
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By Humaira-Ansari
Dec 2, 2007
Delicious moist sponge cake layered with strawberry jam. The roses are made of three parts sugar past and one part  flower paste. I designed it for my beautiful daughter but you can make it for 'your'  loved one to cheer her/him out.
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By Humaira-Ansari
Dec 3, 2007
BC...gumpaste and fondant accents...edible image on bag is also a cake...I just wish I had more time to make more accessories!
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By glor08
Dec 8, 2007
This is my first submission to CC.   I had a 2 inch 2nd degree burn on my left hand the week prior, so I was a bit rushed with this cake.  DH had to help knead in the pink colorings.  
Entirely fondant  except borders and all edible.  "M" is fondant too.  Cake is French Vanilla with white chocolate raspberry filling.  French Buttercream frosting.
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By Cagirl767
Dec 31, 2007
Did this for a friend. I don't like covering my cakes with a thousand little stars so I used fondant and BC over a strawberry cake.
By daveilg
Jan 5, 2008
My grandson's teacher gave me 12 hrs notice to do a "girlie" cake for her 28yo daughter. She wanted everything pink. I started with a strawberry cake and worked up from there. The tiara and bows were done in pink RI the rosebuds were BC. It's a little hard to see but I also put pansies on top of the bottom layer. She didn't want it too tall so I just used dowels and plates without columns. Enjoy, they did.
By daveilg
Jan 5, 2008
Everything is BC except the plastic shoes and the ribbon.  Inside is swirled pink and purple
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By gaylarenee
Jan 18, 2008
Two 11x17 Sheet cakes carved.  All buttercream, WASC.  Birthday girl was so happy, she wouldn't let her mom cut the cake. Very happy the way this one turned out.
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By teedie
Feb 25, 2008
The Mom requested a Princess cake with black and pink(s) plus polka-dots. I went hog wild with this cake and learned so much about fondant. The Tiara was done in fondant harden in the freezer which worked very well layed over a enchilada can for rounding. I used black wilton gel coloring diluted in vanilla for the accents on the crown. Painted on with a small paint brush. It easily went into the top of the cake. The customer was very pleased.
By bellasmadre
Mar 6, 2008
first shoebox cake .. nevertheless, my first time doing all of these stuff.. LOL.. 

chocolate cake with whipped filling and buttercream frosting..
fondant and gumpaste accents.. everything is edible
By twinkletoe21
Mar 11, 2008
This Bratz cake was strawberry cake with buttercream frosting. Hearts on
buttercream was piped on and hearts popping out on wire was made
from fondant/gumpaste. Edible bratz picture was used in the centre.
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By fino
Mar 14, 2008
One layer french layer milk chocolate covered in BCD and watermelon fondant flowers...another fun cake to make.
By punkiin
Mar 20, 2008
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By Laura102777
Mar 22, 2008
This is what I made for my own birthday cake! French vanilla cake with vanilla mousse,buttercream dream,FBCT and real ribbon.  I also tinted the cake pink.  I tried the pin-prick method for the first time for the writing,and loved how great it worked. Enjoy!
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By ncbert
Apr 6, 2008
After 30 years I finally got a cake i like!!! LOL Thanks for looking! Andi
 Let me know what ya think!!
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By AndiSC
Apr 9, 2008
I get more requests for zebra print cakes than anything else.  The birthday girl sent me a great email about how much she loved her cake along with this pic.  The pic included her so I had to edit it a little which is why the quality isn't so great but none the less I really liked how this one turned out.  TFL.
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By Cyndi1207
Apr 21, 2008
a very pretty layer cake for a 16 yr old, girly gurl done with seven minute frosting.
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By papai
May 3, 2008
I just finished this cake for two little cousins...the dad wanted white and pink with some flowers and the little girls. I  hand modeled the girls from the usual fondant/gum-tex..and I used a mold for the cross though...pretty happy with this cake.
Thanks for looking
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By JaneK
May 3, 2008
this is made out of one layer 6 7 and 8. iced with italian bc and decorted with a little edible silver
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By DanielleMakesCakes
May 14, 2008
All fondant.
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By turquesa
Jul 5, 2008
Paris Hilton cake done for 17 year old girl birthday  Finished cake had flowers ontop chocolate cake with fondant
By jamie1978
Jul 18, 2008
for a sweet little girl, butter recipe all done in butter cream
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By Sunspotalli
Jul 26, 2008
I used the Wilton stand up bear pan, then used the extra icing to make the round cake and the smash cake. The bear turned out so good, people asked me if it was a stuffed bear.
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By thegrrrl
Aug 10, 2008
Made for my hair stylist who also hosts parties for little girls where she fixes their hair and does makeup and nails.  My favorite is the lip-gloss compact.  My four year old gave me the idea.  Lipstick tube and nail polish bottles are hand-made cutters.
8 50
By Lambshack
Sep 20, 2006


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