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By lizziegirl
Apr 6, 2011
By MamaNenascakes
Apr 13, 2009
Baby Carriage cream cheese sugar cookie decorated with royal icing and decrees made for a baby shower.
By mygirlssweet
Nov 28, 2009
These are 6 of 8 I am to do, I have redone their faces, I am alot happier with them now. They are fondant with face done in markers
By Pearl70
Feb 1, 2007
Little cake topper made from modelling paste, to look like the birthday girl
By FionaB
Apr 4, 2010
By KoffeeKup
Sep 11, 2012
This is another piece for the Mermaid cake I have to make shortly. I posted the Mermaid babies before. If you want to see how I made this, look for me as Marzipandolls on Facebook! :)
BTW it's fondant.
By marzipandoll
Feb 5, 2010
First attempt at person figurine.  wanted it to look like a cartoon as the animals all do.  this is for my nieces  3rd birthday cake, my aunt has chickens and she is taken by them and wanted them on her cake.  My friends laughed at my figurine and said she looks to homely, guess I'll be trying again maybe, if time allows.  Wanted to do pigtails for the hair but fondant was drying out way to fast.  Thanks for looking.  Any comments would be great
By butterfly831915
Jun 5, 2009
I made this fondant baby for baby shower
By alival
Dec 1, 2010
ballerina girl to go with the ballet slipper cake topper i uploaded earlier... she will sit on the lower tier of the 2 tiered cake i will be making in 2 weeks...
By sweet_as_tisse
Mar 29, 2007
Again, I made this for a cake for this weekend - will post pics when cake is made!
By divaricks
Jan 25, 2007
sorry had to add this close up too...I changed up my usual sleeping baby figure and gave her cute little baby toes this time! and dressed her for her christening =)
By twinsline7
Oct 20, 2007
Pink castle cake
By cyndi8604
Jan 25, 2013
Inspired monster high cupcake toppers.
By mariajoselunas
Jun 1, 2013
By lydia78
Mar 25, 2013
Frozen Cake
By CuttysCakery
Dec 17, 2014
Super Kute Fondant Teddy Bear Cake Topper
By pinkzebra2013
Nov 23, 2014
Buttercream camoflauge cake w/ MMF bow & emblem
By StrawnCakznBakz
Jun 17, 2014
Baby Carriage cream cheese sugar cookie decorate with royal icing and decrees made for a baby shower.
By mygirlssweet
Nov 28, 2009
gumpaste bootie.
By rosa1110
Oct 16, 2010
Girl Birthday Bear Fondant Cupcakes
By mayanaji
May 29, 2012
I made this figure of the birthday girl, turning one, to go on the cake! I will upload the photo of the finished cake soon. She is made of Fondant and Gumpaste with LD accents.
By cherub5
Jun 5, 2007
By FayMakesCakes
Nov 17, 2010
By lizziegirl
Apr 6, 2011
These are baby shower cupcake toppers.
Hand made fondant
By jenicharles
Feb 3, 2011
Hiking boot , girls cleat and more on their way...all mmf with some tylose, thanks for looking!
By steffla
Sep 8, 2010
gp baby girl
By SugarTime09
Nov 20, 2010
Top Tier Is A Cake Dummie, Bottom Tier Coconut Cake With Coconut Vanilla Butter Cream.. Vanilla Cupcakes With Same Flavor Butter Cream
By pinkzebra2013
Jan 22, 2015
Sand Was Made From Cake Crumbs..
By pinkzebra2013
Jan 22, 2015
card staock used to decoarate a 7"x2 and 5" tiered cake
By deliciously_decadent
Aug 7, 2009
This was sent to me from client, but was originally done in pink. The theme of the party was Cinderella, so she wanted to change the colors to blue. This is the smash cake for the design, but I added a giant #1 and changed the design, from the original, slightly! CSM
By Pitchers_Bakery
Mar 5, 2010
By fmme2u
Apr 28, 2009
By Haducon
May 12, 2010
'Daddy's Girl' bib cream cheese sugar cookie decorated with royal icing and decrees made for a baby shower.  I also made ones that said 'Mommy's Girl' but forgot to take pictures of them.
By mygirlssweet
Nov 28, 2009
these were gp cupcake toppers for a baby shower
By SugarTime09
Nov 20, 2010
here is my fondant baby girl. she will be joined by the fondant lion, giraffe and elephant on the cake that will be given to my boyfriends sister to celebrate the birth of her little girl!
By staceyd1984
Sep 18, 2008
By lizziegirl
Apr 6, 2011
By CakeswLove
Feb 7, 2011
This was the second baby shower cake I ever made.  I was inspired by one I had seen here.  It was a joint baby shower for two friends.  One had a boy and one had a girl.  I liked ducks because it was neutral.  Also, this was my first time every using MMF.  It was fun!  I had no molds and everything is completely edible.
By taznjo
Mar 24, 2007
gumpast shoe
By rosa1110
Oct 16, 2010


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