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All fondant, inspired by aine2. Couldn't get the mouth to work
By Natali3
Jul 7, 2007
Made her from modeling chocolate.
By gonewild
Mar 15, 2010
This was made from fondx. I used pink sugar crystals for her necklace and to decorated her shoes as well as her flower on her dress.  She has a bit too much "mascara", it's so easy to get carried away.. haha!  Oh! and I can't forget her finger and toe nails  are painted a pretty shade of pink.. ;o)
By SweetTcakes
Jul 8, 2007
Just a close up of the MMF characters I made.
By cakesbydana
May 12, 2007
They didn't know the sex of the baby so they wanted a gender neutral cake. I used the sprial roller for the texture and white chocolate for the ducks dusted with Super Pearl Dust. Cake was 11x15 white cake  iced in BC. I just love the onsie cake cute and fun to do.
By BlairsMom
Jan 14, 2008
I decided tonight that I was going to make a suitcase cake for a co-worker who is going away to Thailand for Xmas, she’s had a pretty tough year at work so thought I’d see her off in style. This is her (well supposed to be!) which I will place on top of the cake.
By katharry
Dec 19, 2006
Pink and White Gumpaste little girl
By Dayyi
Jan 28, 2010
Two bridesmaids iv made in advance ready to go on my first wedding cake. they are the brides daughtes, dress' etc are based on what they will be wearing on the day. made by hand with fondant and tylo. 
thanks for looking!
By katies_cakes
Apr 9, 2010
By thesweettastes
Jul 8, 2011
This is a close up of the tiki hut and hula girls.  Thanks to Cakesunleased for the inspiration!  The cake is a 5" round frosted with buttercream and cookies around the side.  The hula girls are fondant/gumpaste. TFL!
Oct 7, 2008
I did this for a lady that wanted me to make it like a piggy bank she had the piggy is made from the sports ball pan covered in Fondant and fondant accents.  the rest of the cake is BC and Fondant accents the Tiara is made from Royal Icing
By badpaws
Mar 9, 2009
girl cookies inspired by cookies by design.  NFSC and Antonia's Icing!
By lmn4881
Jul 5, 2008
This is  a close up of the top tier of my sisters wedding cake. Flower girl and page boy have been placed on the top tier with the bride and groom because she is going to keep them displayed like this as a momento of the Wedding.
By melissaanne
Apr 8, 2007
Cupcakes that matched the peace sign birthday cake.  Cupcakes are frosted in BC and decorations are marshmallow fondant.
By NormaJ
Jan 15, 2012
I made this little girl for my daughter's birthday cake.  It was a dog themed party as she loves dogs so I wanted something special for her cake.  I love how she turned out (although she is a bit cross-eyed).  I followed Aine2's tutorial.  I'll post a picture of the completed cake.  Thanks for looking!
By lpino
May 17, 2008
This is a figure I made for a cake I'm doing next week. I'll post the finished cake soon.
By ali06
Jun 24, 2010
face is marzipan the rest is modeling paste
By mjs10
Nov 18, 2010
By SheiCakes
Oct 24, 2011
By StandingForJesus
Nov 15, 2007
This is a close up of a previously uploaed gifts cake... thanks to those who shared the shoes pattern made it really easy :-)
By yovaris
Mar 18, 2010
All elements made with 1:1 ratio gumpaste/fondant. Table base is styrofoam. All edible colors
By CakeRx
Jul 13, 2010
NFSC with Antonia74 RI.
By fab4
Jul 13, 2010
Make up cake!
By Tip-TopCakes
Jan 28, 2014
By Cakes For You
Sep 12, 2013
Baby Bum Baby Shower Butter Cream Icing
By wendydaisy
May 22, 2014
By emwise
Jan 22, 2013
hunting cake
By CakesEtcLindsay
Apr 1, 2014
By emwise
Jan 22, 2013
By cyndi8604
Aug 20, 2014
Black Cat Birthday Cupcakes
By centralnjcakes
Mar 6, 2013
Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake & Smash Cake
By centralnjcakes
Mar 6, 2013
Mermaid Birthday Cake
By centralnjcakes
Mar 6, 2013
By KimiSomeSugar
Jan 13, 2013
Red Velvet Cupcake Tower
By CakesByCeci
Aug 11, 2014
Giant Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Rosettes, Fondant Ruffles and White Chocolate Butterflies
By CakesByCeci
Aug 11, 2014
1Direction Birthday Cake
By centralnjcakes
Mar 6, 2013
Baby Carriage cream cheese sugar cookie decorated with royal icing and decrees made for a baby shower.
By mygirlssweet
Nov 28, 2009
By SweetBakesOfMine
Feb 19, 2012
ballerina girl to go with the ballet slipper cake topper i uploaded earlier... she will sit on the lower tier of the 2 tiered cake i will be making in 2 weeks...
By sweet_as_tisse
Mar 29, 2007
gp baby girl
By SugarTime09
Nov 20, 2010


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