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Here's my little gingey!  I have to say that I have a new found respect for those who make things like this out of clay or paste or whatever! It's hard!!  Things kept sticking to me..I couldn't get them on right...etc. ARGH!  She's not dry yet...but I wanted to try something new!  She's cute, huh??  :)
3 2
By sharibearie
Aug 9, 2006
The kids and I made this, our first!
1 1
By dizzy94
Aug 26, 2006
No Fails w/RI... Thanks goes to SamsGranny for the wonderful idea and design!!!!
1 9
By tayesmama
Aug 28, 2006
This house was built by me and decorated by my six-year-old daughter. The red icing roof made the house very festive and added a surprising amount of color to the holiday decorations. It was a rich red but doesn't show on the photo.
5 1
By SwampWitch
Sep 2, 2006
Gingerbread house.  All is edible except the tail on mouse (sitting on top of wood stack), chimney smoke & blanket in sleigh.
2 6
By LisaMaeCakes
Sep 7, 2006
4 6
By srod911
Sep 8, 2006
2 5
By srod911
Sep 8, 2006
This was my first gingerbread house. It had plexiglass windows so I could run a cord and lightbulb inside the house to make it light up.
3 19
By mocakes
Sep 10, 2006
I made this Gingerbread house and scene using a Wilton kit but added my own candies, decorations and scene layout.  Everything is edible even the royal icing snow base.
2 6
By red-fmp
Sep 12, 2006
A kit from Wilton, I did this as a display for my Michael's store to generate interest in my Wilton courses. It was so much fun to do, and to not do exactly what the box said!!
12 21
By Melvira
Sep 30, 2006
Wilton Gingerbread kit (first one I have ever done)  Arrived with all broken pieces the only one I could not hid was in the very front go figure.  Hope this picture doesn't make you want to run away!!!  By the way this was done 1 week before a Christmas open house at my mom's house.  I was so embarrassed that it was so bad.  But hey we gotta start somewhere huh?
15 13
By wgoat5
Oct 3, 2006
My nativity is made like a gingerbread house. My people are ice cream cones . The wise men hats are life savers. This was a wonderful project to work on. Enjoyed every minute.
7 12
By kuhlmanma
Oct 7, 2006
we just bought the gingerbreads and stuck them together with icing and stuck loads of sweets on all sides and a little cat. This was done by my daughter eve (age 6) for her friends birthday.
By evesqueeze
Oct 15, 2006
Flying bats, bloody skeletons, man's head, and other spooky little stuff.
12 163
By naomiabe
Oct 21, 2006
Lots of flaws! It was fun though and I know what to change for the next one. Ideas from here (thank you) and online, some books. Finally had fun decorating!
4 4
By Zamode
Oct 24, 2006
Large gingerbread house I made for hotel buffet at christmas.  Gingerbread stuck to wooden frame.
1 4
By rshippo
Oct 27, 2006
this was my gingerbread house from the competition at the grove park inn in 2005.  My theme was a snowflake factory.  I did not win but i did get a honorable mention which is all right with me.
3 1
By momvarden
Oct 28, 2006
theme was snowflake factory.  By the way everything on this except the board had to be edible.
2 1
By momvarden
Oct 28, 2006
This cake idea was taken from Wilton's December '05 website.  This is cake #1.
7 86
By sugarlaced
Nov 7, 2006
Haunted Gingerbread house topping a Halloween garden visited by not-so-scary ghosts.
2 15
By LilyZ
Nov 10, 2006
My 3 year old, 7 year old, and I made this last year from the wilton kit but used our our buttercream to decorate with.  We had fun.
2 1
By mistismemories
Nov 11, 2006
Santa's Tree Farm...100% edible, aside from the light bulb inside.  Poured candy star, tree and trunk.  Sculpted rice crispy treats for truck, tires, and the hill.
11 21
By peasacake
Nov 15, 2006
Sculpted Fondant Santa
3 1
By peasacake
Nov 15, 2006
3 10
By peasacake
Nov 15, 2006
This is the Wilton Gingerbread Kit. Its a display Gingerbread house I made for A.C. Moore.
2 17
By Daniellemhv
Nov 16, 2006
This is the house I am doing this year...I don't remember which website I saw it on, but I believe it is called "fairytale cottage." It was alot of fun to do.
1 9
By yankeegal
Nov 17, 2006
By millie
Nov 19, 2006
This was my very first gingerbread house - 19 windows, cobble stone porch and walk way. And much more.
10 13
By splash2splat
Nov 20, 2006
These are NFSC w/ antonia74 icing
1 1
By rsaun
Nov 21, 2006
17 34
By Lindakbh
Nov 21, 2006
9 22
By Lindakbh
Nov 21, 2006
I just entered this gingerbread into our local Festival Of Trees Competition, the theme was Visions Of SugarPlums.  So far with the Silent auction it was going for $20.00.  I'll have to let you know the results!
2 4
By Rachel8648
Nov 25, 2006
This is my first gingerbread house.  It turned out better then I thought it would.  My husband helped me make the templates for this castle.  We used our disney castle for our model.
2 4
By Dragon8fly
Nov 25, 2006
This is a Christmas Gingerbread Tree I made for display in the store I work for.
3 14
By Eeyore16
Nov 26, 2006
The chimney is made using Sugar Babies.  Gingerbread houses are a great use of leftover Halloween candy!
1 4
By Momofjakeandjosh
Nov 26, 2006
This si a Christmas gingerbread house I made for a display where I teach classes.
By Eeyore16
Nov 27, 2006
Yes, this is my version of a gingerbread house.  Was inspired by the Dr. Suess camel character in the background.  It is gingerbread.  TFL.
50 502
By Fairytale
Nov 28, 2006
I made this gingerbread house for my mother's boss when he retired (an engineer).  He loved it I hope you do too!
By mep2315
Jul 31, 2006
This was something quick I thought of for a garden party. Gingerbread cut in cubes with cream cheese icing and BC roses.
3 1
By sunnygg
Nov 28, 2006
Gingerbread cookies with Antonia74's icing.
4 8
By meghanb
Nov 29, 2006


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