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2 cake mini wonder doll molds on top of a Giant Cookie.  Hats are sugar cones.
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By Amyr
Jan 24, 2006
My son David wanted me to make him a cake for a book report that he was doing,  I told him to pick out his favorite scene and we would work on it.  Originally it was the Aunts being squished which would have been MUCH easier, but then he got his heart set on the peach landing on the Empire state Building.  Man was that a challenge,  got it to the school ok and ran before I could see anything happen to it....curious 4th graders, falls, droops, cracks...etc.  Pretty proud still.
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By carrielynnfields
Apr 3, 2006
I read about the giant roses on cupcakes, so I thought I'd try them for the bake sale at work tomorrow.  I think it turned out pretty good, it's a lot of frosting though! :)  Marbled cake with BC frosting.
3 5
By blindambition
May 1, 2006
This bride was SO much fun and let me be free to just do something kitchy and colourful for her. She wanted flowers on mini cupcakes and a big cupcake as the top cake to cut, with their initials in gumpaste.

Mini cupcakes are in 4 designs/flavours: Roasted Banana Buttermilk Cake with Sour Cream Buttercream, Sweet Lemon with Cream Cheese Buttercream, Dark Chocolate with Mocha Buttercream & Tahitian Vanilla with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream.
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By antonia74
May 21, 2006
VERY last minute cake for a Little League Coach friend. I couldn't find my #233 grass tip so I had to use coconut. My printer ran out of ink so I couldn't do real colorful banners. It was such a disaster!!! Having only one hour to think of ideas, plan, bake and create - I guess it could have been worse! LOL
Marble sheet cake covered in butter cream and coated in coconut. Diamond is MMF. Baseball is Devil's Food cake with butter cream filling and frosting, covered in MMF.
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By CakesUnleashed
Jun 10, 2006
Giant cookie made with a doctored cake mix.  Frosting is regular BC.
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By beeline
Jun 21, 2006
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By lisamarie182
Jul 15, 2006
White cake mix with chocolate mousse filling. This was my first attempt at a baseball.
By luv2beamom
Jul 16, 2006
Victorious David!   My final cake had 5 smooth stones (pistacio nuts) sitting at his feet.  Pound Cake & Butter Cream.  You should have seen the 9 1/2 foot Goliath that stood in our living room (paper mache)!
By beegirlbee
Jul 25, 2006
I made two cakes for the start of football season -- one for the NY Giants and one for the NY Jets. Being a Jets fan, it was tough to work on the Giants logo... but in the end, both cakes came out pretty good. All icing, including the logo, is done in BC. Thanks for looking :)
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By Vmoore
Sep 18, 2006
6" round bottom, and 6" square trimmed and built up for swirl top.  I'm not in love with this cake, but it was fun to try.  I will do it a lot different next time.  Top covered in fondant and painted with luster dust.  Bottom is fondant that I crimped by hand to try and resemble the liner that they are baked in and then dusted with silver luster dust.
By doc_farms
Oct 11, 2006
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By idafa
Oct 29, 2006
My daughter Madison wanted a "big pink cupcake" for her second birthday and that is what she got!!  The best part about this cake was that I did the bottom in chocolate and the top in strawberry and the combo was to die for.  I used a glass mixing bowl and 9 in. rounds.  My favorite cake yet.  I am just a mom at home with 4 small kids, cakes are something I do at like 2 in the morning when everyone else is sleeping just cause I know my kids love it!!
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By my3girlies
Jan 19, 2007
I got several orders for Giant cookies so I had to practice to see how hard and they are actually very easy and I enjoyed doing them. This one I made for a family dinner.
By fmcmulle
Jan 28, 2007
Here is the big one. Didn't know really what a I wanted to do or how to decorate it so this is what I came up with. Thanks to everyone that helped me by answering my cookie questions.
By fmcmulle
Jan 28, 2007
This was made to match a book for an event at school.  The title of the book is "Look Out Jack, the Giant is Back!"  Buttercream with fondant accents, royal icing transfers.  I need lots of practice on the transfers!!!
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Jan 29, 2007
The cake is white with BC icing. The helmet was my first attempt at a FBCT. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out, but I learned some of the things that do and don't work for next time.
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By NikkiLeigh317
Feb 3, 2007
My husband doesn't like cake so I made him a cookie! My first giant cookie, and 3rd decorating experience. I gave the buttercream transfer I read about a shot.
By DMGarcia
Feb 4, 2007
Cake for son's baseball team.  6 inch round cake with half of ball cake on top.  Hat bill is made of cardboard covered with fondant.  Ball is all fondant and droopy looking!
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By joellephillips
Feb 10, 2007
I did this 14" cookie cake for a little girls birthday. She brought me a picture and I tried to do the dog free hand but it just wasn't working so I made him out of fondant and I drew the face.
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By fmcmulle
Feb 14, 2007
I seem to be getting alot of giant cookie orders. This one was for a co-workers husbands birthday. He loves boxing.  I had a horrible time with the boxing gloves. They are cut outs of fondant. I really hope she likes it.
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By fmcmulle
Feb 22, 2007
I got the idea for this cake from Jodie (indigojods).  It is a strawberry cake with chocolate buttercream.  The "banner" was made using 50/50 fondant/gum paste.  The lettering was written on with a paint brush and Ameri Color brown.  It was a big hit.
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By kakedecorator
Feb 23, 2007
The cake I made for my birthday this year. So much fun to do! The base is chocolate cake covered in fondant. The cupcakes are all vanilla covered in rich buttercream. Yum. The candle is fondant formed over a wooden dowel. The label is fondant with piped RI, painted with luster+vodka. Happy Birthday to me!
20 35
By meihana
Mar 11, 2007
My oldest wanted an Iron Giant Cake for his 4th b-day. Since I wanted to make cupcakes to make it easier for the kids to eat. I came up with this design and it worked out great. Lots of B/C required, but oh so fun. The kids loved it, especially when asking for either chocolate or vanilla & they got to pick out the piece they wanted themselves. I made teacake cupcakes so they could each have 2!  (cake March 2006)
By gateaux
Mar 17, 2007
This is a birthday cake for my boyfriend featuring the two Johns from the band They Might Be Giants, and lyrics from their song "Older"
By steffyheikkila
Mar 23, 2007
Giant Ding Don cake for easter
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By wgoat5
Apr 7, 2007
Giant chocolate chip cookie, wit BC rosettes and lettering.  NM State logo & dancer figures are done in candy melts, using the FBCT method.
By lanibird
Apr 16, 2007
This is my copy of  a cupcake  cake.  The cake is made from 3 8" rounds and then a 4" and then a 2".  I was nto very happy with the swirls, but they are ok.  I kept having blowouts and messed up spots.  The cherry is fondant painted with gel and vodka.  The stem is a pearl stamen dipped int he gel color bottle to get colored.
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By acookieobsession
Apr 17, 2007
Here's my take on the baseball cap cake.  Thanks to fooby and Julie for their inspiration and assistance in making this cake!  Cake is covered in black MMF and bill is MMF on shaped cardboard.
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By projectqueen
Apr 25, 2007
I made this for a friend who turned 87 years young.
Apr 28, 2007
its ok hope my next one come out better
By TandTHarrell
Apr 29, 2007
Giant Cookie Cake for little girl's birthday.  She loves soccer and choc. chip cookies, so I hope she likes it!
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By bellsnbows
May 4, 2007
Covered in MMF w/ logo.  Original bill was gumpaste/MMF ...but it cracked down the middle.  I re-did it 
with a tin support under it.  1/2 ball pan and 6" round.
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By margery
May 4, 2007
Second cookie cake I have made for this customer. They love them.
This one is a 14" sugar cookie.
Thanks for looking
By fmcmulle
May 24, 2007
All edible frosted with BC with Fonfant covered Hat
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By roxxxy_luvs_duff
May 28, 2007
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By friedgreencats
Jun 1, 2007
This cake I made for a boy for his 18th birthday. It is chocolate mudcake filled with strawberry,ousse, not very easy to fill a cauch-cake... but I so enjoyed to do the tiny donuts, the beers and the remote... The giant donut I made just to be sure there is cake enough. Cover, Homer and decorations al in sugarpaste.
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By Kagekonen
Jun 2, 2007
A cake made to look like a giant cupcake.  French vanilla cake and all buttercream icing with the exception of the fondant cherry on top.
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By meowkitty30
Jun 4, 2007
12 in round with 6 in hat covered in fondant
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By roxxxy_luvs_duff
Jun 18, 2007
I made this cookie for a Motorcycle (not Hell's Angels, LOL) Club that my husband and I ride with sometimes.  This was for a party to celebrate the 4th year the group has been together.  I wanted to make something different so I tried a BCT on a cookie instead a cake.  Note to self, when doing a BCT on an uneven surface, put some icing down to smooth it out.  The image broke in several places after it thawed out and settled.  I think maybe a sugar cookie might work better but hubby prefers chocolate chip.
By smileyface
Sep 25, 2005


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