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I'm having to do this the old fashioned way (film, develop, CD, download) since the hubby has the digital camera for work, so you're going to get a bunch of photos from the past few months all together.  Sorry about that.
This cake was done for a co-worker's daughter who loves Happy Bunny, otherwise she wanted a simple German chocolate cake.
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By montanakate
Sep 6, 2005
This is my second paid cake.  My neighbors requested this cake for their Grandson who is turning 26.
3 1
By marknrox
Sep 17, 2005
Single layer german chocolate, traditional g. choc. coconut icing filling, cream cheese decorator icing, first time to try sotas on a cake....ok so they're pretty thick!.....used swag marking thing before piping the swags.....basically had no plan and was just creating as I went!!!!  Icing was a bit too soft.  Gave it to the girls at my favorite dress shop.  They're all up a size now  :-))))
4 2
By Phoov
Oct 6, 2005
My first BCT done on a German Chocolate Cake for my husband's birthday. Thanks to Lisa for the idea and helpful info.
11 7
By mrgrimm
Oct 18, 2005
This was a birthday cake for my mom.  It is German Chocolate with chocolate italian buttercream and traditional coconut, pecan frosting on top.
By 101dal236
Nov 9, 2005
German chocolate...a customer asked me to make this for him...when I quoted him the price, I had no idea how much work was involved!  I don't know why this is the only picture I have, it's not even done at this point and it certainly looked better than this when I was done.  Oh well.  :)
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By oohlalacakes
Dec 17, 2005
German Chocolate cake for my hubby's Birthday.  It was my first cake and I had disasterous results that I converted into what you see now. I keep telling myself it could have been worse! lol
By Lazy_Susan
Dec 18, 2005
German chocolate cake with coconut pecan filling and frosting on top.  Basketweave and roses are chocolate buttercream.
By sweeterbug1977
Dec 30, 2005
I've just completed another German Chocolate cake (hubby's favorite).  Basically it's just a cake for me to practice with because I am still sooooooo new at this :)  I did a big booboo by putting on my rosettes before my coconut topping (still learning from my mistakes).  Thanks for looking.  Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D
4 3
By Lazy_Susan
Jan 7, 2006
My first made from scratch German chocolate cake.
3 9
By tinabee
Jan 10, 2006
This cake was made for the birthday of a friend at work.  Please critique if you like :)
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By Lazy_Susan
Jan 17, 2006
German chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I toasted almonds and coconut and sprinkled on the top. I made some chocolate ganache to drizzle over the top, but well.. that didn't work out. I managed to cover the mess up with more almonds/coconut. I used corn syrup and made my left over icing drizzle worthy and just used that.
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By bethanne73
Jan 26, 2006
German Chocolate with coconut filling, buttercream icing under Fondant, gumpaste plaque with gumpaste flowers, fabric ribbon
21 49
By Phoov
Feb 15, 2006
This cake was ordered by a nurse at work for her Anniversary tonight. I hope she likes it because I am not very happy with it. :(
5 2
By Lazy_Susan
Mar 25, 2006
After I made the last German Chocolate Cake for a customer, my hubby decided he wanted one too. So, I made this one for my hubby because I love him and he deserves it.
11 37
By Lazy_Susan
Mar 26, 2006
This was an original idea.   JOKE!!!  lololOLOL goes to the kazillion other people who've made a version of this race track cake.  Whoever dreamed it up should be quite proud!   It was fun, and the four year old LOVED IT!  All BC except for the asphalt track...which isn't asphalt, it's fondant.    :-)   Matchbox cars.
2 16
By Phoov
Apr 1, 2006
German Chocolate Cake with chocolate frosting on the side, coconut/pecan frosting on top & ganache around the edge.
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By Kimlk
Apr 12, 2006
I made this cake for my dogs obedience instructers who are also K-9 police officers.  The German Shepherd is made of royal icing.
2 2
By SoldierJunkie
May 11, 2006
My BIL was craving a German Chocoltae cake, so I made him one. Made the coconut pecan icing myself because I always make my own icings now. Also, when I looked at WM they didn't carry it.
By rlm5150
May 14, 2006
This is a German Chocolate Cake with coconut pecan icing and pirouette cookies around the side, toped with a black fabric ribbon.  MOM was made from melted chocolates.
2 2
By alicia_froedge
May 17, 2006
5 12
By cakedeco
May 24, 2006
I made this for DH's co-worker, it's one of my 1st's but it was FUN!
By shelain22
Jun 8, 2006
This is a German Chocolate cake with chocolate - coffee buttercream icing. I made this as a suprise for my Grandad for Father's Day. It went over great since I live 3 hours away and had a friend going to my hometown who did a suprise delivery for me.
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By sassz
Jun 19, 2006
This is a traditional German Chocolate cake done for a client for both her mother's birthday and father's day. Their last name is German, so I put a "G" on the top.
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By sassz
Jun 19, 2006
Made for my dad for Father's Day.  (Gee is what my son calls him)  8" round 2 layer German Chocolate.  He doesn't like chocolate icing put on it so instead of decorating it I just used the Wilton Candy Melts for the message.
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By mandylu2
Jun 27, 2006
This is a German Chocolate cake with Dulce de Leche filling, chocolate buttercream sides and coconut pecan icing on top.  This was for my Grandfathers 101st birthday.  Chocolate dipped strawberries
5 7
By mjlaw78
Jul 26, 2006
My Sister (Sharibearie) and I rec'd our 2nd order for a birthday cake.  We are doing this on the side for fun (apparently not for profit yet  :)  )  They wanted a half sheet cake and this was the final result.  choc fudge cake w/German Choc filling, choc bc frosting & bc roses.  In our excitement, we kept adding more & more roses...  :)  was fun!!
7 3
By frostingfreak
Aug 23, 2006
One of my best friends love German Chocolate Cake and it was her birhtday!
1 4
By maryo
Aug 31, 2006
Amazing German chocolate cake from the Cake Mix Dr. The filling and sides are coconut peacan frosting. Chocolate buttercream on top and for the piping with chocolate curls on top. Thanks to all who explained the chocolate curls to me, you are life savers.
5 42
By Rambo
Sep 5, 2006
I made this for my husbands 25th bday, and it is a 2 layer german choco cake with white buttercream, and chocolate dipped strawberries. my first attempt at the upside down icing technique, and my first scroll decor. Everyone loved it. This is only the 3rd cake I have decorated (in a begginers professional way :) )
By min82
Sep 25, 2006
German Chocolate is one of my favorites and I have always wanted to make one from scratch. No one else in the family really likes it, but I don't care. I have been telling myself for years that I will do this for me one of these years and I promissed myself to do it this year. And I did.  :D
By ckdcr8r
Sep 25, 2006
This was done for my bosses father.. He loves German Choc Cake.  3 Layer cake with Pecan Coconut frosting in all the layers and the top outside done in choc buttercream.  Decorated with choc drizzle, and choc circles on the top.
3 2
By chele
Oct 23, 2006
Well here it is.  Thanks so much for all the help from CC members.  Guess if they want a professional cake next time they will call a professional and not the neighbors ha ha.
2 1
By Mommyofseven
Oct 30, 2006
Made this cake for my brothers birthday. I used the Cake Mix Doctors recipe and covered the sides with the coconut pecan icing. The top & borders are nutella and there are milk chocolate curls and wite coconut curls on top. It was delicious!Sorry about the picture it was taken with my phone.
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By Dustbunny
Nov 6, 2006
Practice cake.  I have to make this cake next weekend and wanted to try it out so I took this one to my brother's house for dinner last night.  German chocolate cake iced in chocolate BC and coconut-pecan frosting.  On top are my 1st attempt at chocolate curls.  Not too happy with those.  Needs some practice.  But the cake was pretty and yummy, so a success!
7 5
By Ishi
Nov 13, 2006
First time making a german chocolate cake.
By MelissaLynn
Nov 14, 2006
Chocolate Mud cake - thanks Kylie (sweet_as_tisse) for your awesome recipe!!!! Chocolate transfers, chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream – a heart attack on a plate. This is for my husbands Christmas party (he is a policeman (Dog Section) if you are wondering what the connection is LOL!)
5 4
By katharry
Dec 14, 2006
This is a cake that I made for my father's birthday.  He's always loved German Chocolate cake.  The cake was torted to four layers, each filled with coconut-pecan filling.
3 2
By LoriGross
Dec 14, 2006
Made this for my uncle's b-day. Thanks to ckdcr8r for the tip about the frosting! It worked beautifully, and everyone loved it. Chocolate bc with chocolate glaze drips. Baker's coconut-pecan frosting recipe -- easy and delicious!
4 41
By tobycat
Dec 17, 2006
German Choc. Cake w/ Coconut and Pecan Icing.  Used BC for the strings, and the black icing...hard to do the strings over such a bumpy surface.  Feel sure had it all been BC like I had planned...they would have been straighter, but this fellow so badly wanted the Coconut/Pecan Icing.  I think it turned out okay, and he was so excited when he saw I had done the desired icing.
By charman
Aug 30, 2005


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