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My granddaughter Amanda eloped in Hawaii last year and since no family members were able to be there I did this cake today as a surprise for them. My daughter is doing dinner and the kids are flying in, Amanda and Julio from Hawaii, and Ashley and kids from Arizona.
Chocolate fudge cake, chocolate rum buttercream filling, iced in Sarah Bernhardt chocolate glaze. Gumpaste Gerbera's and I made a simple beaded topper.
17 9
By ShirleyW
Nov 22, 2007
Just took one of my dummy cakes and mixed it up a little.  There are 3 more to come that I'm just putting in my album.
5 52
By rayven
Dec 7, 2007
12 53
By rayven
Dec 7, 2007
This a humming bird cake with pecan cream cheese frosting.  It is the first time i  made the gerbera daisies, and the white open roses.  this was for a going away gift
1 2
By momvarden
Dec 8, 2007
Hi sugar friends!
Another of the John Henry floral book cakes I did.  I liked the contrast on this one.  They flew florists in from all over the place to do the fresh flrs.  If you have any questions, please address them to my e-mail:    Thank for peeking!  (5 to go :-)
Jennifer Dontz - Traveling Sugar Art Teacher
24 142
By JenniferMI
Jan 6, 2008
This was a gift for my friend's big 40th birthday party. She wanted a white cake with raspberry filling and chocolate frosting, and left the rest up to me. After some prodding, I found out her favorite color is green (and her husband and daughters' are orange and pink), and that she loves gerbera daisies, so it pretty much designed itself after that! The flowers are silk.
11 40
By Lueet
Jan 14, 2008
fresh gerbera daisies on butter cream with vertical texture
3 12
By LeanneW
Feb 11, 2008
Cake for my grandmother's 82nd birthday (I love you Granny!).  Buttercream frosting, Fondant Gerbera daisy's.  Royal icing border.
2 6
By skeet1zp
Feb 24, 2008
This cake has a long story. It was suppose to be a bridal shower cake, but the bridal shower was canceled.Instead it was used for my daughter's weightlifting banquet on Monday night. The cakes included a 10-inch white sour cream cake with chocolate hazelnut filling, an 8-inch white sour cream cake with raspberry filling, and an 8-inch white sour cream cake with regular buttercream filling. I'd so many compliments from the parents at the banquet.  Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.
By Bev55
Feb 26, 2008
This is the cake i made for my mum for mothers day. It was my first try at the gerbera daisys. My mum loves teddy bears so i made an icing one to sit on the cake board against the cake.
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By sasporella
Mar 2, 2008
This is actually done with dummy cakes, We practiced this for an upcoming wedding. The actual cake will be the same except there wont be any space in between each layer.  All BC icing and black ribbon and gerbera daisy accents
2 3
By nicegirl22
Mar 2, 2008
WASC cupcakes with bc icing done in tip 12.  Fondant daisies.
3 20
By jammjenks
Mar 3, 2008
Gerbera daisy made of sugarpaste.  I chose to do it in a pink color.  I lost a few of the petals before I finally got around to taking pictures.  This flower was made in class so it was done in a huge hurry.  I will make another one soon and take my time to make it look better.
3 18
By mygirlssweet
Mar 15, 2008
This is a banana cake with mango curd filling, mango buttercream frosting and chocolate fondant. Flowers are a fondant/gumpaste mix. It looked not too bad before I wrote on it. (Note to self: do not drink 3 cups of coffee and then write on cakes! LOL!)
2 11
By __Martha__
Mar 30, 2008
3 7
By roseyrider
Mar 30, 2008
These are the cupcakes i made for my Grandma for her birthday. The roses didn't turn out as planned but she loved them anyway.
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By sasporella
Apr 4, 2008
My first attempt at gumpaste daisies.  This cake was for practice and play.
11 24
By toshaw
Apr 9, 2008
This is MY wedding cake, made to match my favorite flower, Gerbera daisies.  10-8-6 tiers.  I had a few fondant issues, but was fairly pleased with the final result.  It tasted great - coconut WASC w/ lime curd filling, and Hershey's choc. cake w/ raspberry mascarpone filling - and I got loads of compliments - on the cake AND my new husband!
2 34
By allie73
Apr 13, 2008
I made these for a friend's bridal shower.  I used the tutorial for the Stargazer lily that is here on CC and love it.  I was happy with the results and so was the bride.  She liked them so much she asked for them on her wedding cake too.  I did eventually color the center of the daisies yellow...maybe I'll upload a pic of the cake too.
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By womanzano
Apr 15, 2008
All fondant with bc scrolls, another dummy from my show.
1 9
By Solecito
Apr 21, 2008
Gerbera daisies.
2 layers are chocolate and the 3rd is banana.
1 2
By DeezCakes
Apr 29, 2008
This is roughly based on a Collette Peters cake the bride found. Though the colorrs were all changed bc she had all Gerbera Daisy colors. Middle section is not cake it is just a support covered in fondant. TFL
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By susanscakebabies
May 3, 2008
3 tier, 6/8/12, iced/decorated in BC.  Design was taken from a photo in a magz the bride brought, so I've no idea who may have inspired this.  Silk daisies provided by bride and I added them when I dropped off the cake.  Delivered all assembled!  Even tho' I've done a few like this now, I'm always still amazed when it really works!  Thanks, fellow CC'ers!
2 1
By indydebi
May 3, 2008
This design was taken from karen davies book. was really simple to do but daisy got a little bumped on the way home from night class!
1 9
By kazylulu
May 4, 2008
My 2nd wedding cake. A (very poor) recreation of one of designs. 4 tiers (16" 14" 12" 8")  covered in fondant, with royal icing design with a stencil (homemade). It's hard to tell in this pic but the tiers are offset from one another. This cake gave me fits! I am just lucky I got it there and set up in one piece!
2 3
By CharmingConfections
May 4, 2008
1 5
By Melodee1980
May 5, 2008
Critique group member: fondant covered 8"; RI side details, gerbera daisy (fantasy colors)
13 7
By snowshoe1
May 11, 2008
I made this cake for my daughter's 18th Birthday/Graduation Party. First time doing the gerbera daisies. They were super hard to make. The cakes were chocolate cake with mocha filling, white cake with guava filling, coconut cake with coconut and raspberry filling and white cake with raspberry filling. My daughter loved it, so the guests.
13 60
By mariprincesa
May 11, 2008
This was just a simple cake done in Buttercream Icing and Fondant Gerbera Daisy and Patchwork Cutter Butterflies. Thank you for looking
3 4
By snowy811
May 17, 2008
This cake was for my husbands best friend wedding. It is 12/9/6 square, offset. The cake is covered in fondant and all of the flowers are gumpaste. A close friend helped out with all of the small flowers! (she's such a great friend as I don't like doing the small flowers!!)
7 7
By buffim
May 19, 2008
I made this for a good friend of mine.  Butter pecan cake with dulce de leche filling and caramel buttercream dream. Fondant straps,zebra print,gerbera daisies and plaque all dusted with lustre dust. I added some silver dragees 
for a little bling.  She loved and so did I (as I wished it was for Thanks for the inspiration CCer's.  Enjoy!
6 46
By ncbert
May 20, 2008
Thank you meomy for letting me use your idea.
WASC, buttercream dream icing, and horse chocolate transfer
1 40
By Tug
May 21, 2008
Here it is, finally!  I got it there with only one mishap, a big bubble on the back of the cake.  I just squirted some frosting underneath it with a no 2 tip and smoothed it down.  The bride came in as I was cleaning off the table and raved and raved and thanked me and wants me to make her daughter's 5th birthday cake!  I sure hope she likes how it tastes.  (those are silk flowers)  I am a critique subgroup member
15 8
By karateka
May 24, 2008
Spice Cake Mix Extender w/ Cinnamon and regular Buttercream Dream--Gumpaste Gerberas were my first.  Chocolate transfer monogram.
1 6
By sk8gr8md
May 26, 2008
Colors weren't my favorite but matched exactly with the colors she was using to decorate for the graduation party.
1 1
By snowqueen93
May 27, 2008
This was my last minute wedding cake for my Son and his new wife. This is what she wanted. B/C iced with fondant drape, dragees and real gerbera daisies and green buttons. Pardon the photo quality. I took it with my camera phone as we forgot our camera.
6 24
By AuntieElle
May 27, 2008
8" & 6" WVSC with Creme Bouquet (first time using CB) covered with BCD using Sweetex for the first time.  I really liked it, but now I can't get it during the summer months...UGH!!  Choco Pan Gerbera Daisy (first time using daisy cutter) accents.  Not pleased with the way ChocoPan doesn't harden.  I still love the way the cake turned out.  TFL!!  Gotta love CC
4 13
By punkiin
May 29, 2008
Thanks to Bkeith for the article on how to do these!  Colors came from a  napkin the party planner gave me.  I used the PME cutter plunger for the gerbera daisy and followed the tutorial on gefjonsdottir . com (no spaces)    Except I used a wilton daisy cutter for the center frilly part.  I messed up on her face but didn't want to redo the hair and bonnet (which I loved) so I made do.  Next time I am doing the stupid eyes first!
4 11
By marthajo1
Jun 11, 2008
Gift boxes covered in daisies.  Babies with bonnets in the centers of three of the large daisies.
3 24
By dolcesunshine20
Jun 13, 2008
14/10/6, all BC, with Gerbera furnished by bride and added by me at site.  Bride wanted icing stems with the Gerberas looking like a mini-garden going around the cake.  Flavorsfillings from bottom up are white/red raspberry; choc/choc bavarian creme; spice/apple.
2 24
By indydebi
Jun 15, 2008


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