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A different version of a cake I've done before, this time a long planter. I was told Susan loves gerberas but I clearly need to practice more! Couldn't work out how to make them have long stalks either. I still think it turned out OK :o) All edible.
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By amberhoney
Sep 19, 2008
6" 8' and 12" covered in BC.  Silk gerbera daisies (brides request).  I enjoyed this simple design.  My husband was sooo sweet to hold up a paper table cloth so I could take a picture of the cake, because the back ground was not ideal for pictures.  The photographer took advantage of it too.  He's such a great helper and supporter of my love for cake.  TFL!
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By goldenangel88
Sep 20, 2008
This is just a 6" practice cake.  It's what will be the top tier of my first wedding cake that I'll be making next month.  I need some honest critiquing here, because I want this to be perfect for next month.  Thanks in advance!
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By adamt01
Sep 20, 2008
This is the first cake I covered in fondant. I covered the cake board as well. I deviated from the curriculum because I was making the cake for my friend's baby's first birthday. It was inspired by a design posted on Flickr! by PinkCakeBox.
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By Kim_in_CajunCountry
Sep 24, 2008
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By Laura102777
Sep 26, 2008
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By gracefull
Sep 28, 2008
Thank you so much Edna for your inspiration on this cake.  A 14" square, 12"round, 10" round and 8" round.  Covered in buttercream with silk brown ribbon and real flowers.  First time I did little fondant drapy things by the flowers.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.
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By angelcakes5
Oct 4, 2008
Didn't know where to put this one. It is an engagement cake. To give some perspective it is sat on a 16inch board. Rather large, bigger than I thought it would be. Not the greatest writer in the world but I think it looks ok. Real flowers, RI scroll work and writing on Vanilla Madeira jam and buttercream. 8" square and an 8" round cut in haldf like the instructions on here somewhere. Covered in fondant.
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By HannahLass
Oct 10, 2008
Another pregnant belly cake. The baby shower theme was sweet pea. We added the mom's favorite flower (Gerbera Daisy) and her favorite color (Lavender). This made it more personalized than the average cake and she really loved it. Also I made the cake board quilted like a little baby blanket. All the squares were stamped, the purple said congratulations, the white said baby, the pink had rattles, and the green had dotted lines.
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By Cake4mykids
Oct 12, 2008
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By reneeferguson
Oct 16, 2008
silk gerberas on 3 tier cake
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By janbabe
Oct 19, 2008
Yes..this is my first wedding cake!  Enjoy!
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By adamt01
Oct 20, 2008
4 20
By cakeladydi
Oct 27, 2008
Made this for a friend's daughter, she wanted simple and small with the Gerbera daisies.
It was fun to make!
By craftycakelady61
Oct 29, 2008
These were made to take into a florist as free samples.  It's a more up-market florist and she also stocks beautiful gifts.  I'm hoping she'll either order some to sell, or recommend me to clients who use her for weddings/christenings, etc.  She seemed to really like them, anyway!
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By Relznik
Nov 1, 2008
White fondant, royal decoration
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By caincakemaker
Nov 8, 2008
3 5
By Ariela33
Nov 9, 2008
I made these mini cupcakes to go along with the mini purse cupcakes (that I've also uploaded in the gallery) for my daughter's preschool shopping night.  I had to make two dozen mini cupcakes in total.  When I saw how long it was taking to make the mini purses I decided to speed up the process by making flowers instead!  The flowers are made of gumpaste with a chocolate MMF centre.  TFL!
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By crazy4cupcakes
Nov 13, 2008
Another version of the cake I fell in love with on This is my fourth try at covering a cake in fondant. I'm still not sold on it.
The cake is four, 1-inch thick layers of German chocolate cake. I made a cooked filling with coconut and pecans. The outside of the cake was frosted with Ghirardelli chocolate frosting, then vanilla fondant. Border and stems are fondant. Flowers are gumpaste.
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By Kim_in_CajunCountry
Nov 20, 2008
10 104
By GeorgiaGingerbread
Dec 1, 2008
3-tiered round cake with fondant daisies attached to a buttercream iced base.
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By j-pal
Dec 8, 2008
My first buttercream (not fondant) wedding cake.  Bottom layer: vanilla bean cake with raspberry filling; top layer: toasted coconut cake with pineapple filling.  Vanilla buttercream (using 2:1 ratio of butter to vegetable shortening) covering all.  Used vegetable peeler on Baker's White Chocolate bar to get shavings and curls.
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By jenspin
Dec 13, 2008
Six layers of devil's food cake with chocolate bavarian filling. Chocolate frosting. Fondant leaves and stems. Gumpaste gerbera daisies.
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By Kim_in_CajunCountry
Dec 28, 2008
Gumpaste gerbera daisies and chocolate SMBC.
By aswartzw
Dec 31, 2008
My first try at a topsy turvy.  I made it for my new house party.  It was my first gerbera daisy attempt as well.
By aswartzw
Dec 31, 2008
Simple hexagon covered with fondant with a stucco finish, pink gum paste pearls, topped with gerberas.  Cake board has black fondant with white cutout gumpaste gerberas.
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By rayven
Jan 11, 2009
This was for a friend's baby shower.  The bottom is a 9" cake with vanilla cake and chocolate hazelnut bc, the top a 6" cake with alternating vanilla and chocolate devil's food cake with white chocolate bc, iced with SMBC.  The flowers are gumpaste and fondant.
1 15
By beemarie
Jan 19, 2009
7" 4 layer yellow cake with lemon filling and sugarshack's buttercream.  daisies and leaves are gumpaste, all else buttercream.
4 1
By disp4so
Jan 28, 2009
Black and white polka dot cake with gerbera (well, that's what I was going for anyway :) Got the design for this one from CC, a wonderful cake by lvnvcowgrl. All mmf and chocolate mmf
1 5
By cakehelp
Feb 7, 2009
I couldnt wait to make a daisy with these cutters and the only color I had was orange. ugh. im actually pretty happy with the way it came out, although I have plenty of improvements for my next daisy. ( the cc is carrot cake, topped with cream cheese frosting) TFL
2 1
By JessDesserts
Feb 11, 2009
I got my cake dummies in this past week and thought I would make up some quick designs for my portfolio.
1 12
By pinkpiggie78
Feb 21, 2009
White fondant with purple gerbera daisies made of gumpaste.  My first run at making flowers with gum paste - time consuming, but fun :)  Need to work on my piping skills, but was happy with the overall look.
3 3
By jardot22
Feb 26, 2009
Dark Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter filling.  Covered in chocolate ganache.  Gumpaste daisies.
3 1
By KrazyK8
Feb 27, 2009
Two simple cakes odered for a reception 2 months after the wedding. Buttercream with fresh flowers and Candymelts lettering
2 1
By Julieboo
Mar 1, 2009
A cake for a wonderful mom!  I wanted to do something feminine, but still cool and hip with modern colors.  Fondant covered cake, gumpaste gerbera daisies and bow.  TFL!!
28 187
By forthwife
Mar 3, 2009
wedding colors were brown w/ hot pink and orange, so hearts covered in chocolate bc.  silk flower
By holli0519
Mar 4, 2009
Another sample wedding cupcake for the purple people.  Fondant gerbera.
3 14
By alanaj
Mar 8, 2009
gumpaste butterflies and gerbera daisys
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By Cathy26
Mar 10, 2009
This was actually a cake for a bridal shower. BC with fondant zebra stripes and gerbera daisies. First time doing square tiers, flowers or fondant zebra stripes. Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated!
5 18
By lovetocreate
Mar 13, 2009
This was inspired by Pink Cake Box and the ones ive seen like it on here. first time using my plunger cutters. really loved how it turned out. its a 6 inch madeira with jam and buttercream
2 18
By Cathy26
Mar 15, 2009


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