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Top Round is two 6" yellow cakes.  Bottom Round is two 8" chocolate cakes, all covered with buttercream icing and then covered with white (marshmallow) fondant.  Fondant decorations in prink and green, and faux daisies complete the top layer.
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By Morgan
Jun 16, 2008
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By aldoska
Jun 22, 2008
These Gerbera Daisies are made out of gumpaste, as are the ladybugs, inchworms, butterflies, dragonflies, and the bumblebee. The cupcakes were baked in wilton's silicone flower fun cups, and sit in a plastic cup inserted into the styrofoam.
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By roosterroses
Jun 23, 2008
A small cupcake bouqet made as a thank you for my children's teachers at the end of term. The kids painted the terracotta pots themselves.
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By BakingGirl
Jun 26, 2008
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By 2508s42
Jun 28, 2008
Classic white cake with BC filling and covered in MMF, modeling chocolate decorations. Real gerberas from my own flower garden.
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By Rose-Lynn
Jun 30, 2008
Another couple for the first of the July weddings!
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By aine2
Jul 2, 2008
for a picnic - hope it doesn't melt!
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By Edibleart
Jul 5, 2008
I previously uploaded Wilton's "Daisy Chain" to a forum discussion, and now I'm uploading the picture of my cake, which is similar - however the Bride wanted an orange base coat of frosting & then various blue & orange stripes, plus the 3 live gerbera daisies (& no topper).  This is my first wedding cake with fondant accents.  All white daisies & stripes are fondant.
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By OCakes
Jul 6, 2008
Cake covered with fondant, gerber daisies and bees gumpaste
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By pippilotta
Jul 8, 2008
This was an 8, 12, 16 square tiered cake with silk gerbera daisies the bride gave me to put on the cake.  Its buttercream icing.  Bottom tier is wasc with bc, second tier is chocolate with raspberry preserves and top is wasc with strawberry preserves.
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By aprilcake
Jul 19, 2008
This cake was for my 4th wedding anniversary!! Did Martha stewart's spatula technique, ran out of SMBC lol.    My hubby picked out the flavors and I love Gerbera Daises so we put our minds together!  SMBC, lemon and strawberry top tier, Dark Double chocolate bottom with Ganache and Smbc!! TFL
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By jessfmaldonado
Jul 20, 2008
1/3 sheet cake 11 x 15, 1/2 french vanilla with french vanilla filling, 1/2 chocolate with chocolate mousse filling
Fondant flowers... I wasn't very happy that the filling was coming tru the icing, I took a shortcut by not making a dam and I paid the price.
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By sjmoral
Jul 23, 2008
This was for a dear friend's baby shower...she is using brown and white zebra print in the nursery along with pink and green.  I very much enjoyed this cake and used a cake by Aaris as inspiration.  Thanks Aaris!
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By sunnybono
Jul 26, 2008
10-8 round tiers, all buttercream, real ribbon, silk flowers.  For a small wedding reception - the bride was going to add fresh hibiscus flowers right before displaying the cake, but I added silk flowers just for photo purposes!
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By StaceyC3
Jul 27, 2008
I made this cake (my first wedding cake) for my best friends wedding on 7.26.08. Two cakes were chocolate with mudslide filling, one cake was vanilla cake with strawberry filling, the last cake was vanilla cake with lemon curd filling. All were covered with swiss meringue buttercream and then fondant.
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By efaldridge
Jul 29, 2008
Gumpaste and fondant flowers I made for a bridal shower cake
By sjmoral
Jul 30, 2008
Vanilla sponge cake covered in fondant with fondant accents and gum paste gerberas
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By Cakechick123
Aug 3, 2008
Here is my first attempt at both gumpaste Gerberas and a cupcake bouquet.  Thanks to all here at CC for there instructions and inspiration!
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By rdiesing
Aug 5, 2008
this was one of my first wedding cakes and the fondant on the 16" layer was a beast to get on there!  it ended up a success, though, thankfully!
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By bakeyclacker
Aug 7, 2008
This is my "strawberrys and cream cake".  The flowers are silk flowers and the design on the sides is from the old wilton embossing (?) kit that someone gave me.  TFL
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By pinkbox
Aug 8, 2008
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By nicegirl22
Aug 10, 2008
WASC 6, 9, 12" with lemoncello buttercream and fondant.  Real ribbon and gumpaste Gerbera daisies, freesias, ivy and pearls on floral wire.   Weighed a ton.  Layers were 5" high.  Close up photos do the flowers justice compared to this one.
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By lorrieg
Aug 10, 2008
1 tier fruit 2 sponge covered with fondant and fondant swags.  Silk gerbersa, as the bride wanted to keep them.
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By janbabe
Aug 11, 2008
3 4
By aimers
Aug 14, 2008
Hand modeled white chocolate flowers, iced in buttercream.
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By sampy
Aug 16, 2008
this is my very first wedding cake and cupcakes...
made for my sister who got married just recently. =)
chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and frosting then MMF.
cupcakes are made with chocolate and ganache then MMF..
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By twinkletoe21
Aug 17, 2008
Chocolate cake with lemon mousse filling. Icing colors to match colors of bridesmaids dresses. Mini Gerber daisies out of Gumpaste.
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By Chef_Rinny
Aug 18, 2008
gumpaste/fondant gerbera daisy cupcake for 1 year old to smash.
20 63
By mysonshines
Aug 18, 2008
Gumpaste daisies ( a couple have fondant/gumpaste combo) on yellow with buttercream cake.
6 8
By mysonshines
Aug 19, 2008
6, 10 and 14 inch. White cake torted. Filled with lemon, raspberry and buttercream. Iced in buttercream, with buttercream ribbon. Gumpaste gerbera daisies and rose
12 9
By jibbies
Aug 23, 2008
Last minute order from good customers.  Fondant/gumpaster gerbera, buttercream, real ribbon, hideously bright accents!
11 32
By lorrieg
Aug 27, 2008
Here is a close up picture of the retirement cake that I made for our retiring janitor. It was a 12 inch, 10 inch, and 8 inch tiered cake. The flavors were chocolate with raspberry filling, white sour cream with cherry,  and white sour cream with chocolate hazelnut filling. It was yummy! Comments are appreciated.
By Bev55
Aug 29, 2008
These are my favorite flower to make!
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By ArtistInTraining07
Aug 30, 2008
Bottom tier is a dummy, 3 remaining tiers fruit cake covered with marzipan and sugar paste icing with sugar paste draping detail. Fresh bright pink gerberas, purple freeshas and a bright purple orchid. This was a serious rush job - only had 4 days to complete.
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By Leigh01
Sep 1, 2008
The bride and groom designed the boarder on this cake to reflect the date they married.  I liked the way it turned out, but not my fav colors for a wedding cake...but that is what they paid me for!  Thanks for looking ~Donna
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By dmq1298
Sep 2, 2008
3 tiered square,all fondant. I put the cake on top of purchased vases filled with water and put the Gerbera daisy's in the vases! I thought it looked lovely, the bride cried! I always love that reaction! TFL!
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By mygirlsmne
Sep 9, 2008
My last "official" cake this year aside from my cousin next weekend.  I had more things go wrong with this one than I've ever had, all throughout production, but it still turned out fine and no one knew it was a nightmare to put together.  She loved it, and I got to chat with the bride for a bit when I set up, which I don't usually get to do, so that was nice.  6, 10, and 14 mixed shapes, chocolate with cheesecake flavor filling, vanilla caramel, and white with raspberry.
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By Chef_Stef
Sep 12, 2008
14,12,10,8 square  marble cakes.  All buttercream frosting with truffle ribbon around each layer.  Fresh Flowers.  First time I have done a cake like this, everyone usually liked them stacked.  #4 for the week with one more to go.  Hopefully I make it!! :)  Please give me your opinions.  I don't think the picture does any justice.
10 22
By angelcakes5
Sep 13, 2008
Bride requested "something different, but not too funky".  She loved a cake I had done previously, so we did something similar.  Buttercream covered, blue fondant ribbon, orange gerberas in GP.  (photo taken prior to topper being added)
3 4
By mrswendel
Sep 18, 2008


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