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Made for my nephew, he turned 1 yesturday..
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By briansbaker
Jan 28, 2006
This cake was for a Boy George fan.
By ceggie81454
Jan 18, 2006
I did this for a friend last weekend.  Curious George is a chocolate transfer.  Carrot cake with cream cheese icing.
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By cindy6250
Mar 5, 2006
Made for a med student who happens to be a curious george fan (hence the anatomy book). It was made with chocolate pound cake, chocolate ganache and chocolate fondant. I had so much fun making this cake, I too have fallen in love with the little monkey!
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By islandije
Mar 16, 2006
White and chocolate cakes with buttercream under MMF. All fondant accents.
75 316
By krissy_kze
Feb 18, 2006
I still can't get my MMF the right consistency to be able to cover 3D figures well.  However the photo covers alot of mess ups, LOL, and so do "streamers" and "party hats"!   haha.   Anyway this is to match a party theme of the Curious George from the books, not the new movie.
15 21
By Kitagrl
Mar 25, 2006
I love this web site! I was looking through the forums and came across a topic making 3D figures out of rice crispy treats.  I tried it on this cake with the monkey and the hat. It was fast and easy!  Everthing else is BC. The cake was a huge hit at the party!  I will be using this technique a lot more.  I will need to stock up on rice crispy's!!
16 14
By MicheleF
Mar 28, 2006
This cake gave me such fits...first I did a FBCT of a different pic of george with a green background...well I was not happy with it at all - then I asked my DH and neighbor and they both agreed that it was not the best...I think the green thru me.  So I scraped it all off and did this which I am happier with but not by much!!! ARGGGG Oh well - carrot cake with cream cheese icing.
7 10
By cakecre8tor
Mar 29, 2006
Thomas the train along with curious george...with matching cupcakes...
3 5
By momonly
Apr 4, 2006
Hand molded Curious George on top of 11X15 chocolate cake with fresh banana cream filling.  The balloons are also cake from the Wilton balloon mold.
8 35
By tripletmom
May 1, 2006
Buttercream Icing w/fondant accents.  Both George's are figurines but banana's are fondant.  I put the children's initals on each George figurine. WWhhheeww..I'm tired. ;-) Oh, My first tiered cake.
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By wpoe
Mar 22, 2006
I just love this cake.  I seen it here done by krissy_kze.  She was so sweet in sharing her instructions with me.  This was done for a new customer for his daughter who turned 5.  How I wish you all could have seen the joy in her little face when she seen her cake.  Thank you agan Krissy for sharing, and thank you for the joy I seen in a beautiful precious little girl.
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By StandingForJesus
May 13, 2006
3 12
By amandasweetcakes
Jun 4, 2006
first tiered cake. I tried a new b/c recepie and it was a really bad one. the b/c started to melt and drip the mmf decorations started to slide down the cake. I was extremely disappointed with the outcome. I need a whole lot more practice. I am still looking for a b/c icing receipe that woorks for me. if you have or know of any please let me know I would greatly appreciate it. thanks in advance
3 5
By lovebug
Jun 19, 2006
I made this cake for my son's 1st birthday.  He had a Curious George party.
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By ashkdaot
Jun 21, 2006
Here is a better picture turned right side up of the cake I made for my son's first birthday!  He had a curious george party
3 7
By ashkdaot
Jun 21, 2006
George and Balloons are color flow image.
2 11
By SoldierJunkie
Jun 27, 2006
Supposed to be Curious George but my first attempt at modeling with fondant did not turn out so well.  At least you can tell it is a monkey!!  Cake shape and trees inspired by Carriemyvoice.  The cake turned out way bigger than I expected but it was fun to make and the little boy really liked it.
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By crp7
Jul 5, 2006
All buttercream Curious George cake
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By SweetResults
Jul 10, 2006
My daughter wanted a Curious George cake for her birthday. A yellow cake with buttercream frosting. George is chocolate butter cream. George was freehand and the sky was my first use of piping gel. The balloons is covered in poured fondant.
By sarzoemom
Jul 21, 2006
Thanks again Krissy.  Got a second order for this cake, so this is my second Curious George.  Everyone just really loves this little guy.  I tried to turn this order down because I had 3 other cakes due the same time, but the mother had hired a monkey act with live monkey's and everything was built around her being able to get a Curious George Cake.  I felt bad and with my dear sweet sister-in-laws help, we got it done in time.  My SIL made all the banana's and the basket to put them in.  She didn't even know she could do anything like this.  Didn't she do a fantastic job.  I have more fruits and vegetables she made later when she was bored.  I will post them soon.  I only wish I could be bored to this level of creativity.  She's found a new niche.  THANK YOU GAIL!!!
31 33
By StandingForJesus
Jul 25, 2006
My customer wanted a Curios George cake for her Grandson, and a King Kong Cake for her dad, who share the same birthday.  She also wanted them to "match" each other as far as coloring.
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By Sherry0565
Jul 28, 2006
Just finished this cake, really pleased with how it came out.  George and his mini-cake are molded from marzipan and then painted.
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By DoubleODanish
Aug 3, 2006
6X3 inch chocolate banana cake iced in buttercream with fondant hand molded monkey on top.  It doesn't look like Curious George but once again, at 4 AM it was gonna have to do! ;)
3 4
By tripletmom
May 1, 2006
Colorflow George copied from the party plates
9 25
By DoubleODanish
Aug 3, 2006
My first time doing an edible image and fbct...and the biggest cake I have made so far... 1/2 sheet.
3 2
By ashlymomx2
Aug 12, 2006
By ashlymomx2
Aug 12, 2006
Splat cake to match large 1/2 sheet cake.
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By ashlymomx2
Aug 12, 2006
11x15 and 6" round chocolate fudge cakes iced in buttercream.  Curious George images were found online and transferred onto the cakes, then colored in with an airbrush.
By Beckalita
Aug 17, 2006
Lemon buttercake with buttercream stars made for a dedicated fan of the australian football team: ST GEORGE DRAGONS.
5 3
By dky
Aug 22, 2006
Patterned after mccoy1113's cake posted here...thanks!  Used the Elmo shaped pan.
2 26
By ladybug03
Aug 26, 2006
This is my first time working with fondant. The cake was for my little girl who loves Curious George. I wanted to draw George's face on the top of the cake but ran out of time. Please help with how to get the fondant on without the "pleats" and how to get the powdered look to go away. Too much cornstarch? White cake tinted red and yellow. MMF.
By aggiedecorator
Aug 30, 2006
This is the Curious George cake I made for my son's first birthday.  It is the first character cake I have ever made.
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By tmg1006
Sep 1, 2006
Curious George is a toy, banana tree made covering dowel rods in gumpaste, leaves are made from tissue paper. Lei is store bought, all other accents made using gumpaste.
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By wendysue
Sep 4, 2006
Got many of these ideas from CC. George and the yellow hat are rice krispies covered in mmf.
4 22
By Liana
Sep 15, 2006
My first non-photo edible image cake. Scanned the customer's napkin and then contour cut the image before applying.  Half chocolate and half white cake with BC icings.  I'm in love with this oval pan!
7 29
By Phoov
Sep 16, 2006
One layer marble cake
11 x 15
BC frosting
NY hat requested from parents!
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By butterflybebby
Sep 24, 2006
This little guy almost sent me to the nuthouse. You can read all about it in the "My first cake disaster" forum. It's all cake and buttercream. The decorations are handpainted with buttercreama to resemble a photo taken from the movie where he has painted the walls. See separate photo of banana smashcake.
8 39
By DiscoLady
Sep 24, 2006
This was for twin boys' 4th birthday. They love Curious George although I'm not too sure it really looks a lot like him!
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By elmkb
Sep 26, 2006
Here's what I came up with for my Beatles cake ... they are so darn famous and I find it very hard to copy them but I hope the birthday boy will be able to tell them apart :)
7 13
By bmote1
Sep 30, 2006


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