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This is my own personal recipe I call "Chocolate Explosion Cake."  6 different types of chocolate are used in the creation of this cake:  Semi-sweet chips in the cake, chocolate milk, chocolate pudding mix, devils food cake mix, Hershey's chocolate syrup in the buttercream, Ganache.  In addition I use sour cream and butter.  It's a very heavenly-sinful cake.
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By Anonymous
Apr 13, 2005
Triple chocolate cake-chocolate cake with choc chips, choc mousse filling, chocolate ganache icing decorated with wafer paper razorback on fondant with fondant letters.
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By VickiC
Apr 13, 2005
This is a peanut butter creme-filled Devil's Food cake, covered in ganache, and decorated with gold luster-dusted handmade chocolate pieces.
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By Anonymous
Apr 13, 2005
Chocolate decadence cake covered with ganache and topped with gumpaste orchid and buttercream roses with hershey kiss centers. Delicious!
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By AngelWendy
Apr 13, 2005
My first tiered cake. Push in pillars made that very easy! Chocolate Explosion Cake with whipped ganache filling (YUMMY!) and chocolate fudge frosting. Royal icing roses. Scroll work on the sides (first time doing that, too). I was trial running this flavor combo. for our future wedding cake, so decided to post it here. I learned a lot on this cake! Chocolate frosting warms up and thins out a lot in the bag as you decorate with it. Glad it turned out OK. Tastes good!
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By AngelWendy
Apr 13, 2005
This couple wanted it all... stars, bears, mint, purple leaves, ganache.  It was difficult to put it all together but I think I did it without being too busy.  It was a hit!
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By divaofcakes
Jun 27, 2005
Chocolate ganache barbie doll cake I baked for my god-daughter's 10th birthday. The kids love it.
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By nanzz
Jul 8, 2005
Cake for 30th birthday for a great friend...Chocolate cake with french vanilla buttercream covered in ganache.
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By Rookie68
Jul 25, 2005
It's my mother - in - laws birthday and this is her pug, Frankee... We love our princess... This is my second time with BCT and I'm proud of her... So this cake is a ganache, strawberry/blackberry filling with a BCT on top.  It tastes pretty great too.
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By kristingeorge
Aug 22, 2005
Chocolate cake with raspberry preserve filling; chocolate buttercream icing with chocolate ganache buttercream trim
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By mamafrogcakes
Aug 22, 2005
Choc cake w/ choc ganache filling & icing and BC dots ---Big hit!
By edcjenv
Aug 25, 2005
I loved this Martha Stewart design! The cake was a 4", 6", 8" and 10" square combo of Dark Chocolate cake filled with Rasperry Chocolate Whipped Ganache and iced in smooth Chocolate Whipped Ganache. 

My co-worker friend iced the cake because she is a pro at squares and whipped ganache...and I am not!

The pears were sugared with egg whites and superfine (jelly sugar) the night before so they crusted perfectly.

I love the look, but summer is not the season for this. Not for warm weather...too scary!
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
Choc cake w/raspberry filling & ganache
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By edcjenv
Sep 6, 2005
Chocolate poured icing, chocolate ganache filling & accents, chocolate clay roses.
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By vayacondia
Sep 21, 2005
I made this for my birthday.  Chocolate cake, cookies and cream filling covered with caramel chocolate ganache(from herme's chocolate desserts).  Fondant bow on top with gold luster dust highlights.
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By momlovestocook
Oct 10, 2005
I had promised to make the birthday cake for my MIL, and I had it all planned out and knew what the cake should look like and just how it would taste ..... and I can tell you, it was nothing like this! It was supposed to be at 4-layered cake with 1 layer of whipped chocolate ganache and 2 layers of rashberry mousse. The ganache was SO stiff that I couldn't whip it and the rashberry mousse was runny and I just screamed!! My DH let me make another birthday cake the next day *LOL*
By mmariamm
Oct 13, 2005
Well, after the disaster cake (which turned out to taste pretty great) I threw this cake together the next morning. It's almost a traditional Danish birthday cake. It's a layered cake with cooked vanilla creme, strawberries and macaroons, chocolate ganache. The icing swirls didn't turn out as I'd hoped but I'll get to work more on that soon. My DH just loved this cake (but then again they love all my cakes :-))
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By mmariamm
Oct 13, 2005
This cake was made for my husband's boss.  They had a potluck lunch and ordered this from me.  It is 1/2 white and 1/2 chocolate cake with BC icing.  I drizzles thin ganache all over the cake and added the chocolate dipped strawberries.  The lettering is made of candy melts.
This was fun, but not exactly what I had in mind.  It sort of evolved as it was coming together.
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By luv2cake
Oct 14, 2005
This is a cake done for a lady at work, it was her husband's birthday.  It is VERY similar to a cake I did for mother's day, but I wanted to post this one because I am getting better with my ganache technique.  It was prety smooth this time and the buttercream underneath did not melt.
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By montanakate
Nov 1, 2005
Chocolate overload!  For my mothers birthday- triple choc chunk fudge cake, choc. buttercream, choc ganache (first atempt need alot of practice)  choc. tiles.
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Nov 18, 2005
Rolled fondant icing and chocolate ganache swirls.
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By girlpirate
Nov 29, 2005
These are little chocolate cakes covered in chocolate ganache and drizzled with milk chocolate and bittersweet shavings.  They were made in a jumbo cupcake pan and the square ones were carved.
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By jdelectables
Dec 7, 2005
6" Deep Dark Chocolate cake, White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse filling, Milk Chocolate Ganache icing with Chocolate dipped Roasted Pecan halves and whipped MC Ganache decroation.
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By gma1956
Jan 1, 2006
Dark chocolate cake torted with barvarian creme covered in chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate buttercreme roses.....whew!  Tasted FANTASTIC!
Jan 9, 2006
Everything for this cake was made using recipes from The Whimsical Bakehouse - layer banana cake, thin layer of bittersweet chocolate, layer of french custard, thin layer of bittersweet chocolate, layer of banana cake, covered with praline buttercream and then covered with chocolate glaze. All were first time tries as well as the chocolate characters and lettering. The characters are 58 going out, 59 partying and 60 coming soon just to rub it in. Need practice on using chocolate but cake combo was delicious
7 1
By mary-ann
Jan 16, 2006
I made this for one of my good friends. It's 2 8-inch chocolate fudge cake layers, torted into four layers and filled with cookies & cream filling. Covered in chocolate ganache. Piping is also ganache. Flowers are sculpted from Tootsie Rolls!
42 287
By HollyPJ
Feb 4, 2006
White cake with whipped ganache filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. Fondant flowers. Pretty easy cake to do!
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By krissy_kze
Feb 5, 2006
Chocolate cake with chocolate filling and iced with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles. Santa made of Marzipan. It didn't last very long! Great for Chocoholics (did I spell it right?)!!!
By Marcia79
Feb 5, 2006
11 28
By tawnyachilders
Feb 7, 2006
I made this for my parents' annivesary. It is a death by chocolate cake, (similar to the chocolate explosion cake), filled with chocolate mousse, and iced in ganache. Writing and borders are whipped ganache and BC roses.
By PinkPanther
Feb 8, 2006
Chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling, covered in ganache with a fondant bow and gift tag.
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By laneysmom
Feb 12, 2006
Chocolate cake with coconut filling covered in chocolate ganache. The corners and tag are white chocolate and the bow is fondant. It was ordered in the last minute (a lot less than 24hrs), so it didn't come out the way I planned, but it looked cute (with a lot of room for improvement!). It was for my sister-in-law, so it was OK!
By Marcia79
Feb 13, 2006
My first attempt at Ganache.  Just wanted to try different things. The back left is brush embroidery over poured ganache.  The back right is cornelli lace with a Royal Icing  plaque.  The front left is a fbct.  The front right is RI plaques.  The cakes are chocolate (made with a cake extender) torted twice & filled with one layer of Kahlua Rsbry Cream & one layer of the filling from the giant ding dong cake.  All borders are whipped ganache.  Not sure how they will taste but I had sooo much fun making them!
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By swoboda
Feb 13, 2006
This was my first go at a cake fully covered in Ganache.  It is a chocolate chip pound cake out of the WBH book covered in Ganache - I used Milk Chocolate because that is all I had and got raves on it!
By cakecre8tor
Feb 15, 2006
This would've been my final class cake, had I made it to class, but DD and I had the flu.  It's Chocolate cake with whipped ganache frosting and cookies and cream filling.  First time making a successful rose.  I still have to go smooth my dots -- they're peaked (I know, too much pressure!)Thanks Misty--sorry I didn't make it to the last class!!
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By laneysmom
Feb 25, 2006
This is another first Wedding Cake.  Two Chocolate tiers and two banana tiers.  Covered in Chocolate Ganache with a MMF box and roses.
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By kendraanne
Feb 25, 2006
Top view. 
Yellow cake with chocolate filling and chocolate ganache icing. Wafers on the sides. White chocolate plaque.
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By Marcia79
Feb 25, 2006
Chocolate layer cake w/ganache, topped with a "requested" girly elephant for a 7 yr. old birthday.
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By adven68
Mar 10, 2006
5 layer ice cream cake - 2 choc. cake layers, two Starbuck's ice cream layers and bottom shortbread layer.  Chocolate ganache icing and borders. Tootsie roll daisies with chocolate covered espresso beans as centers.
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By jlh
Mar 23, 2006
My first attempt at brushed embroidery.  10-inch single layer white cake with chocolate buttercream filling and 1/4" base coat.  It was very easy and quite fun!
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By Anonymous
Apr 13, 2005


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