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Replica of X-Box console and controller with black buttercream and fondant.  3 layer devils food with cherry filling.  This was my 2nd attempt...we didn't like the first one so we scraped it off and re-did it.  Much better 2nd time!  Thanks to trisha for her help on this one!
10 6
By tripletmom
Apr 24, 2005
This cake is suppose to resemble a nintendo game cube! This was for twins that got a game cube as a birthday present!
By traci
May 8, 2005
12 36
By msbask
Jul 3, 2005
My son is a Halo player so I made a FBCT of Chief, the main character in the Halo game, for his birthday cake.  I smoothed the white icing with a patterned paper towel hoping it would look a bit like fabric.
2 7
By NottawaChelle
Sep 17, 2005
Kids love the black icing on this thing!  9X13 buter cake iced in buttercream and fondant.  The CD is white chocolate with silver luster dust (thanks edencakes!).
9 48
By tripletmom
Sep 20, 2005
Chocolate cake cut to actual size, with chocolate buttercream and chocolate fondant. Controller is hand-molded cake ball mixture and CD is white chocolate with luster dust.
9 45
By edencakes
Sep 20, 2005
The customer really wanted a white cake with chocolate icing.  So I iced the whole cake in chocolate buttercream and then smoothed a thin layer of white buttercream on top.
19 15
By kerririchards
Oct 13, 2005
This one was for my brothers b-day. I realize to late that I had the first Ace backwards from the rest of the pack! The small suits are color flow, their also around the sides of the cake.
4 5
By cakesbgood
Nov 18, 2005
I made this for my "middle" sons 18th birthday, he LOVES to play cards, the Ace of spades is his favorite for some reason! It's similar to one I did for my brothers birthday, the small suits around the sides are color  flow.
4 4
By cakesbgood
Nov 18, 2005
strawberry chocolate cake and buttercream frosting.  The logos were made from fondant and painted by hand. The red helmet is all fondant.
4 4
By ruty
Dec 5, 2005
This cake is a 12" square.  It is made from buttercream icing using an old gameboard for the design pattern.  Lots of time and colors, but my nephew and his friends really enjoyed it.
8 8
By auntiecake
Dec 27, 2005
My boys like to "challenge" me with cake ideas. My youngest son wanted an Xbox for his cake- appropriate since we were having avideo game party! The buttons on the controller I used m and m's
5 17
By redheadcruz
Jan 20, 2006
Cake of an actual chess game played in 1955 in a competion, shortly before the game ended. I printed out the game and laminated it. The birthday boy (man) has to finish the game, before he can cut the cake. The answer is on the back of the laminated card. Figures are made of homemade black and white chocolate plastic, molded by hand.
6 10
By Ursula40
Feb 26, 2006
All decorations edible.  Cards are gumpaste with hand painted details using edible marker AND luster dust mixed with lemon extract.
6 7
By tanyacakes
Mar 12, 2006
I uploaded another cake with same/similar title but this is the one that should be the card game tiered cake.  All decorations are edible.  Gumpaste cards with hand-painted details(using luster dust with lemon extract) and edible ink.
6 25
By tanyacakes
Mar 12, 2006
20th Anniversary at the office done on the Game of Life board.
5 17
By msbask
Mar 24, 2006
I made this for a 14yr old's birthday cake - loves basketball and xbox.  I made a basketball themed cake and leaned this sugar paste chocolate covered cake on the corner of the big cake!  He liked it!!!
6 12
By isacrowe
Mar 25, 2006
I was asked to make a cake for a little boy turning 6, they just said he likes videogames and stuff like that so I did some research and came up with this one, I wanted to make more similar to real one but ran out of time!!, spent quite a while on the control also.
1 11
By Reyna
Mar 27, 2006
This is a 2 layer 10" cake for the box and a carved round for the controller. It is frosted in BC.
2 2
By Kimmiekinkins
Apr 2, 2006
This is my first attempt at a carved/3-D cake.  We can't afford to buy a real Xbox, so I made my husband and his friend a cake instead.  There are some amazing XBox cakes on this website -- thank you for the inspiration.
4 13
By funfoodie
Apr 10, 2006
The birthday boy loved this Soul Calibur character from a Play Station 2 video game.  The Voldo on top is a store-bought plastic model, but the cake is decorated to look like the character's background in the game.  Covered in MMF and painted with food colouring paste.  The "rug" is outlined with gold dragees.
7 5
By Uberhipster
Apr 15, 2006
This is a FBCT, I put the comic book in the picture in case you aren't familiar with Sonic X (so you can tell it's supposed to look like that!).  My first attempt at basketweaving, had no idea it was so easy!
3 2
By gakali
Apr 28, 2006
White cake with buttercream icing.  Dice are cupcakes.
By jcg42002
May 15, 2006
Bunco themed cake with dice, bell and score sheet designed in buttercream.
5 8
By KimAZ
May 15, 2006
My hubby loves cranium, so i decided to try my hand at a cranium inspired cake.  I used a cream cheese frosting on carrot cake, and made the pieces out of fondant.  This was a fun cake to make.
2 4
By sherrialex
Jun 30, 2006
chess board cake; 12 X 12 cake, covered with fondant; fondant was 'painted' with color disolved in white rum; pieces are all made of chococolate (white chocolate for the white pieces; black color was added to semi-sweet chocolate for the black pieces); there is a game in progress.
7 16
By Fascination
Jul 6, 2006
This is a picture of a scrabble game that my friend wanted me to do for her brother who graduated from an adult education program.
7 10
Jul 10, 2006
11x15 yellow covered with MMF.  All the decorations are made with fondant.  This is my first time covering a retangular cake.
2 3
By stephanie214
Jul 23, 2006
1 1
By jowhip
Jul 25, 2006
I made this for my son's 12th birthday.  He was into his gameboy so he loved the cake. I made it to be the color of his.  It looked better in person.  The light hanging above the cake apparently  left a glare on the cake when I took the picture. (This cake was one of my first "decorated cakes"  yikes...hopefully I've improved some.LOL)
By nickymom
Jul 31, 2006
Made 150 of these along with 150 rabbit in top hat cookies for a Bar Mitzvah with Magic/Casino theme.  Got all of them baked and first layer of glaze on, only to have party postponed because Hurricane Rita was on its way to us.  Had to individually plastic-wrap back to back in bundles of two cookies, then wrap all in several sturdy boxes and tape off all the edges... party was rescheduled 6 weeks later.  Luckily, I only lost a few bunnies (ears were too fragile)!
3 1
By Lambshack
Aug 2, 2006
sheet cake iced in bc with fondant accents.
1 3
By carla13
Aug 4, 2006
Here's my gamecube for my son's 9th birthday. It was supposed to be all MMF but mine didn't turn out so i just added some more vanilla buttercream and embellished with Wilton premade fondant.  The controller is made of rice crispy treats.
By squarie
Aug 18, 2006
Here's the top view.
1 1
By squarie
Aug 18, 2006
Yes, its Mario!  He reached Princess Peach's Castle just in time for the birthday party!

Wilton Castle Cake Pan
By SunshineFamily
Aug 23, 2006
Made in wilton pan. Chocolate cake with buttercream icing.
1 2
Aug 31, 2006
The Magical world Of Candyland!
11 89
By Florimbio
Sep 8, 2006
Jeez, I can't spell for beans!  This is the cookie that I made with the edible sheets my son "printed" out.  they are picture of some character he plays, so...I made some cookies and pasted them on and let him have his treat!  They would make a GREAT HALLOWEEN treat if they were not a copy write character!! lol
By RisqueBusiness
Sep 11, 2006
Made this one for my bunco group.  Large dice are fondant. Small dice are plastic. First attempt with fondant modeling and pearls.  Learned what to do different next time.
Thanks to bakermomof2 for the color and design idea!
1 1
By cakegurl06
Sep 15, 2006
Birthday cake for a little boy who loved to play ball.
6 7
By ntertayneme
Apr 13, 2005


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