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6" stacked on 8", butter cake iced in buttercream.  The disc on top is supposed to be a CD with 2 others underneath it.  Started this one at 4 AM so I guess it could be worse....
By tripletmom
Sep 20, 2005
8" chocolate cake with buttercream filling and icing.  Stripes and bow are made with fondant.  Silver dragees along border for accent.  Inspired by Les8350 at the Ladycakes site.
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By tripletmom
Dec 3, 2005
The only request for this order was chocolate cake filled with bananas & strawberries, decorated "anyway you want". I used the ribbon for the pattern, fondant flowers and bow, royal icing letters painted with luster dust.
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By mary-ann
Jan 22, 2006
Firstly, I was completely inspired by the amazing original designer of the "Pink Whimsy" cake done by the company Sugar Creations. Unbelieveable!! I used the middle tier from that gorgeous cake and some of the design elements too. 

Basically, I was happy to use up all the scrap bits of coloured fondant I have and the tiny flowers/butterflies etc from other projects. My first bow using fondant instead of gumpaste. I don't prefer it. I like the quick-drying gumpaste better I think.
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By antonia74
Mar 4, 2006
What a funky wedding! Everything was in black and white with circles...the menus, the vases, tables & linens. I do LOVE a theme!

I was so excited when the bride asked for this cake. Apparently it was Ashton & Demi's wedding cake design last year. It is a design from a Chicago company called "Take the Cake", but I can't seem to locate their website to confirm that?

The tiers are each 6.5" tall. It took 2 of us to fondant and smooth the 5 tiers of 4",6",8",10" and 12". 4 hours to decorate with circles!
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By antonia74
Mar 4, 2006
This is a fun one that I did at work.  All done in buttercream.
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By jenncowin
May 19, 2006
This was for a mom who enjoyed the 70's.  My only instructions were to make it a little funky.  I tried!  I like the tye-dye effect on the blanket. :)  The lady who ordered it was very pleased.
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Jun 10, 2006
First try using fondant and making a bow. I used MMF, which I found to be much tastier than the prepackaged Wilton fondant. Next time, the fondant needs to be thinner, I need to make more loops for the bow, and I need to be sure to let everything sit for at least 24 hours.
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By paiges
Jun 24, 2006
fondant, fondant and more fondant,,,,,,,,,,,,please comment, this is my FIRST FONDANT CAKE,,,,,,,,,
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By leopardgirl
Jul 4, 2006
fondant, fondant, and more fondant,,,,,,,,,, my first one ever,,,,,,,i had to make it match the fabric,,,,, and pictures washed it out a bit, it was really electric colors,,, thanks  for looking, and please comment,
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By leopardgirl
Jul 4, 2006
fondant, fondant fondant,,,,,, had to match it to fabric, oh what fun it was, and it's my first fondant cake,,,,,,,,,
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By leopardgirl
Jul 4, 2006
My sister wanted a funky grad cake so this is what I was my first fondant covered cake!  I so need a ton of practice.  But she really liked it!
By heiser73
Jul 10, 2006
I really enjoyed making this cake with all the bright colors. The cake is covered in BC with fondant and royal icing decor.
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By sugarfancy
Jul 26, 2006
By chloe1979
Sep 4, 2006
Here it is! My first official wedding cake. It was SO much fun to make. I'm SOOO addicted now!! Cakes are as follows 12" - French Vanilla with Lemon Curd, 10" - Spice Cake with Cream Cheese, 8" - Chocolate wih Raspberry Mousse, 6" - Butter Pecan with Nutella.
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By Everemton
Oct 4, 2006
Tie dye for a 60's themed birthday party with smiley faces, peace signs and retro flowers.
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By KimAZ
Oct 21, 2006
I couldn't get the middle smoothed out like I wanted so I jusy put the flowers on to cover it up. The center of the flowers are dragees.
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By bakermomof2
Nov 20, 2006
All buttercream
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By jenncowin
Nov 20, 2006
This was for my cousin's sweet 16.  She wanted pink & black and for it to be 'funky'.  3 tiers of yellow cake.  I made the dark chocolate MMF using Hersey's Special Dark Cocoa that someone posted in the forums (sorry I don't remember who it was).  It tastes like tootsie rolls and is already black - no coloring added.  Everything you see that's pink is buttercream and everything black is the chocolate MMF.  I used silver dragees as accents.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Dec 4, 2006
This cake accompanied the main wedding cake. I wanted the bride to have something that represented her funkiness. She has lots of tattoos and is very artsy. I put her and her groom's names across the middle. The cake topper is supposed to look like a tattoo design. The perriwinkle sections coordinate this cake with the main one.
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By SugarRee
Dec 7, 2006
This is a birthday cake for a friend's daughter.  I got my inspiration from another cake on this site.  I changed the colors and pattern and mine doesn't compare in skill to the other but I had so much fun doing it.  This is my first fondant cake.
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By kellygray79
Dec 24, 2006
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By marcimang
Jan 5, 2007
No fail sugar cookies decoarted with royal icing.  Retro inspired Birhtday cookies.  These squares are very small and I had alot of trouble with the writing flooding.  I will have to make it a little thicker next time.
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By amodeoandrea
Feb 10, 2007
The flower cookies were inspired by some that I saw on this website.
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By atkin600
Mar 16, 2007
Young lady wanted something funky and colorful, maybe tie dye so this is what I came up with.  Used 10" yellow cake and 3 6" choc. cakes w/BC frosting.  Cut cake board to mirror odd shape of cake and used a generous sprinkling of disco dust to finish it.  Fun cake to do!
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By jewels625
Apr 16, 2007
My boyfirend told me he wanted a plain cake.  This is what he got... I wanted to try a topsy turvy cake.  All chocolate.
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By crumbscakeartistry
Apr 23, 2007
A big 10" opera cake (my version - dark choc cake infused w/ coffee with alternating layers of coffee and choc almond buttercream filling topped with choc mocha buttercream, covered w/ ganache) for the April birthdays at my husband's firm.  Funky fondant accents cover up my ganache imperfections.
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By mmichelew
Apr 24, 2007
8" square cake covered in fondant with gumpaste loop bow, airbrushed(still wet in photo)
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By MandaMoo81
May 5, 2007
Made this for my sister's 40th.  Wanted to try something funky...all decorations are candy melts.
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By Schmoop
May 7, 2007
I have been wanting to do this cake for a long time and finally got the opportunity over the weekend when I was given the go ahead to do what I wanted for a young ladies' 33rd birthday.  Butter cream frosting, fondant accents.
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By klg1152
May 30, 2007
This is another "Funky Graduation cake" that I've made. All vanilla butter cake with chocolate IMBC filling and vanilla IMBC frosting. Covered in fondant with fondant accents. Gumpaste "ribbon" flowers and graduation cap. 'KATY' (the graduate's name) is in royal icing. 
Enjoy! Original design was by Colette Peters
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By heavenlycakes
Jun 2, 2007
The young lady's mum asked for something funky coloured. I suggested a pink and green purse and she pretty much let me do whatever I liked (aren't they the best customers!!)
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By amberhoney
Jun 21, 2007
Zebra stripes with hot pink border, roses and bow.
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By ByTheSlice
Jun 23, 2007
I had some trouble with the design for this cake as the customer wanteda a topsry turvey cake in bright green, hot pink yellow and purple and wanted it to look funky !!! It  was made with 2 each, 14x3in, 11x3 & 8x3 cakes. The bottom and top tiers are Mississippi mud and the middle is white choc mud covered in fondant and decorated in fondant and gumpaste!!
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By torki
Jun 24, 2007
A 4, 8, and 12 in. cake covered in bc with fondant accents.  Did the draping effect around each tier and made the bows to stand up.  It was for four kids birthdays at the same time, so we thought they would all like this.  I also made four individual cakes  and if the pics turn out ok I will post them later.  Thanks for looking!
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By helipops
Jul 8, 2007
My 2nd fondant cake!!! I haven't taken any classes yet!!! I made the MM fondant!!! This is a yellow cake with bc frosting!!! and I made this cake at midnite, if you can't sleep, bake!!!
By DonnaRae
Jul 30, 2007
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By ruty
Aug 10, 2007
The order was pretty simple - funky colours and one of those 'wonky' cakes. Other than that I could do what I wanted, as long as no age was mentioned anywhere on it! I was in tears in the early stage of this one, it was my first real disaster story. Came out OK in the end though. TFL!
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By amberhoney
Aug 11, 2007
This customer wanted a cake for a baby shower, decorated in different colors of green.  She wanted something "funky".  This is what I came up with.
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By satgirlga
Aug 15, 2007
This cake was for my son's wedding.  I have a long way to go but he loved it.    I made the top out of polymer clay - it is a likeness of the two of them.
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By gloria
Aug 3, 2005


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