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I made this cake for my brother's birthday.  It is fudgy chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache filling with fresh strawberries layered on top of the ganache.  Then it has a rich fudge chocolate icing.  The entire cake is made from scratch.  It was really delicious, but very rich.
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By SarahJane
Mar 27, 2006
Chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice cream.  Chocolate ganache icing with fudge borders.
14 32
By jlh
Apr 7, 2006
My granddaughter, who was turning 3, wanted "flowers, LOTS of flowers all over the top--PINK Grandma". I made a white cake with bright pink marble throughout with fresh strawberry filling and fudge icing. She loved all the flowers.
3 4
By Kazoot
Apr 25, 2006
My friend asked me for the most ridiculously chocolaty cake I have every made for her 30th birthday.  So here it is!!  4 layers of chocolate fudge cake, filled with (from the bottom up) chocolate hazelnut mousse & whole roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate ganache, and another layer of the mousse and hazelnuts.  It is covered in dark chocolate ganache and piped with mousse stars & hazelnuts.  The whole cake is surrounded by Pirouline cookies, wrapped in a bow.  THe plaque is molding wafers and ganche.
6 10
By erc11
Apr 30, 2006
This is a chocolate cake with Chocolate Fudge Buttercream.  The flowers and leaves are also buttercream.  I was inspired by the Crown-of-Petals cake that I saw in Toba Garrett's "The Well Decorated Cake".
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By ckkerber
Jun 15, 2006
My mother LOVES ice cream, so I thought this would be a fun cake for her.  Yellow butter cake with BC (crumb coat and whipped cream), fondant (Wilton and dark chocolate Satin Ice), melted Wilton dark chocolate (hot fudge), Butterscotch sauce mixed with melted white chocolate (butterscotch sauce), and candied cherries.  Oval pan for boat, mini balls for scoops.
5 8
By FunCakesVT
Jun 22, 2006
This was a cake for a co-workers last day at work, but it looks more like some of the groom's cakes I've seen, so that's where I'm putting it.  The cake is chocolate fudge with whipped ganache, surrounded by chocolate fudge Pirouette cookies, and garnished with chocolate covered strawberries.
4 38
By Laura102777
Jul 7, 2006
chocolate fudge cake with chocolate BC icing.
By yummyhobby
Jul 8, 2006
Triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate frosting.
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By danette62602
Jul 22, 2006
3 tier wedding cake, chocolate fudge sponge inside with ivory fondant icing cover. Royal icing runout panels and shields.  All trailing vines and grapes are individually hand-piped onto the cake to complete this rather gothic and unusual design.  Ceramic dragon wedding couple adorn the top.
5 9
By Katiebadger
Aug 5, 2006
I love this cake!!  The weight of the fruit made the layers bulge more.  I cannot get rid of the bulge no matter how little filling I put in there!!  What's up with that!!  This was my friend's wedding so I got to enjoy some of it and it was soooooooooo good!!
44 579
By fytar
Aug 8, 2006
side view of marble/chocolate cake.
By esqui
Aug 18, 2006
I decided not to wait for my Wilton I class to start and to go ahead and try this on my own.  I LOVED decorating this cake!  I can tell this is going to be a passion/addiction!!  The cake is a sour ceam/yellow with chocolate fudge icing and buttercream flowers.  Thanks for looking!
By LickDaBowl
Aug 28, 2006
Just something I made my boys to give their Daddy
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By southrnhearts
Aug 31, 2006
Thanks Fytar for your idea and instructions.  Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate cream filling iced smooth with chocolate buttercream and topped with homemade chocolate fudge topping.  Made this for our family Labor Day picnic, had to have it in my portfolio!  Thanks again, Fytar!!!
11 36
By gourmetcakes
Sep 5, 2006
I made this cake for a practice.  It's a real cake, no dummy. oval shaped.  Covered with satinice, painted with luster dust.  Made fudge roses to decorate it. top tier is white cake, middle is devil's food and bottom tier is marble cake.  I didn't picture of wedding cakes in my portfolio, so I made this one, beside we needed desserts!!!
6 9
By Pootchi
Sep 22, 2006
Done for a 60th b-day, they just left it up to me to come up with something, I was very pleased with the end result. there are two fudge cakes underneath a layer of chocolate paste and just touched up with lustre dust. Chocolate decorations on top.
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By Chaynce
Oct 15, 2006
This is a triple chocolate cake, whipped ganache filling, and chocolate peanut butter fudge frosting. It was a HUGE hit!
By emnjakesmom
Oct 19, 2006
Four tier buttercream cake with black fudge  ooze dripping from each tier.  The Corpse Bride and her Groom top the cake.
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By hollysu
Oct 25, 2006
My husband requested a chocolate malt cake for his birthday - wow, was it GOOD! Used DH Swiss Chocolate cake as a base then doctored and added malt powder. Used the Chocolate Syrup Frosting recipe from this site to decorate (added malt in place of some of the cocoa as well). Unfortunately I lost my pictures and only had this one of it from the wrong angle - that's a "B" on top.
By Lueet
Nov 17, 2006
By KirstenW
Dec 4, 2006
Brides's colors are Blue/Brown.  Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate BC filling, blue BC icing and cornelli lace.  Fondant Ribbon roses and BC accents in darker slate blue.
13 47
By Phoov
Dec 27, 2006
I got the idea for this after seeing some of the other "non-conforming" cakes. I had 2 differently sized square (chocolate/vanilla marble) cakes, and decided to offset stack them. I added a star cupcake (made in a silicone mold) to the top. I drizzled warm chocolate frosting over the top, and spattered warm cream cheese icing over that. I would have liked different candles, but as this was something thrown together at the last minute, I was satisfied.
1 1
By pegisf
Jan 8, 2007
I love the way these ended up looking. Injected fudge in the middle (since there's so much middle!) and they taste yum. Vanilla cake with butterscotch pudding added, just experimenting.
4 2
By missyv110
Jan 17, 2007
I made these cupcakes for my husband's birthday. They are homemade rich yellow butter cake with chocolate fudge frosting. I made decorations with butterscotch candy melts.
By writer_mom
Jan 29, 2007
I made this cake for my husband's 41st birthday. It is a homemade 2-layer dark chocolate fudge cake torted into four layers filled with dark chocolate fudge mousse. The frosting is semisweet chocolate ganache and 41 hand-dipped raspberries. I topped the raspberries off with leftover ganache for some extra chocolatey goodness. It was delicious.
4 1
By writer_mom
Feb 7, 2007
chocolate fudge drizzled over cakes with artifical dasies.
7 18
By qtcakes
Feb 12, 2007
9x13 chocolate cake, cut and stacked.  3 layers of whipped chocolate ganache filling, iced with chocolate fudge icing and topped with various chocolate treats.  The lid is also made from chocolate!
4 16
By tripletmom
Feb 15, 2007
The cake is the "Darn Good Chocolate Cake" recipe from here at CC but I used Ghiardelli bittersweet chocolate chips instead of the semisweet the recipe calls for.  The cake is torted to 4 layers, each layer filled with Chocolate Amaretto Fudge Filling.   The frosting is Chocolate Amaretto Buttercream Fudge and the roses are buttercream.
6 3
By Teekakes
Feb 28, 2007
I made this recipe up doctoring a DC banana layer cake. I added an extra egg, vanilla pudding, fresh smashed bananas and chopped pecans and chocolate chips. The glaze is a fudge candy recipe of my grandmothers that you pour over and let harden.  I finished it with more pecans and a cascade of buttercream rosebuds.  Hubby and BroInLaw devoured it!
By southrnhearts
Apr 20, 2007
Triple Fudge Cake with Raspberry filling and Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.  This cake was for a man so I didn’t want to decorate with flowers.  I piped the chocolate rosettes and thought it looked nice.  This is a very rich cake.
3 1
By erickab
May 27, 2007
Triple Fudge Cake with Raspberry filling and Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.  This cake was for a man so I didn’t want to decorate with flowers.  I piped the chocolate rosettes and thought it looked nice.  This is a very rich cake.
1 1
By erickab
May 27, 2007
A chocolate fudge cake for the mother to be. Cupcakes for the other guests. Fruit tootsie rolls for the colored accents, bear is fudge brownie, and cake is covered in MMF.  Fun to do! :) Index card with words is not edible... I got tired! :)
By amberele
May 30, 2007
This was my first wedding cake!  The bride wanted all chocolate with some plain strawberries on it.  They asked for no strawberries on top because they had the topper to put on it.  It's a 16" and a 12", both double layer with chocolate buttercream.
3 7
By Laura102777
Jun 1, 2007
This is a chocolate fudge with Bavarian cream filling and buttercream icing.  The roses were buttercream and the daisies were gumpaste.  This is my 2nd full sheet cake.  It was ordered for our church's celebration for the high school graduates.
2 6
By grams
Jun 3, 2007
This is the June Birthday/Fathers Day cake for my husbands employees.  The cake is WASC torted and filled with chocolate fudge frosting and the cake is frosted with the same as the filling.   Two 9 x 13's stacked.
4 11
By Teekakes
Jun 7, 2007
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pizza Cake! It's a chocolate Fudge Cake with Chocolate mousse filling. I got the idea from a photo on here! My son insisted on it being a square pizza instead of a round one!
By keelfam
Jun 11, 2007
Sponge Bob cake I made for grand son's 4th Birthday.
By diamond008
Jul 14, 2007
This is the cake I made for my dad's 50th. birthday.  It is a white almond sour cream cake and and chocolate fudge cake  covered in MMF.  My dad is a couch potato and a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan, which is why there are royal icing cardinals on the side of the cake.  The custom cake topper is made from polymer clay, which was made by a seller from EBay.  This was my first attempt at using any kind of fondant and my first attempt at using dowels and stacking cakes.
By beauty4151980
Jul 29, 2007
I made this cake for a friends birthday. It was fun...Baking was time consuming. Its double stacked 6 inch, 9 inch, 12 inch. Chocolate w/ Strawberry filling, with whipped topping.
6 5
By Dedonk21
Mar 21, 2006


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