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Free-hand frog on 11x15 sheet cake--vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.
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By KC2BeAgain
Jun 7, 2005
I covered both cakes with marblized fondant, (darker on the bottom to simulate water and lighter on top layer to simulate the sky).  In the water, I freehand painted turtles and fish.  For the fish I added piping gel mixed with pixie dust for shimmering effect.  I freehanded the underwater grasses.  On the top half for the clouds I used brush embrodery and used blue petal dust to accent the clouds and to give shadow.  On clouds I also added super pearl for sheen.  Frogs are all made out of fondant.
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By frogleggs
Jul 1, 2005
I made this as a wedding cake. Covered and modeled with fondant. The kisses were done brush embroidered.
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By Tuggy
Jul 2, 2005
This is a MMF covered vanilla cake w/ buttercream filling. The eyes/legs/arms/details are sculpted from MMF. This was my first time ever making & using MMF.
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By katiedeva
Jul 8, 2005
The cake is decorated with all buttercream icing.
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By amourette00
Jul 15, 2005
We painted frogs on mailboxes today so one of my students gets the cake! This was my first buttercream transfer to try.
By osci03
Jul 16, 2005
Here is a cake I did this last week.  Her sister's nick name was toady when they were little.
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By charlieinMO
Jul 17, 2005
I did this for a 10 year old girl who loves frogs.
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By tawnyachilders
Jul 18, 2005
This is a 2 layer 10" round yellow cake with buttercream frosting. This is my 3rd customer cake and I made this one with one hand. Three weeks ago while making icing for my son's bithday cake I accidently stuck the butcher knife thru my left hand, had to have surgery on it! I used the mini bear pan to make the frog and a 6" lollipop stick holding frog upright, the icing made him top heavy.
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By danette62602
Jul 18, 2005
I had fun with this cake.  It was one of the first I ever did!
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By lng_1978
Jul 18, 2005
Buttercream frosting; candy clay frogs and boy.  I love the Viva towel trick!!!
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By edcjenv
Jul 21, 2005
I've been dying to make an 'underwater' themed cake.  When I saw that one of our neighbors had just had a baby, then found the little frog and fishy teethers, I knew I finally had the perfect opportunity!  The 'sand' is crushed vanilla wafers, the rest is all buttercream (except for the teethers, of course).
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By momsandraven
Aug 7, 2005
Buttercream icing, designed from BD party invitation.
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By blossum
Aug 21, 2005
This is the baby einstein frog smash cake  I made to go with the birthday cake and cupcakes I did this weekend.  It is made with the mini 3D teddy bear pan.
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Sep 19, 2005
Here's a selection of cookies I made today to put in cookie bouquets.  My SIL is having an open house Saturday so I'm attempting to sell some bouquets(hope they are good enough to sell).  Will post pictures of the bouquets when they are done.
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By momlovestocook
Nov 10, 2005
Inspiration from CindasCreativeCakes.

This was my boss's going away cake.  She loves frogs and we bought her some Sprogz figurines she could keep.  Thos are ontop of the cake.

Strawberry cake w/champange filling.  
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By sugartopped
Nov 10, 2005
White cake with buttercream icing ; fondant frog and letters.  I made this cake for my co-worker's daughter.. she loves frogs
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By ntertayneme
Nov 12, 2005
Exotic colored frogs sitting on leaves.  Ladybugs, ants, dragonfly, beetle, misc bugs on leaves and grass on sides. All piped in buttercream. Raindrops made with clear piping gel.
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By KimAZ
Nov 18, 2005
a gumpaste garden created with gumpaste frog, flowers and ferns, arranged over a fresh cream cake served on a white plate
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By ibcablr
Nov 19, 2005
Customer wanted a baby shower cake to match the nursery, frogs, dragon flies, and ducks!  This is what I came up with.  Chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and buttercream icing.  Fondant accents painted with luster dusts.
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By newtocakes
Nov 21, 2005
Matching cupcakes.  Strawberry with strawberry cream filling and buttercream icing.  Molded candies on top painted with luster dust.
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By newtocakes
Nov 21, 2005
Made from one of Debbie Brown's books.  Person wanted a frog holding an ace of hearts.
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By froggyjustjumpin
Nov 21, 2005
This cake did not turn out like I had wanted it too.  It's for my baby who just turned "1"!  It looks like a cake that I would have done when I was just starting out!  I do like how the frog turned out however!!!
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By cakemommy
Dec 16, 2005
For my son's third birthday. He loves frogs and cars. I don't think he is going to let us eat it. "Mama, that frog is my friend" he says.
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By jgclucas
Jan 4, 2006
My friend collects frogs so this was her birthday cake.  As I was assembling it, I realized my nephews had eaten one set of the cookie legs so I had to make new legs out of cake scraps at the last minute.  I was in a hurry and didn't have time to perfect that nor the color.  I used the Animal Crackers pan moving the ears up to be the eyes and a fruit roll up for the tongue.
By kellyh57
Jan 5, 2006
This cake was quite a learning experience!  First time painting with luster dusts -- quite fun and very cool effect!  And first time at fondant tassels --also fun!  I used a garlic press to squeeze out the fondat.  The frog is hand-sculpted fondant.  Thank heavens he's not 40 more than once in his life!!
17 27
By laneysmom
Jan 8, 2006
birthday cake for a neighbors little boy who turned 2.  There's a little fly on his tongue :)
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By jennycakes
Jan 13, 2006
My MMF is too soft for this cake and I had issues getting the fondant applied!  I think the final result is ok but the back of the head...well I didn't take a photo of it for a reason!  haha.  The fondant is kinda messed up back there.  Hope the customer does not mind too much!
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By Kitagrl
Jan 19, 2006
This was for my son's frog theme birthday.  The eyes were hostess snowballs, the hands and feet were fondant, and the tongue was a fruit roll up snack.  I put a little plastic bug on the end to make it look real.  I also used wilton green spray color, which was easier than making my frosting green.
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By J-lo
Jan 22, 2006
I made this for a 9-year old girl.  I used the large cuddly bear pan for the frog; royal icing flowers and lady bugs.  The butterflies and small dragon flies are rice paper and the big one is made of fondant.  The frog's eyes and mouth are fondant also.
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By dsoutherngirl
Jan 26, 2006
this is swirl vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with FBT
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By kittysparkle
Feb 7, 2006
I was so glad I got the cupcakes arranged so they looked like a frog!  This one was so fun and turned out so cutesy!
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By _ChristyB_
Feb 13, 2006
My 3 year old requested Spiderman on his Valentine's Day Cake for Daycare...but settled on a frog :)
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By rochelle0123
Feb 14, 2006
This was for a frog lover who collects red eyed tree frogs.  I made the frogs out of MMF and painted them with food color, then dusted them with green luster dust.  The leaves are MMF painted with green luster dust also.  The letters are royal icing transfers, and everything else is buttercream.
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By teesue
Feb 17, 2006
the picture was an idea from my daughters coloring book.
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By shanbi40
Feb 24, 2006
My step-daughter loves frogs and this was a fun one to do. The multi-colored border was created by using all the colors from in the flower and making 2-3 shells the switching bags (using the same tip from previous bag) and gave it a blend from one color to the next.
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By dreamcatcher3287
Feb 25, 2006
This is a 6" mini carrot cake I made for a teacher that LOVES frogs. The eyes have sugar crystals in the white parts to try to make them look like those wiggly eyes that move.
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By CakeDiva73
Mar 8, 2006
No fail sugar cookies & Antonia74 icing.
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By Tuggy
Mar 19, 2006
This is my first "real" cake.  It's for a baby shower for my church's youngest F.R.O.G. (our children's ministry which stands for Fully Rely on God ).  I am not a cake decorator.  I've never had a class and made probably only about four cakes, but I watched my mom decorate cakes all my life.  I wanted a spring-y, outdoorsy, frog-gy kind of theme and came up with this using all the wonderful cakes on this website as inspiration!  It is bc with fondant onesie and booties.
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By Blessed_Patty
Mar 20, 2006
Pic. of frog on a sheet cake
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By apromisekept
Apr 13, 2005


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