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2015 Design - Champaign Birdcage Wedding cake
7 23
By Yevnig
Oct 27, 2014
By Galatia
Dec 5, 2012
Fondant frills (inspired by Maggie Austin - watch her craftsy class!) and hand crafted caterpillar and butterfly made of fondant. Edible image ribbon around the bottom tier. Eric Carle story Hungry Caterpillar
By rooneygirl
Sep 30, 2013
2 5
By Maery
Oct 14, 2013
This is a cake I made for my sisters church... I have since figured out how to get rid of those ripples and bulging in the second tier. Next time will try to lay something heavy on top of cake an let the cake settle overnight.  I will rock this design next time I do it!! Lol any helpful suggestions are welcome thanks this is the first time I have done the rosette ruffles and it was HARD.. But I think I finally got the hang of it on the last one lol
By melodym38
Oct 27, 2013
My first gumpaste rose (cabbage rose)
By AngelFood4
Oct 28, 2013
Reposting this cake because CC removed my other one because it showed a model wearing the Alexander McQueen gown this cake was inspired by.
2 10
By rooneygirl
Nov 7, 2013
Made these using Maggie Austins frilling technique as taught on her Craftsy class (details are on my blog)
1 6
By AngelFood4
Nov 8, 2013
Pink Caterpillar requested by client.  Ruffles are the incredible Maggie Austin's technique. Fondant fruit and dots adorn the bottom tier. The Hungry Caterpillar;
By rooneygirl
Nov 12, 2013
By rooneygirl
Nov 16, 2013
The couple wanted a whimsical topper and they love their pet cats so I suggested a pair of cats.  Made out of acrylic and wire.  Cake is an ombre frill - inspired by Maggie Austin.
By rooneygirl
Feb 6, 2014
Pink, black and gold tiered birthday cake for my daughters 15th birthday.
1 10
By deedee1978
Jul 29, 2014
1 12
By deedee1978
Jul 29, 2014
Lalaloopsy doll
By Koccy
Nov 4, 2012
My first wedding cake. WASC with raspberry swiss meringue covered in fondant.
1 2
By hemphilc
Jan 31, 2013
A simple ombre effect with frills and flowers.
2 3
By LizzieAylett
Feb 1, 2013
By Lefemme410
Feb 11, 2013
This is a small wedding cake. I used Sharon Wee's tutorial to make the ruffle roses on the bottom tier.  The top is made up of scrunched up little fondant circles. This is one of the prettiest cakes I've ever made. I wish I had more opportunities to do these.  Enjoy!
10 67
By rooneygirl
Feb 18, 2013
By Chickbosscake
Feb 20, 2013
Conical rose and butterfly wedding cake
By Theboutiquebake
Feb 20, 2013
made my own birthday cake this year...a combination petal cake (strawberry) tier topping buttercream ruffle cake (lemon).  decided on teal and navy blue.
By baking4ever
Mar 18, 2013
By Diney411
Mar 24, 2013
I made this frilled cake for a class project after watching Maggie Austin demonstrate the technique on her class.  I donated the cake to a dessert auction fundraiser for Relay for Life.
13 64
By SherylB
Mar 28, 2013
1 20
By sloppina
Apr 4, 2013
I loved making this cake.  I got to practice more on my roses and my frills.
1 6
By Lduran
Apr 7, 2013
Purple Frill and Anemone Cake. This was a dummy cake I made for my most recent wedding fayre
2 22
By CakeyKerry
Apr 27, 2013
By Ketleygirl
May 16, 2013
Two tiers of ombre peach frills decorated this engagement cake.  I sort of followed Maggie Austin's Craftsy tutorial and I love how it finished up.  The love birds were made from fondant and airbrushed with pearl shimmer so they were sparkly which the camera didn't pick up.  The lily was made from home-made flower paste.
By jossy1975
May 19, 2013
A gorgeous in your face ***y burlesque cake. I really really want to do another one!!
By FondantFancies1
May 20, 2013
My first cake for a Christening
3 22
By sloppina
Jun 8, 2013
2 Tier Girlie Ruffle Monkey Cake
2 1
By sabrinassweets
Sep 10, 2013
Fashion forward multi textured floral fantasy  featuring sugar peony, sweet peas, hydrangea, and grapes.
2 11
By MerciCakes
Sep 20, 2013
All fondant with gumpaste Hydrangeas.
4 30
By grandmomof1
Jun 26, 2013
inspired by Maggie Austin's fondant frills.  Details are on my blog.
By AngelFood4
Oct 28, 2013
2 Tier Girlie Ruffle Monkey Cake with hand sculpted Gumpaste Monkey Topper! She had a little curl, like the curly-haired birthday girl, and wore an adorable tutu, since the birthday girl LOVES to dress up in tutus!
By sabrinassweets
Sep 10, 2013
A gorgeous birthday cake for a 4 year old girl.  Barbie is chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and covered in fondant.
4 22
By TheCakeMumma
Feb 2, 2013
50th Anniversary
By travmand
Jun 10, 2013
1 2
By deedee1978
Aug 29, 2013
Three tier frill cake in autumnal colours
By Theboutiquebake
Feb 20, 2013
By sloppina
Apr 4, 2013


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