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ohhhh, boy am I glad this one was finished.I did a Spiderman transfer for his cake bit it broke. All completely MY fault & could have been avoided, but none the less it happened.This Spiderman was free-handed from a picture out of his coloring book.I did it on a 12" Frnch vanilla cake. BC icing complete. I am sorry the picture is so dark. I need to try to lighten it up some. I would really like to do a filling next time other then BC, but not really sure what to put in there. Any & all pointers are welcome!
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By villangi
Apr 19, 2006
This one was made for mil.  she's diabetic so I made sugar-free cake with sugar free icing (in the recipes section)  MMF accents(told her not to eat those)  she loved it!!
By Pootchi
May 17, 2006
This is a 6" round diabetic cake made with Splenda. The cake and the icing are sugar free. After putting on the floral and greens, we topped it with fresh raspberries. The filling is a sugar free diabetic mousse recipe we found on, It was for a lady's 80th b-day in which they put a #1 for the person she was.
By wolfyjules
Jun 2, 2006
Usually my dad has to omit eating the desserts at our family get togethers. Since it is his day we decided we'd omit eating dessert. 6 inch white sugar free cake with diabetic icing.
By fmandds
Jun 17, 2006
Covered in ganache, no filling.. Looks like a grooms cake but was made for the mother of the bride.  She is allergic to wheat so i made this for her... i had to double the batch and use a smaller pan than suggested just to get it THAT thick.. gluten free recipes do not rise...
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By tye
Jul 3, 2006
Made for a boy's 6th birthday.  Gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and nut-free chocolate cake with chocolate filling and allergy friendly decorations.  Frosted in dairy-free BC, molding chocolate for volcano with life saver "lava" and fondant "boulders."  Dinosaurs and turtles were plastic figures.  I don't (yet) have the grass tip or I would have used it.  Still, I only do this for my little guy and he was pretty darn happy!  THANKS!!!! to all the posted cakes I used for inspiration.
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By kathy172
Aug 7, 2006
This cake was made to go along with the wedding and groom's cake, as several family member's are diabetic.  It is Sugar Free, made from a Sweet n' Low cake mix (I substituted milk for the water called for on the box, and added 1/4 tsp. baking soda to the mix), it actually tasted pretty good!  The Sn'L icing mix tasted NASTY, so the cake is iced in a VERY thin layer of chocolate buttercream!
By gmcakes
Apr 20, 2007
This cake is made with chocolate soy/rice flour and is totally gluten free.  (My son is starting a new diet to help with his allergies.)  The brownie on top is also gluten free.
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By kochanski
Sep 17, 2006
this was a special cake, my sister has a food allergy and can't eat anything with wheat or gluten, everyone else got the "Gamblin' Granny" cake.  so it's a gluten free whi cake w/ bc icing.
By srod911
Sep 28, 2006
A customer called for an egg-free cake.  The little boy was turning 1 y-o and he's allergic to eggs.  They wanted a colorful cake, so I guessed that a clown would be perfect.  I used the clown cake idea from Wilton course 1 book.  I added some balloons.
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By Pootchi
Oct 28, 2006
Here's the dairy-free chocolate cake I made for my daughter's Brownie Troop.  One of the girls is allergic to milk and milk products so the whole thing had to be dairy-free and I spoke with her mom to make sure I was using the correct recipes/products.  In the middle of decorating this morning I received word on a death in the family so I didn't do all the finishing touches I normally would have.
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By Sugar_Plum_Fairy
Dec 12, 2006
All BC on acrylic stands.  Flowers provided by bride.
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By indydebi
Jan 1, 2007
Sugar free chocolate cake with sugar free cream cheese icing.  Fondant flowers.
This cake turned into quite a mess after it was refrigerated.  The icing cracked like a cheesecake would, and the flowers that were directly on the icing turned to mush!
By meghanb
Jan 17, 2007
This is a 6-inch round gluten-free chocolate cake filled with chocolate whipped cream. My sister has Celiac disease (can't have any foods with gluten, which is a protein found in wheat) and so baked goods are a challenge. This is the first gluten-free baking mix I've tried that was any good! (Kinnikinnike brand). Cake is iced in chocolate ganache. Piping is also ganache. Rose is made of chocolate fondant. I iced and decorated this cake, including making the rose, in 30 minutes. I hate being rushed!
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By HollyPJ
Jan 28, 2007
I offered to make my friend's daughter's birthday cake and she said okay. So here's my version of ye old Princess cake. I had to make everything dairy-free as one of the other girls has allergies. The cake is chocolate with orange flavored choc. buttercream filling (dairy-free), a coating of Pillsbury Vanilla Supreme and then lemon flavored MMF. I thought this was funny - the birthday girl is (Princess)Carolyn, my daughter is Diana, and my name is Grace. It will definitely be a royal party! THANKS MISSYEK!
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By Sugar_Plum_Fairy
Mar 16, 2007
This is a dairy free chocolate cake w/ a chocolate peanut butter frosting, and the grass is the wilton class buttercream.  The cake was pretty easy to make w/ a basket weave and then a star border.  I used tip 233 for the grass and found it worked very quickly when I held it above the cake by about 1" and let it free fall (like sotas).  I used peanutbutter m&m's for the eggs and a chocolate bunny to complete the look
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By newlywedws
Apr 12, 2007
I made this cake for a friend's mom who is diabetic.  Low-sugar chocolate cake and sugar-free chocolate buttercream with strawberry filling.
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By Cloudsmom
May 6, 2007
This cake is 10, 9, 8, 7 WASC with buttercream, mmf, and gumpaste bows.  Teh humid day kept causing the bows to fall off (held with royal dried for 12 hours.).  It was hard to stacked the tiers because the sizes were so close, but I like the way it looked in the end.  I used the stress free support and I think it works realy well.  I jsut have to figure out how to make the cake not sit up so high, I thought i had Them adjusted well.
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By acookieobsession
May 7, 2007
My first cake! I made this for my little guy who is allergic to everything (wheat, eggs, dairy, soy, peanuts/nuts, etc). I free-handed the spider and the web. (Just started to learn to do this for my son.) The cupcakes were yummy!
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By Asherwood
May 10, 2007
This is my first attempt at a 3D cake.  This is for my daughters 2nd birthday.  The cake is gluten free and the frosting is the wilton buttercream recipie.
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By rgeelan
May 11, 2007
This was my first request for a gluten-free cake.  I did a trial run with a recipe before I made this one and was very pleased with the outcome.  The customer loved it.  They couldn't get over how good it tasted, so I was very happy.  I know I will be getting more requests from them.  It was a chocolate gluten-free cake with whipped buttercream filling and frosting.  Thanks for looking.
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By ellantehalima
May 17, 2007
Gluten-free three layer chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Decorated NFSC. Royal icing basket handle.
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By snowshoe1
Jun 27, 2007
These were made from scratch as the bride cannot have sugar.
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By mommakeef
Jul 19, 2007
Sugar Free cake and icing. The icing was NOT fun to work with. Did not turn out as planned, but the bride was pleased. 12 in, 10 in, 8 in and 6in on top.
By mommakeef
Jul 19, 2007
sugar-free yellow cake w/cream cheese icing and raspberry filling
By boo04
Aug 6, 2007
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By SuHwa
Aug 12, 2007
Thanks aine2 for your tutorials.  I'm anxiously awaiting the day you do one on wedding dresses!
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By SuHwa
Aug 12, 2007
This was our 1st cupcake cake. We made a matching smash cake. The cupcakes were chocolate covered in buttercream w/fondant flowers. The smash cake is an oversized sugar-free (Splenda) cupcake covered in sugar-free (Splenda) icing w/matching fondant flowers.
By Dee0412
Aug 17, 2007
This was a small attempt at a cookie Cake for my daughter.  We must eat Gluten free, so it is a gluten free cookie.
By AngelDeserts
Sep 26, 2007
These are the gluten free cupcakes that I made to along with my daughtesr gluten free cookie cake.
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By AngelDeserts
Sep 26, 2007
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By bennett5
Sep 30, 2007
The tall cake is a 4 tier champagne cake with strawberry mousse filling covered in buttercream with shimmer.  Hand cut fondant snowflakes.  The small cake is a gluten free cake with strawberry mousse filling to match the big cake.  The groom suffers from Celiac and needed a Gluten free cake.
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By tlreetz
Oct 8, 2007
I used Toba Garretts Moist yellow cake recipe and subsituted the flour with rice flour and gluten free baking powder. Filled with fresh cream and chocolate and iced in chocolate ganache with chocolate truffles and chocolate writing.
By Leigh01
Oct 9, 2007
The little boy wanted free willy...  This is my interpretation - not one of my favorites I have done in a while.  Pieced together whale, the rest is buttercream.  Thanks for looking!!!
By cakelady5
Oct 10, 2007
This bride wanted her cake looking as natraul as possible- like I had stood over the top and poured the ganache down. It was a challenge to walk away and leave it! So different from my other cakes. The other challenge was using Crisco icing as this had to be dairy-free, instead of my usual IMBC
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By luvscakes
Oct 15, 2007
Wizard of Oz cupcakes, egg-free/nut-free sponge white iced and decorated with sugarpaste to match the theme of the cake
By maria4869
Nov 16, 2007
I get repeated orders from the same person for sugar free cakes. I use the Pillsbury Reduced Sugar cake mix, the mix has less carbs per serving than the scratch splenda cake recipe I use. I developed a reduced sugar icing recipe that these folks really like. The icing is light and fluffy (does not crust) and pipes well. I couldn't make 2 icing recipes for this cake as I ran out of Splenda so this cake is rather thin on icing on top.
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By hellie0h
Dec 1, 2007
Gluten-free chocolate cupcakes; buttercream frosting w/sprinkles and plastic candy cane topper.
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By freakgirl
Dec 21, 2007
Just a simple white cake made with sweet and Low and sugar free cream cheese based icing recipe found here on CC. My husband loved it! He said it was delicious and he can't believe he can eat cake again.
By tasteebakes
Dec 27, 2007
This is a close up shot of the sugar free cake.  The small cake in the other pic, my husband decorated.
By pastrypantry
Apr 11, 2006


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