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My very first attempt with fondant. It was fun to work with.... I can't wait to practice more with it.
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By MommyEdzards
Jul 3, 2005
Two-tiered 6" and 10" iced in buttercream, decorated with fondant stars and stripes, topped with gumpaste stars.  It was done for a Fourth of July party.  Happy Birthday America!
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By BDSweets
Jul 3, 2005
This is only my second attempt at cookie decorating.
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By Lori11941
Jul 3, 2005
This is done in buttercream icing for a picnic.  The stars on top are 3 dimensional and the outlined ones have edible glitter in the centers.  The top border is done in stars and the bottom in 2 striped shells.
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By llbean
Jul 4, 2005
This cake is very special.  I did it for a soldier who is in Iraq.  The cake was had to feed 150 people!
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By lng_1978
Jul 18, 2005
BC with fondant cutouts
By tracyscakes
Aug 26, 2005
This is simply cupcakes with buttercream icing using a star tip to decorate with in a flag pattern, very simple.
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By Amy_G
Sep 19, 2005
I made this cake for my office's monthly birthday celebration.  The stars are made of candy melts and the small stars have nonparels on them.

Vanilla cake with buttercream.
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By delightfulsweetbea
Jun 26, 2006
CCC I did for my neighbors Family Reunion,  she wanted something fun for the kids to have... She was happy with it... Thanks for looking!
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By Twins5485
Jun 29, 2006
I saw this star design on this website and just loved it. I bought some sprays to add some pizazz to it. Happy Fourth Everyone!
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By apwrep
Jun 29, 2006
Done for a woman my mom works for.  Her mom's birthday is on the 4th (so is my moms!)  All buttercream.  Don't really care for the top border, but I had planned to put fondant stars in each circle on the border, then decided it would just be too much.
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By mhill91801
Jun 30, 2006
This was for my mom's birthday on the fourth of July.  Definately not my best.  I was really disappointed how this one turned out.  I let my 4 year old decorate the sides because I just wasn't happy with it, and I figured what the's for grandma, have fun!  And he did!
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By mhill91801
Jul 1, 2006
Red velvet cake, white cake, ganache in the middle and bc frosting stars using the extra large star tip. Had some trouble getting the red, red. I didnt know you should let dark colors sit overnight to absorb...geez, ya just learn somethin' new everyday! ;-)
By Wendoger
Jul 3, 2006
My sad little 4th of July cake :(  It was a 14, 10, 6, only the 10 was a double layer---simple white cake with buttercream icing and sprinkles!!!  I haven't perfected my SMOOTHING abilities and LOST my spatula on the way!!!!!!! SO, it was done with a butterknife and i decided on the "messy" look when i figured out it was NOT going to be smooth enough!!!!!
By Eliruthy
Jul 3, 2006
Buttercream transfer Uncle Sam
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By msbask
Jul 4, 2006
I made this cake for my husband's squadron's homecoming from a 6 month deployment to the Middle East.  I layered the Wilton Ribbon cake on top of a 12 x 18 sheet cake.  Cake is yellow, with buttercream frosting.
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By kabernat
Jul 4, 2006
Buttercream icing with blueberries and strawberries.  Used the Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix to imitate the fireworks
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By shujuana
Jul 5, 2006
Made for my stepson's family.  Trying to get as much practice as possible.
By shujuana
Jul 5, 2006
My first FBCT cake!  The transfer cracked when I put it on the cake, but with some support from my DH and a dry paintbrush, I was able to mend the break!  I got the image from clipart online and made a mirror image in MS Photodraw.
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By mrskennyprice
Jul 8, 2006
My first Fourth of July cake from Wilton book.
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By pbertone1005
Jul 30, 2006
This is a two-tier birthday cake that I made for my nephew's first birthday on the 4th of July.  It's white cake with BC filling and icing.  The top tier was used as his smash cake.
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By Momofjakeandjosh
Aug 4, 2006
Cake for a surprise going away party on the Fourth of July for my parents' Brazillian exchange student.
Edible Image picture, Fondant Decorations, Swiss Meringue Buttercream
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By yellowjacket
Aug 11, 2006
buttercream icing I used tip# 21 to ice each cupcake in stars
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By hesstaylor
Aug 30, 2006
We made this cake for a party at a relatives house.  Chocolate cake, raspberry and Kahlua filling, BC frosting.
By sstardust17
Sep 1, 2006
This cake was made to welcome home a friend from Iraq. It was a half sheet cake with a star cake on top. The flags around the sides were chocolates.
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By coopscakes
Sep 24, 2006
This is my 4th of july cake. I actually made it for my dad that was retiring out of the marine corps. He loved it.
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By KrystleLeo
Oct 6, 2006
Star pan. All buttercream. First time making rose buds. not very good at it...
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By juptrstar
Dec 16, 2006
My Lil sis bday is on 4th of july
By Erlyns_Treats
Jan 19, 2007
After all the work on this cake I decided to take the Wilton classes.  Boy were my eyes opened to so many easier methods!
Cake is confetti with raspberry filling and BC frosting with candies.
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By slpbjones
Feb 10, 2007
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By Susan94
Apr 24, 2007
This is a three-tier fondant cake that I created when my husband became a US citizen. We threw a party for him and I designed this cake to celebrate the occasion.
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By aminton
May 15, 2007
Vanilla Rum Cake with Buttercream Frosting...I am just starting out and learning something with every cake I make
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By ChristineMarie
May 27, 2007
i made this for my parents for the fourth of july
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By JawdroppingCakes
May 28, 2007
Thanks CC for the cupcake bouquet tutorial. This was a big hit at the bbq. Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate bc and royal icing flowers. Thanks for looking!
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By rnrcakes
May 29, 2007
Or better yet the clown hat as my 5 year old says.  I guess that is debateable.  I guess my dowels or my cake was not level, because in teh mronging when i went out in this cake was leaning!  Good thing it was a freebie...and the guy took vacation so the rest of his office at his cake!  Like I did not have enough to do!
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By acookieobsession
May 31, 2007
Happy 4th. Toba's glace over butter cookies
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By kneadacookie
Jun 6, 2007
This was fun and EASY! Buttercream, wired gumpaste stars and LOTS of streamers and flags
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By EverlastingSweets
Jun 13, 2007
This was for a birthday party.  The number of stars are the recipient's age.  It's a double layer white cake with buttercream icing.  Except for the shells at the bottom, the entire cake was starred.
By gullettgirl
Jun 24, 2007
All buttercream with fondant/gumpaste stars and non-edible "sparklers".  This is my version of icingonthecakenc's winning Patriotic sheet cake.  My garlands need lots of work.
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By StaceyC3
Jun 30, 2007
Three tiered celebration cake in three flavors, iced in butter cream and decorated futher with gum paste and fondant details. The eagle is painted with Gourmet Writing Pens and the stars were covered in edible glitter.
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By Cakebaker57
Jul 1, 2005


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