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I made this "pro bono" for the AF Ball this year.  I almost cried, nobody ate it.  It was made to feed over 200 people and I think there were 5 pieces missing.  They did the cake cutting ceremony, but for some reason, didn't put plates and forks out, so nobody ate it.  My b/f took the two top pieces to work and everyone loved him for it!!  Oh well.
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By oohlalacakes
Sep 19, 2005
This was made for a going away party for a guy joining the AF.
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By Jenc95
Nov 7, 2005
My husband requested this cake for his troop who was putting on SrA.  It was a red velvet cake with a cream cheese icing.  The rank was made using buttercream transfer.
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By dvass
Mar 14, 2006
I made this cake for the USAFE Security Forces Converence in Ramstein, Germany.  It was an 11x15 cake with an edible image.
By dvass
May 14, 2006
This was another cake I made for the USAFE Security Forces Convention at Ramstein, Germany.  It was an 11x15 cake with an edible image.
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By dvass
May 14, 2006
This was the last cake I made for the USAFE Security Forces Convention at Ramstein, Germany.  It was an 11x15 cake with an edible image.
By dvass
May 14, 2006
My middle DD came in at 3:30 this afternoon and asked if I would bake some brownies, or something, for her JROTC Instructors going away party --- tomorrow and off she went to work!  It's a yellow cake with vanilla BC.  I had some RI made so I tinted some blue and some green.  I actually made the roses myself!!!!! I'm so excited by this new found skill!  the back side it says "Off we go in to the..."; thus the saying on the front side!  The words on the top are supposed to be squiggly! Thanks for looking.
By egarman
May 30, 2006
Very Large cake! For an Air Force Promotion to Col
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By bigcatz
Jun 2, 2006
This little boy just loves the Mystic Force Power Rangers, and let me tell you, there just aren't a lot of pics of these guys to choose from on the net.  The side detail reflects the visor on the helmet of each Power Ranger.  FBCT, airbrushed background, crusting BC, choc. cake w/strawberry filling.
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By momsandraven
Jun 4, 2006
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By LittleLinda
Jun 29, 2006
This was for a friend of mine's husband who will be pinning on Tech here in a couple weeks. It's 15x22", Dark Chocolate cake, almond buttercream. Thanks for looking!!
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By RaRaRobyn
Jul 20, 2006
From the adult swim tv show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Chocolate mayonaise cake with buttercream frosting. The picture is my first FBCT! I'm pleased with how it came out and I was amazed that there weren't any problems. Lucky this time I guess :)
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By Seeing_i_dog67
Aug 10, 2006
Made this for my brother-in-law's promotion to Master Sergeant in the Air Force.  8" and 6" 2 layer creamcheese cake with crusting cream cheese BC.  All the decorations are fondant except for the top emblem-tried to get an edible image, but no luck being out of state.  I cut out the color image from the computer and placed it on waxed paper and piped a border - voila!  It came out pretty well I think!
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By mommymarilyn
Aug 23, 2006
Today's cake.  Not a great angle on the picture but you get the point!
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By fytar
Sep 13, 2006
this was for my bf's 22nd b-day. My sister helped me a WHOLE lot. I did the plaque in the middle out of royal icing and I did the character's Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad. Shake was a standard styrofoam cup, Frylock was a McDonald's fry container with strips of diabetic cake, and Meatwad was a small diabetic cake, specifically because my boyfriend is diabetic...just in case you didn't catch on haha.
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By littlesis
Sep 30, 2006
A woman I work with ordered 5 power ranger cakes, 2 dozen cookies and 2 dozen cupcakes.  I had to do the order at work in one day...AHHHH!!!  I was working on this order for about 11 hours and almost didn't get it done in time!!! White cake tinted yellow, BC frosting, luster dust around the face.
By sstardust17
Oct 12, 2006
This is another of the power ranger cakes from the big order.  White cake tinted pink, BC frosting, luster dust around face.  Sorry, I don't have pics of the other cakes yet.
By sstardust17
Oct 12, 2006
vanilla cake with buttercream icing
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By tmassey5
Oct 21, 2006
I made this cake for my husband's promotion.  The cake is a yellow cake w/ crusting buttercream.  I added vanilla, butter, and almond extracts to the buttercream.  I tried a different technique for the frozen buttercream transfer, and loved how it had an "embroidered" look on the stripes.  The stripes were freehanded.  Getting the frosting "Air Force blue" about made me want to quit, luckily it worked.  Constructive critiquing welcome
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By newlywedws
Nov 1, 2006
Cake made for Air Force LT promotion. White cake w/ganache filling (requested). My first time doing the swags... next time I'll listen when people say to add corn syrup to the icing first. They will hang for a while w/o it, but once the icing dries out, they break.... Not the best looking cake, but not bad either.... Got my ideas from cakemommy a few others. Thanks!
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By chefamanda
Nov 10, 2006
Full sheet cake - one half chocolate cake and the other half is yellow cake. Bttercream frosting with the Air Force symbol dropped starred.  
Made this for one of the MSgt that retired last year.
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By ElyD
Jan 29, 2007
Drop star CCAF symbol, yellow cake buttercream frosting.
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By ElyD
Feb 2, 2007
This is a cake I made for my Godson Zac, who is mad about Lego Exo Force!! - so I thought I would have a go. The cake was half butter cake and half chocolate. I used Fondant for everything else and hand painted the pictures of the characters (images off the Lego website...thanks Lego!).
By mandanz
Feb 14, 2007
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By CakeL8T
Feb 16, 2007
Half yellow, half chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.
By ElyD
Mar 9, 2007
Buttercream frosting, yellow and chocolate cake.
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By ElyD
Mar 9, 2007
This was done for a friend who was retiring from the air force as a Presidential Pilot. It took me forever to come up with a design and in the end the idea I had was to have the bottom tier as the fields, then move up to the clouds and then up to pure blue sky. I wasn't totally happy with my writing but, you can't have everytihing! Plane is molded out of MMF.
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By julesn20716
Mar 13, 2007
I made this for my nephew.  It took forever because I couldn't find a good drawing of this specific "force" of Power Rangers.  But...he knew who they were so it is good enough for me.
By melyissa
Mar 14, 2007
This was for my oldest son's 5th birthday.  He loves the Power Rangers and I incorporated ideas from other CC postings.  THANK YOU for all the great ideas on this site.  The cake is iced in buttercream and the stars are mmf - my first attempt with it!  The bottom tier is a 9 inch square and the top tier is a 5 inch round tier set in the back corner of the square.  I used a thin dowel for stability and a thin cardboard between tiers. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
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By djoyce
Mar 16, 2007
A variation on a previous Power Ranger, different guy I guess.  I dunno, I just copy the picture the customer gives me.  Their sons know best!  LOL.    All is cake including the head which is the 3D ball.   Of course I had to throw plenty of disco dust on this one.  Fun stuff!
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By Kitagrl
Apr 12, 2007
This was a welcome cake for our new squadron commander's family.  I used our "FatWax" design to make it cute.  White cake w/ buttercream frosting.  Our squadron colors are orange and blue so I accented the border with these colors.
By Tryshalyn
Apr 29, 2007
Second of two frozen buttercream transfer cakes for a family celebrating their sons being home from the service on vacation.
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By hisgrace4u
May 22, 2007
Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and dipped strawberries
By friedgreencats
Jun 1, 2007
White Chocolate IMBC.  The sides of the cake what I do with tip 18 when I'm too tired to smooth the cake.  I work aoubt 12 hours everyday so many times I'm doing cakes at 10pm.  Gotta love it!!
Oak Leaves are color flow
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By kelleygirl
Jun 2, 2007
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By chefamanda
Jun 3, 2007
this isn't 3d, but I wasn't sure where else to put it.  this was for a son who just got home from Iraq.  bc icing over double fudge cake.
I love our military families!
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By littlebits
Jun 12, 2007
Chocolate cake, buttercream icing.  Simple decoration with an edible image.
By Tkeys
Jun 12, 2007
By tiffo
Jun 20, 2007
1/2 Sheet Chocolate Cake with FBCT Ranger
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By bambuf
Jun 28, 2007
Ok I'm sure there are only a handful of you that know what the title of this cake means.  I being former active duty Air Force and living with a bunch of Ammo (Muns) troops heard this ALL THE TIME.  IYAAYAS means If You Ain't Ammo You Ain't S#*T.
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By tcrema
Jul 25, 2005


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