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This is a three-layer cake I made for a co-worker who was leaving for another job.  It was a huge hit at the office.  This is cake number two for me and I can't wait to do more - I had no idea this was so much fun!

Thanks for looking!

- Tami -
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By Biscat
Jul 31, 2005
This was a cake I made for my best friend's 3 year old. I took the design from the 2006 Wilton Yearbook and tweaked it a little. The body is an upside down heart and the head is the Wilton animal crackers pan. Everything is fondant except the crown and the sceptor which were purchased.
13 66
By HeatherMari
Sep 30, 2005
By my3bibs
Oct 14, 2005
8" chocolate cake with buttercream filling and icing.  Stripes and bow are made with fondant.  Silver dragees along border for accent.  Inspired by Les8350 at the Ladycakes site.
7 69
By tripletmom
Dec 3, 2005
This cake is a design by Cakes by Dawna, or atleast based on the one she made.  It's a 4, 6 & 8" tiered cake covered in fondant, royal icing dots and bow made of fondant also.
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By Godiva
Feb 24, 2006
Our teacher let us choose the design. I did a fondant with BC decorations The bottom cake was too small though,I used the wrong cake pan
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By babynewyear
Mar 21, 2006
Ladybug cupcakes, Ladybug cake, and tiered (my first) with sparkling flowers, butterflies, shimmery doves, and ladybugs for Miss Evelyn.  Buttercream with fondant accents.
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By FunCakesVT
Apr 20, 2006
First fondant cake...self-taught as missed class this week, but easier than I thought.  6" square strawberry cake for my 4yo daughter who picked out the colors.
By FunCakesVT
Apr 23, 2006
I have a couple of friends celebrating their anniversary today, so I wanted to make them a cake similar to (but not quite) a wedding cake. When they got married 3 years ago, they hated their cake! (Not made by me) She loves purple and daisies, so I wanted to incorporate the 2 without overdoing it. Feeback would be great!
By tgirl22
May 24, 2006
I did a Mary Kay cake for a function they were doing to support victims of domestic violence.
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By helipops
Jun 18, 2006
This is a lemon cake with lemon bc frosting and raspberry filling.  The designs are fondant accent pieces.  The cake was for my niece birthday.  I got the idea for a cake I seen here on cc.
By deedee44
Jul 24, 2006
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By glowbewon
Aug 1, 2006
5 10
By ksawyer
Aug 18, 2006
8 11
By ksawyer
Aug 18, 2006
This is a white MMF fondant cake with pink fondant  roses.
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By sarahlr
Aug 27, 2006
I made this for a baby shower that the baby is already here. I had some flowers left over from last weekends wedding so I used those.
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By MaryD
Aug 28, 2006
This is my Class III Wedding Cake, MMF with fondant roses.
By jguilbeau
Aug 30, 2006
Mauve and White Fondant over Buttercream.  Ribbon Roses and Fondant Bow.  This cake was made in a little over an hour and a half.  This was my first attempt at a fondant bow and I didn't have enough time to let it dry completely (so it drooped on one side).  All in all it turned out well.  If I'd had more time to be creative, I would probably added a brim to make it look like a hat.
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By Charli
Aug 30, 2006
This is my first fondant cake.  Although it is far from perfect, I was very pleased with it.  My first fondant experience was a DISASTER!  This one was so much more enjoyable. French vanilla cake with BC icing.
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By Dordee
Sep 6, 2006
This cake is for my baby brother whose engagement party is this weekend. It's the very first time working with fondant. I loved it!!! I got the design from the Wilton 2007 Yearbook but added an additional tier. The bottom layer is 12" and the top is 8". The bows and ring are color flow. :-)
4 7
By KimmysKakes
Sep 7, 2006
Simple round cake, covered in fondant.  Bow done in fondant, too.  Cake painted with pink luster dust.
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By Meagan
Sep 16, 2006
By skarudy
Sep 18, 2006
Fondant baby on top of 10" and 8" rounds.  Got the ideas from this website.  Thanks for all the ideas.
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By saj_stuff
Oct 11, 2006
I made this for my good friend's 30th birthday party.  The bottom is vanilla cake with cookies & cream filling, buttercream icing and the top is mocha chocolate chip cake with cream cheese filling and frosting.  MMF and buttercream decorations and bobbles.  Lots of fun to make!
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By ksimp6577
Nov 9, 2006
covered with wilton rolled fondant
By lucysmomma
Nov 16, 2006
This was a good first time challenge for me. The doll for this cake has electronics in it so I decided to try my hand at molding it instead of buying another doll. I was a good learning experience, so hopefully if it comes up again I can do better. The doll and dress are fondant. The cake is white tinted pink and the icing is dream BC. The crown and necklace are royal. And is covered with lots of luster dust.
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By susanscakebabies
Nov 19, 2006
Ribbon roses, fondant, chocolate cake with whipped cream filling. Thank you getfrosted for the idea.
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By sandie
Dec 13, 2006
This was baby shower cake for one of the gals in the office.  It was delicious! Fondant ribbon roses and leaves with fondant pearls on buttercream.
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By pinknelite
Dec 27, 2006
I had made one similar to this before so my daughter decided that is what she wanted for her birthday. It may be my last attempt at molding an entire doll for a cake. I can't seem to get it. I used candy clay on this one which I really liked working with. I am just not good with faces. She wanted almond poppyseed with strawberry filling, so I at least know it will taste good.
10 2
By susanscakebabies
Jan 20, 2007
Thank you to Nana784. I used the picture of your cake to make this one :) It was chosen by my customer because she thought it was so beautiful. My cake is Double Chocolate Layer cake with Bittersweet Chocolate frosting covered in fondant. I didn't have a diamond impression mat so I had to make the diamond design by hand. My thumb is still numb! LOL I hope y'all like it.
22 52
By Lazy_Susan
Jan 21, 2007
10 44
By MCook
Jan 22, 2007
Fondant wedding ckae dummy with graduating shades of pink fondant ribbon.
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By meggylou
Jan 25, 2007
2 2
By jen10vs
Jan 25, 2007
Fondant baby.Airbrushed.BC roses
8 29
By Kiddiekakes
Jan 26, 2007
All fondant
7 35
By gelincikler
Feb 1, 2007
birthday present to a friend. chocolate cake with caramel chocolate ganache. i got the idea from this website from someone that was far better than me!!! thank you! (i forgot the name, i had it written down) i guess practise makes perfect! i just have to work on it!! Bday girl liked it!
5 8
By ceca
Feb 5, 2007
Birthday cake for a little girl turning 4 years old.  All in fondant
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By klg1152
Feb 7, 2007
Of course I forgot to take pics of the good ones before giving them out, so this is a picture of one of the "rejects".  I used a heart cookie cutter with White Almond cake, filled with cheesecake filling, and covered in oured fondant.  I liked working with the fondant once I got the hang of how to pour it correctly!
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By aminium
Feb 20, 2007
By KCotten
Feb 21, 2007
This is my first cake ever, and I used Marshmallow Fondant (decided after tasting premade fondant.. yuck!) It was for my daughters first birthday.
25 92
By Strawhatbrat
Apr 13, 2005


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