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Gumpaste orchids on SatinIce Fondant.  First attempt with SatinIce (finally got to try it)!  Humidity here today didn't help though.  Cake is for the girl that cuts my hair - hope she likes it!
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By mjs4492
Nov 28, 2006
(close-up of gumpaste orchids)
6 9
By mjs4492
Nov 28, 2006
Yellow cake covered with fondant.  Fondant bow loops with gumpaste calla's.  Glad I took the picture before the humidity drooped it!
11 29
By mjs4492
Nov 28, 2006
This is a birthday cake I did for a client's Mom. It is frosted in buttercream with fondant dots and ribbon.  The bow is made of gumpaste.
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By CakesBySandy
Dec 6, 2006
Very special cake for a fellow CCer!  She's in IL and her parents are in AL.  I made this for them from her for Christmas.  (she found me on this site; I live 10 mins from her parents).  French vanilla with raspberry filling.  Fondant bow, gumpaste poinsettia's and buttercream basketweave/icing.
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By mjs4492
Dec 23, 2006
Ordered by my SIL as a surprise for her DIL.  They're hosting a Euchre party for her b'day.  (Euchre is a card game that seems to be unknown outside Michigan ;-)    I have to ship this from TX, so it's a tiny 6" square cake, with fondant tablecloth, gumpaste chips, bowl, glasses and pizza.  I printed out the cards onto glossy sticker paper, and just stuck them on the tablecloth.  Tried to do it with feminine colors.  Hope it survives its journey!
5 15
By Ksue
Jan 3, 2007
I finally got the courage to try a fondant cake.  I certainly is not perfect - but I am very pleased with the turnout.  Gumpaste roses - fondant "lace" and pearls.
2 3
By Baysmeme
Jan 9, 2007
Three flavors, raspberry, coconut, strawberry three layers.
Raspberry filling, butter cream frosting, Fondant topping, with gumpaste Roses.
By Whitefawn
Jan 14, 2007
Red Velvet with cream cheese icing/filling covered with ivory Satin Ice fondant.  Gumpaste irises dusted with petal dusts - ivory and yellow.  Royal icing leaves.
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By mjs4492
Jan 18, 2007
50/50 fondant & gumpaste.  I have no idea how to work with this.  Just thought I would try after looking on this site.  Got to figure out how to prevent the cracks in the figure.  Any suggestions?
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By Strazle
Jan 20, 2007
Yellow cake covered with SatinIce fondant.  Gumpaste rosebuds dusted with petal dusts.  Buttercream leaves and border.  2nd of 2 demo cakes for a local store-owner that is interested in me doing some cakes for her! :)
By mjs4492
Jan 22, 2007
Made these today during the Wilton Elegant Two Tierd Fondant cake class. Its 2 saturdays, 2 hours each day. We made these and marbeled fondant and covered cake boards with it. Next week we decorate the cake ;-) The class is fantastic! I had so much fun!
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By Wendoger
Feb 17, 2007
I made a body for the fairy head posted earlier. Used various cutters for her dress and hat..I am going to put wings on my final fairy and also she will be holding a flower..any constructive criticism is completely welcome!! I want to make the fairy look wonderful!  thanks again to Katharry, Aine2 and Liis.
I made her kneel so she won't have to hang off the side of the
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By JaneK
Feb 18, 2007
10" square cake with my first "nice" fondant/gumpaste bow.  I would like to thank franjmc for putting the tutorial online-my first attempts were not so great!  My husband thought I put fabric on the cake!  These were brushed with my new Cake Central luster dusts in amethyst and super pearl.  I think it gave a gorgeous sheen to the regal purple fondant/gumpaste mix.
10 8
By mgdqueen
Feb 20, 2007
Just finished the Fondant and Gumpaste class tonight.  Poor planning on my part, wanted to actually a bake a cake for this one but didn't have ingredients on hand so had to use a dummy.  Then I had planned the flowers for a 6 in dummy and could only find a 7 in.  Doh!  Hate the leaves around the top but had to cover the edge....oh well.
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By chyana66
Feb 22, 2007
Here is my final cake from the Gumpaste course.  I already had a 6" cake baked, so that's what I used.  I modified mine from the cakes in the book...always gotta be different.
7 8
By allibopp5
Feb 26, 2007
9 17
By tyty
Feb 27, 2007
Here is my final cake from the Fondant & Gumpaste class.
5 2
By aliekitn99
Feb 28, 2007
Fondant covered teapot with purple daisies.  Sports ball mold was much harder to cover than I thought it would be.  Thanks for all of your ideas of other teapots!  Hope you like it.
By LaurieK
Mar 3, 2007
Final cake for Wilton Fondant & Gumpaste Class. I added some sparkling accents on carnations using CC bronse sparkle dust.
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By SweetHope
Mar 3, 2007
I really enjoyed learning more about fondant and gumpaste.  I loved making the flowers
7 4
By darandon
Mar 3, 2007
It turned out ok. Still learning gumpaste. I should have done the streamers a lot thinner. I do not like covering a cake board with fondant. I'll never do it again. Why cover it with fondant when the fondant is just going to get hard, crack & break off? Does anyone agree?
24 16
By tcturtleshell
Mar 3, 2007
I made this cake in the new Wilton Fondant and gumpaste class.  All Fondant and fondant/gumpaste work. The top is a keepsake box wich can be kept long after the cake is gone! This was a vanila cake filled with chocolate ganache. I'm very pleased. Not bad for a beginner, huh?
3 6
By Isaby
Mar 4, 2007
Had no idea what I was doing till the last minute.  Cake is Starbuck booze chocolate cake SMBC MMF - filling is carmel.
9 14
By dyenana
Mar 6, 2007
This was my second time working with fondant, and it went soooo much better than my first.  This is a white cake with BC icing covered in Fondant with Fondant accents.  It was the first cake we did in the Fondant and Gumpaste class.  I used Wilton fondant, and while it does taste icky, at least I know how fondant is supposed to feel now.
By startropics
Mar 7, 2007
This is the final cake I did for the new Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste course.  I really enjoyed making the gumpaste flowers.
By LoriGross
Mar 7, 2007
4 4
By gibson
Mar 10, 2007
I want to thank pinkbunny and ShirleyW for all of their help!  Couldn't have done it without them and my wonderful husband!
27 100
By gibson
Mar 10, 2007
(different view)
13 26
By mjs4492
Mar 11, 2007
I have had request for the penguin instructions from my penguin cake.  I thought I'd try to make an instruction  sheet up to help anyone else that may be interested.  Of course, I'm not Doug,( He's so great!) so mine is pretty sloppy, but I hope it's understandable.
9 408
By subaru
Mar 11, 2007
Textured the fondant bow with rubber shelf liner. Message plaque (gumpaste & fondant) was originally to lean against the front of the cake, but for transport reasons was moved to the top. Fondant flowers. My first square cake.
1 1
By caryl
Mar 12, 2007
This is the final cake for my Wilton Fondant & Gumpaste Course.  It's chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache, covered in buttercream and MMF. Daisies are gumpaste.  I was really happy with the way this one turned out!
8 19
By chocolateandpeanutbutter
Mar 12, 2007
this is my first ever fondant/gumpaste baby,  i may have a baby shower cake to make in a few months and wanted to try a baby for that..  she is laying in a open rose with a smaller rose as her bonnet..
6 15
By sweet_as_tisse
Mar 14, 2007
Well obviously fondant/gumpaste is NOT my forte, but hey whatever.  I worked ahead and attempted the fantasy flower, which ended up looking like a fantasy flop.  I wanted the cake to be reminiscient of a mothers day cake, hence the scalloped edge on both the swag, and hankerchief piece.  I also did little curly streamers.  I wanted to toss this cake against the wall but figured it would make a mess.  Ready to hear ANY advice on how I can master this fondant/gumpaste stuff b/c it's kicking my bum!
By newlywedws
Mar 16, 2007
This is my 3rd. Fondant Cake. A Chocolate Bourbon w/ Chocolate Ganache covering and then covered with Fondant. The Slippers are: Gumpaste mixed with Fondant. Painted w/ Luster Dust
5 1
By CakeArtLove
Mar 18, 2007
For 2007 SDCC cake show.  Fondant covered with primarily fondant (& some gumpaste) accents.  All hand modelled and hand painted.  Bottom layer: forest scene including owl, birds, chipmunk, squirrels , gluttonous bunnies and cottage (on back).  Middle layer: Prince Phillip battles dragon Maleficent.  Top layer: Princess Aurora sleeps in castle tower complete with window and flower box.
10 19
By KathyKakes
Mar 25, 2007
Guitar cake pan, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The tree is snow white buttercream, with a pretzel in the center, so that it will hold up and not melt like I seem to get with cream cheese frosting. Fondant rocks and piping gel for water. My first gumpaste figurine.
4 13
By fmandds
Mar 26, 2007
This was my final cake for the class.  I had to leave in the middle of class (due to DH locking himself out of the house) so I didn't have time to add the drape and a few other accents.  Oh well.
By startropics
Mar 29, 2007
First Baby Shower cake covered in fondant.Decorations made of fondant/gumpaste mix (baby,gift box and tissue paper) MMF flowers.Dusted with super pearl.Fabric ribbons around the cakes and on top of gift box.
3 55
By Dennysse
Mar 29, 2007
This was just another version and not as nice photo of my beach cake. I made a bunch of gumpaste seashells and wanted a cake to put them on so I made this. I had ALOT of cake balls after this picture was taken.
10 94
By Daniellemhv
Apr 1, 2007


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