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Here it is! This was NOT my first cake but was the first one using fondant/gumpaste! Now I am hooked!
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Jul 30, 2007
Cake was Lemon with Raspberry Filling.  I really enjoyed this class!
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By ginamig
Aug 2, 2007
6, 9, 12 inch rounds stacked, covered in fondant and dusted with super peral dust.  Lace boarder with gumpaste flower and monagrams on top. Cake flavers were strawberry ameretto and vanilla butter bean.  Filling was IMBC.
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By CherryLane
Aug 2, 2007
small 6, 8, 10 round stacked.  Covered in fondant and airbrushed with super peral dust.  Draps on bottom, cornelli lace and quilted on top. Gumpaste flowers on top.
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By CherryLane
Aug 2, 2007
This was my final cake for class.  Its a white cake with butter cream icing and fondant and gum paste decorations.  I was worried that it wouldn't turn out right, but I think for my first one its ok!  Can't wait to do another one.
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By andrewsme
Aug 2, 2007
Gumpaste daisies & fantasy flowers with everything else in fondant. .
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By Lisa422
Aug 2, 2007
This was my final cake for the Wilton Fondante and Gumpaste class.  My teacher let us design our own cakes.  This was also my first attempt at working with MMF.  I still need some more practice with that, but love the taste.  Thanks to Cindy for being the bestest Wilton instructor ever!!
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By jaswift
Aug 3, 2007
Final cake for Fondant and Gumpaste Class.
By beckyatkinson1964
Aug 4, 2007
wilton fondant /gumpaste class   i just learned how to do most of this today
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By Lycan
Aug 5, 2007
This is a buttercream frosted cake with a gumpaste bow and fondant ribbon.  It is made to look like a gift wrapped box.
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By CakesBySandy
Aug 6, 2007
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By donyell
Aug 6, 2007
I made this in my gumpaste fondant class. It was okay, learned a bit more.
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By inspireddecorator
Apr 9, 2007
I found these Fondant /Gumpaste roses I made a long time ago....decided to take a picture! It is one of my favorite things to do with fondant.
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By Isaby
Aug 9, 2007
This was my "grand finale" cake for the Wilton Fondant course.  Made just like the cover on the class book but i used carnations dusted with pink dust because I don't care for the fantasy flower.  Thanks for looking!
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By jojo0676
Aug 12, 2007
The cake is Chocolate Fudge w/ Chocolate chips and Citrus BC, covered in a marbled chocolate fondant.  The sand is crushed graham crackers, palm trees and tiki torches are fondant/gumpaste.  Lei is made of over 120 gumpaste 6 petal flowers.  Lava and flames  are melted chocolate.  Hard to see, but there is a tiki mask on the left side of the lava and a rock slide going down the right hand side of the volcano.
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By wolfley29
Aug 17, 2007
Made this for a birthday at my SIL's office.  Strawberry cake, strawberry filling, buttercream.  Fondant/Gumpaste flower accents.  First chance to really use my clay gun.  What fun!!  Inspired by quilled cakes seen here.
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By alanahodgson
Aug 18, 2007
I saw a cake similar to this on a 3 tier in here and loved the top layer.  So I decided to try and do a single cake similar.  I used fondant for everything except  fondant/gumpaste for the roses and ribbons.  This was my first time trying anything like this.  I'm still going through the Wilton classes.....any and all practice helps...I think anyways!
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By jenlg
Aug 19, 2007
Fondant w/Gumpaste Daisies
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By kaseynh
Aug 20, 2007
I love daisy's they became my favorite flower in class.  This was a red velvet cake, everything else  is fondant. Does anybody have any good gumpaste recipes?  I didn't have much luck with that in class & I like to make my own. I tried Wiltons recipe never again it was hard to work with & taste YUCK!
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By CocoaBlondie
Aug 24, 2007
white almond sour cream cake with almond cream filling
buttercream and fondant with gumpaste roses
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By CourtneysCreations
Aug 26, 2007
This little fella sat on top of my 84 1/2 birthday cake (in my photos). Thank you aine2 for your help with him! He is made out of fondant and gumpaste. The chair is completely gumpaste with a fondant covering. He is holding a cigar in one hand and a remote control on the other. I painted an image of the NBC logo on the TV, but you can't see it from this angle (he worked with NBC). He also has a newspaper lying by the side of the couch. I was pleased with how he came out.
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By imartsy
Aug 28, 2007
I made this for a friends 4 yr old. Glinda, made from 1/2 sports ball on top of 6 inch cake, then an 8 inch carved square cake for the bridge and cupcakes for the road. It was a blast and the kids ate most of the cupcakes at the party.   Thanks for looking. (2 other piece of cake were for home celebration.
By gateaux
Aug 31, 2007
This is the cake I made for my Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste final cake.  It was a 10" pan with 1 box mix in it.  I wet a paper towel with vanilla & brushed a little brown and a little copper on the towel to rub the crust for that fresh baked look.  The cheese on the top is grated white chocolate, the sauce is Wilton red in the tube & everything else is fondant!  My husband took this to work and they devoured it!  I was so excited- it was so cute!  I am so proud of me!
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By Redhedoo7
Aug 31, 2007
Four tiers cake: 16,12,10 & 8", covered in fondant with gumpaste flowers, petals and stars. Tinkerbell figurine.
26 29
By adamswife
Sep 3, 2007
4 layers of dark and decadent chocolate cake and milk chocolate cake, torted with cheesecake mousse and fresh strawberries, covered in fondant with gumpaste handleand buttercream foam.
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By khoudek
Sep 9, 2007
I did this cake dummy for a display at the store that I teach the Wilton classes at. (Made with marshmallow fondant.) I hope they like it! Thanks for looking!
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By mom2spunkynbug
Sep 9, 2007
This cake is 22" long by 8 wide at the front tapering to 7 at the back. It took two 12X18  and one 9X9 cake. Chocolate cake brushed with with Godivia liguor and cherry filling. Frosted in Choc. This was a learning experience that I would do again.
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By Yorkiemum
Sep 10, 2007
This is top view of cake posted earlier.
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By Yorkiemum
Sep 10, 2007
Chocolate cake, raspberry and french custard flling, buttercream 
icing, fondant/gumpaste flowers, royal icing butterflies.
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By pbertone1005
Sep 10, 2007
Here's the first cake done for my Fondant and Gumpaste class. It's also my first dummy cake, the high humidity was giving me very serious problems. It includes various techniques accomplished during class( So much so that I lovingly refer to it as my "Frankenstein" cake!)
By Aimeestrange
Sep 10, 2007
WASC cake, lemon curd filling,  BC icing with fondant and gumpaste accents.
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By cajundecoration
Sep 16, 2007
This was a quickie cake!  Turned out pretty cute.  Triple layer 8" with buttercream icing.  Polka dots, tag, and flowers are fondant, and "21" is gumpaste with non-edible rhinestones.
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By DollyCakes
Sep 18, 2007
Second attempt at a cake dummy. Gumpaste daisies- entire cake covered in luster dust (violet, silver, and white).
By Aimeestrange
Sep 19, 2007
I made this cake for me and hubby's fourth wedding anniversary.
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By Cakey
Sep 20, 2007
The bride found this design in a magazine. It fitted right in with her Indian wedding.
Choclolate sponge cake covered in fondant with gumpaste accents and flower.
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By Cakechick123
Sep 22, 2007
This cake was for my sister's 36th birthday.  As a teenager she loved palm trees.  She had palm tree wall paper in her bedroom and inflatable palm trees, so I thought it would be cute to take her back a few years in time.  The cake is covered with fondant decorations.  Palm tree is gumpaste, the design came from someone on CC.  Thanks to whoever that was.  I'm sorry, I forgot.  The island is crushed nilla wafers, which was also from somone on CC.  Fun cake, palm tree took forever though.
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By Rochellemomof4
Sep 23, 2007
This is my first gumpaste bow.  I really enjoy working with fondant and gumpaste.
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By Arenita
Sep 30, 2007
Top view of hat box cake, previously sent...
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By CakesByLJ
Oct 1, 2007
Ghost, Mummie, Frankenstein out of pumpkin and Pumpkin from fondant/ gumpaste. Also made a table for putting little things on.
The little ghost is holding candycorn.
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By TeeBeeWee
Oct 6, 2007
I made this cake for a friend's daughter's 1st birthday.  It was the first time I've made figures from gumpaste and fondant.  The cake was covered in fondant with gumpaste for the tree and the fairies.  I used fondant for the grass and flowers.
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By Lugh
Oct 29, 2007


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