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Fondant and fondant/gumpate.  This was a chocolate kaluaha cake covered in Satin Ice (my first time, now I make it thx to CC's Rhonda and Michelles fondant recipes)
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By pinkbox
Jun 1, 2007
This cake was for a little girl having a pirate and mermaid party.  She wanted lifelike models of her in a mermaid costume and her sister as a pirate!!  The cake is all edible with fondant and gumpaste, I did use moulds for the faces and shells.
7 11
By pb
Jun 2, 2007
Cake topper for a cheerleader
4 11
By donyell
Jun 6, 2007
Texas Longhorn cake for a friends birthday.  Made a template and carved it out of a 1/2 sheet cake (and then some).  The banner is fondant/gumpaste.
2 2
By pinkbox
Jun 11, 2007
This was the final cake for the Fondant & Gumpaste class. Lots of fun to make and EASY - despite the fact that we were using the wrong hankie pattern (that's why there are so many flowers to cover up the seams!).
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By rsdd108
Jun 12, 2007
This cake was made for a funny little guy who is VERY intrigued by ceiling fans.  All the decorations are edible and made from fondant/gumpaste.
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By srentreken
Jun 12, 2007
I made this cake for my daughter's 9th birthday party. All scratch cake; the bottom layer is chocolate fudge, middle layer is yellow, and top is strawberry...frosted in alternating vanilla & chocolate buttercream. Covered in fondant...gumpaste "Jaz" Thanks for looking!
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By mom2spunkynbug
Jun 16, 2007
This was cake number two from the "nightmare weekend"!!!! It was incredibly hot,  but I was able to manage this one a bit better. Not too happy with how smooth it is (or isn't). I am pleased with my flowers though, I like doing them.
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By Isaby
Jun 16, 2007
Chocolate fudge cake with buttercream icing covered with fondant.  All sewing items are made with gumpaste except for pins, they are toothpicks painted with silver luster dust with gumpaste tops.  I welcome all critques!!
4 7
By aundron
Jun 18, 2007
Had no idea what I was doing till the last minute.  Cake is Starbuck booze chocolate cake SMBC MMF - filling is carmel.
9 14
By dyenana
Mar 6, 2007
Serving table for wedding that served 29 dozen gourmet cupcakes. Five flavors....each decorated to coordinate with the wedding decor/color scheme.  Handmade fondant/royal/gumpaste/and white chocolate decorations for each.  Ourdoor wedding.  Will follow with more submission for closer view of some of the cupcakes.
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By Phoov
Jun 19, 2007
This was my second time working with fondant, and it went soooo much better than my first.  This is a white cake with BC icing covered in Fondant with Fondant accents.  It was the first cake we did in the Fondant and Gumpaste class.  I used Wilton fondant, and while it does taste icky, at least I know how fondant is supposed to feel now.
By startropics
Mar 7, 2007
This is the final cake I did for the new Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste course.  I really enjoyed making the gumpaste flowers.
By LoriGross
Mar 7, 2007
I made this cake for an 11 year old girl who lives in the Caribbean. The trees were made of gumpaste and left to dry overnight. The cake is covered in fondant, the island on the cake is made from chocolate cake scraps and covered with graham cracker crumbs and the shells are formed in shell molds
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By islandije
Sep 27, 2005
Not so much distraction in the background!
28 27
By imaginecakes
Jun 22, 2007
Both tiers are covered with fondant. Music notes and treble cleft are made from chocolate and the music bars are gumpaste.
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By CakeL8T
Jun 24, 2007
Made for the 70th birthday of my mum, she loves roses and something in gold.....
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By pippilotta
Jun 25, 2007
This was my course 4 final cake. Some of my favorite colors here together, and I just love doing the daisies! The cake is butterscotch pecan, mmcreme bc fill and iced, mmf covered, fondant-gumpaste daisies. I so appreciate your looking--thanks!!
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By icingpraises
Jun 28, 2007
This is the cake I made for my sons pre-K graduation.My inspiration was a cake katharry made for her daughters graduation (Thanks!) French vanilla/strawberry 12"cake,french vanilla/chocolate mousse 8" and 6" cakes.MMF covered and Wilton fondant and gumpaste decorations.It was a hit.Everybody loved the cake and asked for my number.The school director messed up the word "Congratulations" (Note to self: NEVER! let THEM carry the cake  ;)  It turned out very good even with the humidity.
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By Dennysse
Jun 29, 2007
Wilton course Fondant and Gumpaste grand finale cake.
By jab
Jun 29, 2007
Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste Final Cake.  My own creation with fondant swags and gumpaste carnations.
14 38
By sondrad
Jun 29, 2007
This cake was for a friend of mines little boy. He loves Clifford. 
It was chocolate cake with cookies n cream filling. 
Clifford, bowl, bone and rooftop were all made from gumpaste. 
Brick was airbrushed. I had trouble with the fondant being too soft but I was still pleased with the results. :)
By itsloops
Jun 30, 2007
3 tier fondant with monagrams and gumpaste flowers.
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By CinWoo
Jul 2, 2007
Lost power the night before class - when I usually get things ready.  When assembling before work the morning of class cake started to fall apart.  The only thing holding this together is buttercream and fondant.  One whole corner colapsed.  Totally disappointed with this.  - And then of course the purple fondant turned blue from the florescent lights in my office - where it sat all day while i worked.  Overall not as bad as I thought it would be but still disappointed.
By Juds2323
Jul 6, 2007
6" x 3" and a 5" x 2" yellow cakes covered with ChocoPan fondant.  First time using it.  Roses, rosebuds and irises are gumpaste as well as the little filler flowers.  Leaves are buttercream.
67 541
By mjs4492
Jul 6, 2007
I made this cake for the fire dept's centennial celebration and open house. It's an extended yellow cake recipe with MMF and gumpaste and royal accents. The flash on the camera washed out the silver on the "chrome" so it looks white in the picture.
10 1
By chaptlps
Jul 8, 2007
Butter/pound cakes iced with buttercream and covered with fondant. Gumpaste daisies (160!)  This cake was so heavy that it took two people to move it.
6 10
By lorrieg
Jul 9, 2007
This is the first time I have worked with gumpaste.  This was my final cake for the Wilton Gumpaste/Fondant class.
5 5
By Tina_Mace
Jul 10, 2007
From Wilton's Fondant and Gumpaste course- based on designs in the class book.  Looks like an easter bonnet!
4 2
By Bijoudelanuit
Jul 11, 2007
6" x 2" and half of the sports ball pan covered with Pettinice fondant.  Hat brim is gumpaste.  I used an embossed roller for the imprints.  (front view shows this a bit better)  Had trouble with bow - ChocoPan fondant.  Thanks for looking!
36 85
By mjs4492
Jul 11, 2007
Made this cake in the fondant and gumpaste class! My first gumpaste flowers I have ever made. it was fun!
1 3
By jenntatum
Jul 16, 2007
I'm presently teaching a group of 4-H teen age girls cake decorating and they will each be entering a cake  in the county fair next week.  This is my
 " you go get 'em girls" cake I'll be bringing to their last class tomorrow.  Yellow cake with buttercream filling, RUMMF, accents are gumpaste. Thanks to all those who've made one of these... what a wealth of inspiration!!!
22 109
By khoudek
Jul 17, 2007
another view of the cake. I need a better camera...
By CakeRN
Jul 19, 2007
This is the final cake from Wilton Course 3. Fondant covered cake with gum paste roses. The finger print in the top tier was from my brother who didn't believe it was a real cake.
By AmburlyDawn
Jul 20, 2007
10" 2-layer doctored funfetti with BC Dream filling and frosting.  Tip 21 for grass skirt and 2D for flowers in lei.  Sand is honey graham crackers crushed with a few chocolate ones too.  Flip Flops are funfetti and also BC Dream frosted.  Gumpaste bands with amethyst LD (CC).  Smash Cake is 6" 2-layer carved to shape and frosted with BC Dream.  Handle is fondant/gumpaste.  Name is made with gumpaste/ fondant blend and dusted with Amethyst LD.
6 32
By marthajo1
Jul 21, 2007
8 54
By SweetSue1
Jul 23, 2007
My 3 yr olds b-day he wanted Buzz Lightyear, I made a 9X13 base space cake I placed a 1/2 ball for the moon and carved Buzz's ship 42. I made 3 LGM's out of fondant. All icing is BC, the wings are Gumpaste. The Fire is nerd rope.  The Kids loved it. I made the moon for Friday July 20th - 40th anniversary of walk on moon! Thanks to all the inspiration from my fellow CC's when my son saw a Buzz lightyear toy on a ship, he said he wanted Buzz on 42, so I went tried it and kind of copied a old design of mine.
3 2
By gateaux
Jul 24, 2007
This cake I made for Fondant and Gumpaste graduation.
By sugarbakerqueen
Jul 28, 2007
I like how the draping came out on this cake. It was my first time trying draping but it came out pretty good.
By kpargola
Jul 29, 2007
Gumpaste daisies & fantasy flowers with everything else in fondant. .
7 4
By Lisa422
Aug 2, 2007


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