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I made this cake for my future son-in-law. 
Yellow cake with buttercream icing, and MMF figures, and gel  water.
By the way, there is a "snowman kit" over beside the snowman. The penguins are going to build more snowmen! ( see, the extra coal, and carrot nose?")
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By subaru
Jan 9, 2007
just finished these little guys for a 1st birthday cake i will be making for a dear friends little boy at the start of feb... they live on a little farm and have chooks and cows... the cow will sit on the top tier with a number one and momma chook and chicks will sit on the middle section along with Oliver's name... the cake will be a stacked 2 tier..
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By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 13, 2007
By: Sweet Celebrations
This cake was made for my son's last high school soccer game. I put a fondant figure to represent each graduating senior on the cake.
By jamiet
Jan 28, 2007
Fondant modeled little girl - this was my first attempt at a person.  I was pleased with how it came out!
By Terri_A
Jan 28, 2007
This is going on a cake i am working on; and the boy stole the girls Diary, and shes not to happy!!!!;-)
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By kden3980
Jan 31, 2007
my first decorated cake! i made the figures and everything else out of fondant. the tree was a bit ughh..ran out of icing lol. and it was surrounded by cake balls to hold it up. the cake was alot trickier then i thought but it came out okay! my baby sisters loved it :) thanks for looking!
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By Tolinda
Feb 7, 2007
My dad's 60th birthday party.  BC with fondant figures.  My first try with WASC recipe...everyone LOVED it!
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By shelbur10
Feb 11, 2007
I got this order late yesterday and it is due this morning so I didn't get much time to think about it. Hopefully they will like it OK. all covered in Dream BC with fondant accents.Thanks for the CC inspirations.
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By susanscakebabies
Feb 24, 2007
I wanted this to be simple because I am charging very little for it.  Mainly because it's my first fondant figure and I didn't want to charge her the big bucks if it's a trial run.  Chocolate cake, fondant figure, buttercream grass, royal icing flowers (leftovers from another cake...)
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By karateka
Feb 26, 2007
This is one of the two scenes i was asked to make to go with the th over the hill cake... all done in fondant onto a board for them to then use a plate stand one that holds a larger plate no doubt but it stood with another and the cake..
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By Ariginal
Feb 27, 2007
and again taking the mickey out of her age... she unfortunately has gravity kicking in and figure gone so is the boobie prize.. again all fondant onto a board no cake involved this stood along with another board and the actual cake.
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By Ariginal
Feb 27, 2007
I made this for a retirement party, he worked at IBM for 40 years.
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By chrissiecookie
Mar 5, 2007
Vanilla cake with BC, Fondant goddess Hekate with her threeheaded dog.
By Natali3
Mar 6, 2007
Frankfurter Kranz with homemade Strawberry jam, Fondant cat on tree stump, raven and witch
By Natali3
Mar 6, 2007
Flying bats, bloody skeletons, man's head, and other spooky little stuff.
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By naomiabe
Oct 21, 2006
This one was for my son's 5th birthday.  He LOVES the Mario Party games and asked me to make a cake to look like Mario Party 5.  BC with all fondant figures and accents.
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By shelbur10
Mar 10, 2007
here's the cupcake cake i made for my 3 year olds storytime.  yellow cupcakes w/bc frosting.  figures out of fondant.
By schildwaster
Mar 11, 2007
this is the second of 4 cakes Done for the Fall Festival at school.
Buttercream with fondant figures.
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By subaru
Oct 28, 2006
I had to carve this cake because the sides stuck in the pans, this whole cake was a pain in the rear from the start. Had to do a hurry up job because party was moved up to today instead of tomorrow. Cake pic explains what type of cake and what was used. I am really getting sick of the taste of cake!
By hellie0h
Mar 17, 2007
My daughter designed this cake for me to do for her birthday.  I think we make a good team!  I've come a long way since last year (see my photo album).  I modeled all of the figures out of fondant (I got wonderful ideas for these from the cc gallery).  At the last minute I decided to do the "Happy Birthday Katherine" message in chocolate transfer.  I've been experimenting with this method alot recently.  This cake was loads of fun to make!
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By CakeTopper
Mar 18, 2007
Halloween cake
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By subaru
Oct 29, 2006
This was my first order for a complete stranger. I think I put WAY too many dots on it. I didn't realize it til my mom said it and it was too late to change, then I felt all embarressed about it! What do you guys think? Is there too many dots? It was buttercream with fondant accents and my first fondant figure that actually turned out. Thanks for looking!!!
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By flavacakes
Mar 24, 2007
First attempt at molding a fairy.  BC with fondant fairy
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By shelbur10
Mar 26, 2007
These are my first attempt at fondant figures.  I learned a lot as I did them.  First-- they take a long time!  But hopefully I will get faster and better.
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By dstippy
Apr 2, 2007
my take on Tinkerbell,   not real happy with her face,  she looks mad or
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By sweet_as_tisse
Apr 9, 2007
This was my very first cake! Not the best thing in the world... but I was pretty happy with the result.. and my bf's family loved it! The idea was to have the bunny hiding eggs in the flower pot, then hiding in his rabbit hole! With his little toosh sticking out :o)
White cake, buttercream icing, and fresh strawberry filling!
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By DelectableCreations
Apr 9, 2007
My very first cake covered in fondant and fondant figure!
Thanks to the GREAT tutorials on CC!!
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By leadra
Apr 10, 2007
My first fondant covered cake and fondant figure!
By leadra
Apr 10, 2007
Okay-posted a few threads about these things-at least the fondant and gumpaste Marine in the background!  The cakes are 14" vanilla, 10" chocolate-both with double chocolate cookies n cream filling, and an 8" dummy.  The dummy is draped with a handpainted fondant flag and luster painted rope, 10" sported a 6" white chocolate and luster dusted Marine Corps insignia, and the 14" included a FBCT of the logo, plus white chocolate medallions dusted with super pearl and silver dusts.  My faves so far!!
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By mgdqueen
Nov 11, 2006
This is a picture of my sister's birthday cake who loves cows of course.    My idea came from a fellow cake-central picture that gave me inspiration.  My figures are made of fondant and so are the spots.  The problem was my base wasn't really strong enough to support the heavy cake and kinda bent when I picked it I learn something for the next time.  Bake and learn, bake and learn....
Thanks for looking
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By divaxtrema
Apr 20, 2007
modelled figure of my eldest girl (she's eight).  i made one last week fo my little girl Matisse (in my photo's) and Peyton kept asking when i was going to make one of her.  Sibling rivalry runs riot  in our  i will use it on her 9th birthday cake in October...
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By sweet_as_tisse
Apr 21, 2007
The baby has already arrived before the shower!  The nursery is decorated in a jungle theme.  Butter cream with fondant accents.
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By Price
Apr 26, 2007
Chacolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing and fondant figures.
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By subaru
May 10, 2007
I made this cake for my husband's supervisor who was leaving the City of Tucson for a job in the private sector.  He loves to go 4 wheeling and had recently bought two orange 4 wheelers for him and his son.  The people were modeled directly onto the quads. The tree is made from a 9 oz. plastic cup, overturned and covered with the #352 leaf tip for leaves.
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By Bettycrockermommy
Nov 25, 2006
This was my first time making fondant figurines.  It was so much fun and easier than I imagined.  This cake was a 8" square, in Bride's White with Whipped Choc. Ganache, Whipped Frosting and covered in Fondant.
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By sbcakes
May 14, 2007
Blues is made of fondant/gumpaste, chimney fondant
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By Ursula40
May 18, 2007
Fondant Children on full sheet cake
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By glowbewon
May 25, 2007
I made this figure of my husband, in his sheriff uniform to add to this bday cake. 
It was the first figure I ever made. It was freaky how much it really looked like him.
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By jajpowers
May 27, 2007
Full sheet, half choko, half vanilla, filled with Strawberry whipped cream BC mixture. Vanilla BC on full sheet. Behind the plaque is a litte oval strawberry cake with Choko BC. Handmoldet Navy Commanders out of Fondant.
By Natali3
Dec 11, 2006
I was playing with fondant today and came up with this rabbit and girl.  One day they will come in handy for a cake.
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By Kiwi777
Oct 12, 2007


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