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My dad's 60th birthday party.  BC with fondant figures.  My first try with WASC recipe...everyone LOVED it!
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By shelbur10
Feb 11, 2007
I wanted this to be simple because I am charging very little for it.  Mainly because it's my first fondant figure and I didn't want to charge her the big bucks if it's a trial run.  Chocolate cake, fondant figure, buttercream grass, royal icing flowers (leftovers from another cake...)
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By karateka
Feb 26, 2007
This is going on a cake i am working on; and the boy stole the girls Diary, and shes not to happy!!!!;-)
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By kden3980
Jan 31, 2007
my first decorated cake! i made the figures and everything else out of fondant. the tree was a bit ughh..ran out of icing lol. and it was surrounded by cake balls to hold it up. the cake was alot trickier then i thought but it came out okay! my baby sisters loved it :) thanks for looking!
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By Tolinda
Feb 7, 2007
Fondant modeled little girl - this was my first attempt at a person.  I was pleased with how it came out!
By Terri_A
Jan 28, 2007
I got this order late yesterday and it is due this morning so I didn't get much time to think about it. Hopefully they will like it OK. all covered in Dream BC with fondant accents.Thanks for the CC inspirations.
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By susanscakebabies
Feb 24, 2007
I made the girls while my daughter (pastrypuff) was in Switzerland for my brothers 40th BDay cake so they had time to harden & dry. Puff wouldn't let us leave them naked because she won't do that kind of I had to put bikini tops on them. They were fun to make (nipples kept sticking to my fingers instead of the babes) and they kept getting more wrinkled as they dried. My brother and his friends kept licking them all night and sticking them back in thier pockets.
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By gotcake
Jul 20, 2005
By: Sweet Celebrations
This cake was made for my son's last high school soccer game. I put a fondant figure to represent each graduating senior on the cake.
By jamiet
Jan 28, 2007
2 four inch rounds tapered at the bottom. Covered in chocolate cuttercream then chocolate fondant.
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By krissy_kze
Jan 21, 2006
just finished these little guys for a 1st birthday cake i will be making for a dear friends little boy at the start of feb... they live on a little farm and have chooks and cows... the cow will sit on the top tier with a number one and momma chook and chicks will sit on the middle section along with Oliver's name... the cake will be a stacked 2 tier..
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By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 13, 2007
Clara was sleeping on top of a coconut cake with lemon filling.  She was made to go with a buffet table with the theme of "the Nutcracker".  The buffet was part of a first term final exam for the pastry chef program I'm in.  My table won first place!
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By bakingsuens
Dec 11, 2006
This is the cake (as you can tell) that I did the fondant figures for. This is for a couple in our church. They left the design up to me and they just wanted it to be a "girly gir" cake. You can't really tell from this picture but there is a princess crown in the middle of the cake. The cake itself is White Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Filling and Buttercream Icing.
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By gilson6
Apr 23, 2006
Okay. Here is the right picture. This the cake I did for my niece for the combined b-day party. The farm cake that I posted by mistake was the pther cake for my nephew. This iced in BC and some of the accents are BC. The girl and bugs are MMF.
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By mariak
May 1, 2006
I made this the other day.  I have been afraid to try making fondant figures, but once I got started, it was really easy.  I think he's pretty cute!!  I got the instructions from the book, The Sculpey Way.
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By cindy6250
Mar 5, 2006
Buttercream icing with fondant babies
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By tootsa
Mar 13, 2006
My first ever fondant figures!   Sweet little sheep!  Thanks to APCakes for the inspiration!
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By egarman
May 29, 2006
This is a small birthday cake I made for my Grandmother's birthday.  It is vanilla sponge cake with lemon cream cheese filling and vanilla buttercream.  The flowers and bird cage are royal icing. The birds and gift tag are fondant.
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By jutsgirl
Jun 5, 2006
Just a close up of the figures made of fondant
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By jscakes
Jan 3, 2006
this was for a co-worker who was leaving our section i made a figure for each one of us in our section.  i loved making these. iced in bc with cookies and cream filling.
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By carla13
Aug 4, 2006
My daughter loves karaoke!  Star shaped marble cake with buttercream icing and stenciling and fondant accents.  She loved it!
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By susgene
Aug 6, 2006
I made this cake for my future son-in-law. 
Yellow cake with buttercream icing, and MMF figures, and gel  water.
By the way, there is a "snowman kit" over beside the snowman. The penguins are going to build more snowmen! ( see, the extra coal, and carrot nose?")
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By subaru
Jan 9, 2007
Hello Kitty created for a friend.
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By josiej
Sep 11, 2006
Agh!  Playing with MMF again.  This time sculpted a caricature of the birthday girl; based on photo grandmother gave me.  Had fun but certainly can't make a profit sculpting fondant unless I get faster. LOL  Oh's a learning experience!
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By LisaMS
Feb 14, 2006
This cake was made using buttercream frosting, and marshmallow fondant for the Nemo figure.  The blue buttercream gradually gets darker from the top to the bottom layers.  

I made Nemo from the fondant, & used black edible marker for the details.  This was the 1st time that I've used marshmallow fondant.  It was pretty sticky and messy to make, but I really like the taste better than the pre-packaged fondant.    I hadn't made any figures like this before, so I was really happy with how it turned out
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By LisaV10001
Oct 3, 2006
Close up of Nemo figure, made with Marshmallow Fondant.
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By LisaV10001
Oct 3, 2006
By Sugarbean
Oct 14, 2006
Flying bats, bloody skeletons, man's head, and other spooky little stuff.
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By naomiabe
Oct 21, 2006
this is the second of 4 cakes Done for the Fall Festival at school.
Buttercream with fondant figures.
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By subaru
Oct 28, 2006
3rd cake done for a Fall Festival at school. 
Buttercream with fondant figures.
Cat is chocolate clay with fondant bow.
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By subaru
Oct 28, 2006
Halloween cake
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By subaru
Oct 29, 2006
This cake was made as a joke for a friend of ours that we play cards with. In was in memory of his dear old chicken, #11, that was killed while playing in the middle of the road. It is a six inch white cake with BC frosting and fondant chicken, feathers, and tombstone. He got a really good laugh out of this one.
By MsRhonda
Nov 2, 2006
The theme of the baby shower is "Leap Froggy".  Design is taken from the "Leap Froggy" quilt from JC Penny.  White Almond Cake, strawberry bc filling, BC Icing.
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By Price
Nov 3, 2006
This was made with crusting cream cheese icing.  The butterflies were stenciled on using the same icing.  The baby was made out of fondant.
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By mcshay
Nov 4, 2006
Okay-posted a few threads about these things-at least the fondant and gumpaste Marine in the background!  The cakes are 14" vanilla, 10" chocolate-both with double chocolate cookies n cream filling, and an 8" dummy.  The dummy is draped with a handpainted fondant flag and luster painted rope, 10" sported a 6" white chocolate and luster dusted Marine Corps insignia, and the 14" included a FBCT of the logo, plus white chocolate medallions dusted with super pearl and silver dusts.  My faves so far!!
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By mgdqueen
Nov 11, 2006
30th birthday cake, "Almost over the hill".  12" strawberry cake with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting on the bottom.  Hill cake was using a wonder mold with chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream frosting.  Fondant figure.  I ran out of time so I didnt get to pipe Happy Birthday on the cake.
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By MamaAmity
Nov 20, 2006
I made this cake for my husband's supervisor who was leaving the City of Tucson for a job in the private sector.  He loves to go 4 wheeling and had recently bought two orange 4 wheelers for him and his son.  The people were modeled directly onto the quads. The tree is made from a 9 oz. plastic cup, overturned and covered with the #352 leaf tip for leaves.
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By Bettycrockermommy
Nov 25, 2006
This was for a pyjama and pizza party for Rosalie's 5th Birthday. Chocolate mudcake covered in fondant with fondant decorations.
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By socake
Dec 2, 2006
Yellow cake with buttercream icing. Fondant cheerleader.
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By subaru
Dec 8, 2006
Full sheet, half choko, half vanilla, filled with Strawberry whipped cream BC mixture. Vanilla BC on full sheet. Behind the plaque is a litte oval strawberry cake with Choko BC. Handmoldet Navy Commanders out of Fondant.
By Natali3
Dec 11, 2006
This is one of the two scenes i was asked to make to go with the th over the hill cake... all done in fondant onto a board for them to then use a plate stand one that holds a larger plate no doubt but it stood with another and the cake..
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By Ariginal
Feb 27, 2007


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