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This cake was for my son's first birthday.  The cake is covered in rolled fondant.
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By kirstie
Jun 14, 2005
these were my 1st fondant cakes and my 1st doll cakes!  one was strawberry the other chocolate and vanilla layered.  both filled with buttercream and "dressed" like they were before we disrobed them.  They were for my neice's birthday.  One for the family party and one for her Princess party.  I embossed the fondant with clay embossing sheets.
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By thecakemaker
Apr 13, 2005
This was a birthday cake for my sister.  I used royal frosting flowers that I made in course 2 and course 3.  I used homemade marshmallow fondant to cover the cake. It turned out great!
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By fosterchic
Mar 18, 2006
Hi there, thanks for looking at my cake! This is for a girls 21st birthday, Eeyore is make of fondant and the details are painted on once he was dry. All the little flowers are made of fondant also. :)
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By tw1nkle
Mar 24, 2006
Rolled Fondant Cake
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By oceandove
Nov 11, 2005
1/2 ball pan covered with violet mmf; trimmed with violet ribbons.  Tulle is mixed with pearl and lavender stamens and ribbon.  Roses are fondant; drop flowers and pearl beads are mmf.  I was going for an antique look so I dusted the hat and decorations with Wedgewood first and then applied Antique Silk.  This is my first time doing a hat and really enjoyed it.  Learned alot as I went along for the next time. Inspiration came from CupCake's Blue Hat.
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By stephanie214
Apr 16, 2006
This was a birthday cake I made for my friend last August.  It was my first time doing an actual decorating job, and also my first time with fondant.  The daisies are also made out of fondant.  Not the best, but I'm proud of it!
By ellen_c
May 2, 2006
40th Birthday Cake
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By fitsurvive
May 6, 2006
First try at fondant cakes.  From wilton level 2 class.
By abbystepmum
May 9, 2006
This is the first time I've ever really decorated a cake.  It's all fondant (I know I need lots of practice!). It was really more purple in real life.

Any tips or comments are appreciated!
By iheartroscoe
May 15, 2006
A Girl asked me to make any cake for a 16 year old but had to use turcuoise color, I tried to make a whimsical but forgot my instructions at work so that didn't work out very well.  I feel this is the worst of all the cakes i have made and the hardest, fondant kept breaking on me when I put it, like it was too dry??.  I have never taken the fondant class so I'm sure it will get better.
By Reyna
Apr 3, 2006
I have not used fondant since my Wilton class, and made my own using Toba Garrett's recipe (yummy, really!)  However my lack of experience shows.  I think I rolled it too thin (1/8t inch) and probably should have chilled the cake after putting the layers together and iced it to get is smoother.  Could not find my icing bags (long story, re-doing craft room) so just used letter impressions on top, so the lack of royal icing letters does not do much for it either.  Any suggestions/comments appreciated.
By MomLittr
Jul 20, 2006
Now this cake, no one ate. The wilton fondant dried it out HORRIBLY and besides no one would eat the fondant.  So I was very hesitant to try fondant again, but found you guys like the MMF so for my next bday cake I'm going to be using that fondant.
By Nexus
Aug 1, 2006
I made this for a friend's birthday.  It's a 9 inch base with a 6 inch top, covered with fondant.  Not my best work, but she liked it!
By ksimp6577
Aug 11, 2006
My first fondant cake.  Used the MMF recipe from here (and all of tips I read here!).  I'm very excited, I think it turned out pretty well.  Thank you everyone on this site for all the help!

Although - I really feel like such a theif - using all of the ideas I get from here.
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By LeckieAnne
Aug 16, 2006
11 inch round cake with a large serving cut out and placed on top of cake.  Silver decorations are edible and purchased from a Greek grocery store.  Greek lady educated me that these silver decorations are used on desserts at Greek funerals.  Many other awesome shapes of these silver dragees. Swirly pink trim pattern applied with discontinued Wilton scrolls, then traced pattern with pink royal icing then painted scrolls with pearl luster dust mixed with lemon extract.  Gumpaste decorations(flowers, ribbons
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By tanyacakes
Aug 20, 2006
This is the cake I made for my youngest DD's 16th b-day.  Bottom-10" chocolate filled/iced with hot pink vanilla BC; top-8" yellow filled and iced with electric blue vanilla BC.  Dots all fondant and the board was covered with white fondant with pink and blue fondant dots.  I should have had a bigger board because once I put the bottom layer on the board you couldn't really see the dots.  The kids at the party thought it was fake; they didn't realize it was actually edible but they gobbled it up!!
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By egarman
Aug 29, 2006
I am really pleased with the way this turned much work though.  Maybe as I get more experience I will get quicker.  Everything but the fairies is fondant.
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By vjones20
Sep 8, 2006
Birthday cake for a little girl who didn't know what she wanted the theme to be so I just made it really girly.  Yellow cake from scratch, buttercream icing, and MMF decorations.
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By Cookie_Brookie
Sep 11, 2006
For my daughter's 7th birthday, I created a cake with two fairies and a tea set.  We hosted a little girls' "tea party".
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By josiej
Sep 11, 2006
A combination of my neice's and Dad's birthday.  I had to try to incorporate 2 different themes, so I chose the horses for my neice, and the method my Dad uses to feed the horses.  Buttercream icing, fondant tractor and bale, Royal icing horses, and purchased My Little Ponies (because she wanted to keep and play with them).
By KrisD13
Oct 12, 2006
Did this cake for my daughters 2nd birthday.  1/4 sheetcake with bc, covered in crushed fruit loops.  Fish are fondant mounted on clear straws.  Tank was made from plexiglass taped together with electrical tape
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By neurnr
Oct 12, 2006
A play on the term cheese cake. Covered in fondant with fondant mice.
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By leonard
Jun 2, 2006
Here is my first cake...I did a topsy turvey for my father's 60th birthday party. It was pretty fun to make, I had a little trouble with the fondant but overall enjoyed the experience and can not wait to make another.
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By snowqueen93
Oct 16, 2006
The cake is covered in fondant and fondant decorations.  The writing and balloons are frosting.
By mackenzie_ann16
Oct 26, 2006
Dummy cake, 14", 12", 10" rounds, buttercream icing, fondant decorations.
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By ksimp6577
Oct 29, 2006
Small oval layer with BC icing and fondant flowers.  Cornelli lace on sides hide the fact that I hate smoothing icing.  Covering it all up is my game!
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By Phoov
Oct 31, 2006
Pound cake filled with strawberry filling and buttercream. Iced in fondant with sugar flowers
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By sweet_honesty
Dec 17, 2006
My first attempt at MMF.
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By fooby
Jan 19, 2007
I made this cake for my stepgrandson, Lucas on his first birthday.  Four different cakes 1) Snickerdoodle 2) Mocha 3) White Chocolate 3) Banana.  The top cake was for the birthday boy to have fun with.  I made the snowman out of a base of rice crispy treat balls and fondant and gum paste.  This cake was a lot of fun to design and make especially for Lucas!
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By NicoleR
Jan 22, 2007
Birthday cake for daughter Shannon, & nieces Vicki & Marianne.  10" chocolate w/ganache, butter cake w/strawberry filling, lemon poppyseed w/lemon curd.  Covered in strips of fondant to look like a rose. Tips were painted w/luster dust mixed w/vodka.
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By LisaMaeCakes
Jan 22, 2007
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By dreamer61352
Jan 22, 2007
I made this castle for my daughters 6th birthday party. It's made out of fondant with royal icing flowers. A big thank you to all the great cakes here on CC that gave me all my ideas. I don't know what I'd do without this site.
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By jenntatum
Jan 27, 2007
My first attempt at fondant... actually my first attempt at cake decorating period! I used store-bought fondant (before I even knew MMF existed) and the result was pretty, but far from edible! Just enough to get me hooked!
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By khufstetler
Jan 31, 2007
I made this cake for my youngest son on his first birthday. I've always wanted to make a fondant cake, but i don't know how. So i surfed the net as to how to do it, I figured if other's can do it, why can't I. I used marshmallow fondant since it's the easiest recipe and it tasted great.
By mvs07
Feb 6, 2007
Choco MMF really tastes yummy.
By mvs07
Feb 15, 2007
This was a colorful fondant covered cake for my daughter's birthday.  She chose the colors, including the marbled pink & blue cake inside.
By saptally
Feb 17, 2007
This was for a guy in a band...loves his guitar - make it look just like it.
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By IamSusie
Feb 19, 2007
This is my first try at decorating a cake using fondant, and making roses for an "official cake".  There are some rough spots, but my Gramma (who turned 81), loved it.  The roses are made out of Wilton's fondant and the cake is covered with MMF.
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By skeet1zp
Feb 26, 2007
Finally- an upright version of this photo, so people dont break their neck looking! posted this back in december, for a private school christmas chapel.
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By melysa
Mar 5, 2007


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