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White Chocolate Fleur du lis w/Hershey's Chocolate Icing and "Darn Good Chocolate Cake" from the Cake Mix Doctor.  Think the Chocolate Fleur du Lis is becoming my "signature" cake.  Gets lots of  ooohh's & aaahh's......and from a candy mold!!  Who would have thought that?  Think it's the timing w/katrina in all......
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By bjfranco
Mar 21, 2006
Fleur di lis, stringwork and pearls (but not the edible kind...didn't know about those when I did this cake)  The color of the cake was actually a very light pink color.
9 18
By LisaMS
Jan 24, 2006
Grooms cake was 14" square red velvet with vanilla buttercream. New Orleans Saints logo made of fondant with gold luster dust trim. Brides cake was white with lemon filling. 14, 12, and 10. Covered in lilac fonant with fondant accents. Magnolias were gumpaste.  I made a few mistakes with this cake like the second tier wasn't aligned properly and there are some finger marks that are visible because there were no borders along the base of each cake (that's how it was in the picture the MOB gave me).
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By lonestarstamper
Oct 9, 2006
Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and dark chocolate candy melt fleur de lis painted with gold luster dust (mixed with almond extract).  I dropped the fleur de lis upside down and smudged the top of the cake and had to fix the gold on the fleur de lis.  It still has a few bad spots, but my friend loved it.
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By JulesM7
Nov 1, 2006
I couldn't figure out how to make the argyle pattern so down on two sides of the cake so I put the fleur de lis on two sides lol.
By catscratchfever
Nov 14, 2006
I made these for our "Black and Gold" day at school.  We were celebrating the Saints return to the Superdome and everyone dressed in black and gold.  Everyone thought the fleur de lis were great, so I thought I'd share.  Devils Food cupcakes, buttercream with candy sparkles, dark chocolate candy melts.
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By JulesM7
Sep 26, 2006
Plain and simple birthday for a small group.  Customer like the mardi gras idea, and saints/fleur de lis, but couldnt decide which, so I did the fleur de lis and used mardi gras colors.   All buttercream, sprinkled with purple/gold/green glitter
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By 2kiddos
Feb 3, 2007
buttercream, edible glitter.   saints field cake. color flow fleur de lis, big fleur de lis in middle is buttercream.  colorflow jerseys on sides of cake
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By 2kiddos
Feb 8, 2007
Buttercream and fondant designs choc fondant bows
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By mypastrychef
Feb 11, 2007
Strawberry cake with Buttercream icing.  This was for a housewarming shower.  The invitations had Fleur de Leis on them so I decided to go with it.
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By RedPepper620
Feb 23, 2007
This four tier wedding cake was iced in buttercream.  I decorated it with white chocolate fleur de lis and crosses using a candy mold and painting them with gold luster mixed with vodka.  The borders are fondant painted with the gold luster as well.  The cake topper is two white chocolate fleur de lis, again made with a chocolate mold, sandwiched together with warm chocolate and a lollipop stick.  Once the chocolate set, I trimmed the edges with a craft knife, painted it with gold luster.
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By Kyleen
Mar 1, 2007
10/6/4 inch cakes. Covered in fondant. Monogram letters are white chocolate dusted with gold luster dust.
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By sarahnichole975
Mar 5, 2007
24ct. chocolate fudge cupcakes, buttercream icing.  Airbrushed background.  Buttercream fleur de lis
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By 2kiddos
Apr 18, 2007
11x14 yellow w/ pineapple filling.  buttercream, hand drawn on top of cake, colorflow fleur de lis and jerseys on sides.
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By 2kiddos
Jan 14, 2007
This is the dummy cake I did for the Hydrangea Festival here in town.  I went with silk Hydrangeas as I just didn't have time to finish the Gumpaste Ones.
I'm really proud of this cake.
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By mrsright41401
Jun 2, 2007
Orange flavor cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream icings.  All decorations (flowers) are made from swiss meringue buttercream icing.
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By dewia
Jun 4, 2007
This was a lemon cake (thanks to patton78, arwa and pterrell for the recipes) with Toba Garrett's chocolate buttercream.  
My coworker is from New Orleans, hence the fleur de lis.
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By jhomik
Jun 7, 2007
I did these cupcakes and some with bowties on them for a wedding. BC icing with gumpaste decorations.
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By CakeL8T
Jun 24, 2007
Square buttercream tiered grooms cake with impression mat diagonall lines and gold dragees at intersecting points. Chocolate fleur de lis molds brushed with gold dust and a decorative topper.
15 35
By bayousmiles
Jun 29, 2007
3 1
By lish1904
Jul 4, 2007
I made this shower cake for my brother's fiancee.  The large fleur
de lis was formed in a chocolate mold then painted with gold luster dust.
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By jenje
Jul 11, 2007
For my cousin's cajun themed engagement party (and he propsed in paris)  Butter cake with whipped ganache, BC with Fondant accents and Gumpaste Magnolia.  This was my first time ever using gumpaste so I still need some practice, magnolia was not quite so "in bloom" before It traveled 105 miles but It was still ok.  Thanks for looking :)
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By rosiecakes
Jul 22, 2007
This design is from Spectacular Cakes by Mich Turner.  It is 6,10,14,18 inc all covered in fondant with royal icing fleur-de-lis.  I have never done one this large and learned tons.  It is far from perfect but given I had a few other things to do that week, I am pleased with how it turned out.  I do think they are the last family members I will make a cake for, especially when I have so much to do for the wedding!!
39 79
By squarepair
Jul 26, 2007
WASC single layer, cut out of a 16x16 square pan.  This cake was for a Saints Fan.  Thanks for looking!
2 1
By tarisca
Aug 10, 2007
NFSC, antonia74 icing, made 55 of these for a wedding two weeks ago.
7 14
By sunnigirl
Aug 31, 2007
Made these with leftover strawberry cake. The decorations are just practice. Only my second time piping anything. so I am afraid they aren't very good.
By lilacc01
Sep 17, 2007
This was an exciting cake for me to get to do.  It was for a local celebrity and I almost flipped when I got the order.  It's very similar to one I've done before.  The work on the bottom is to represent the iron work that many of our buildings in the French Quarter are famous for and of course our fleur di lis we love so much.  14 round with 8 square topper.  Ring is made from fondant with gum tex.  Bottom is white with bavarian creme.  Top is chcolate with chocolate bavarian creme.
5 35
By sarahnichole975
Sep 30, 2007
This cake was chosen by the bride on Cakecentral, (JENN123).  Added the fleur-de-lis details to cover the corners of the plastic divider plates at the request of the wedding planner.
4 20
By loree001
Nov 26, 2007
I made these cupcakes with a few cupcakes I had leftover from another project. I used a tip 21 to make the Fleur de Lis. Thanks for looking!
1 2
By abusick
Feb 8, 2008
This was the first attempt at a Blue & Gold cake for my son's cub scout banquet.  Had a heck of a time with the fondant ribbon and thought this looked too much like a wedding cake!  I also saw too many flaws, so i redesigned it with stars.  BC cake, fondant ribbon w/ lustre dust, choc. fleur de lis w/ lustre dust.
4 12
By beachcakes
Feb 9, 2008
Full sheet cake with edible image and buttercream.........I HATE writing on cakes.......especially full sheet cakes you have to be a contortionist! lol
4 3
By KHalstead
Feb 22, 2008
Bottom 12x18 and the top is a carved fleur de lis.  First time using satin ice.
By teedie
Feb 25, 2008
made two of these, each from a 12" ssquare for a Cub Scout cross over. they were paired with the arrow of light cake.
By EmmyD
Mar 21, 2008
Stacked round wedding with fresh flowers.
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By sweettart
Mar 30, 2008
6", 9" rounds decorated with fondant and fondant bows/ribbons. The flowers are gumpaste and the fleur de lis is chocolate. Thanks for looking.
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By jsmith
Apr 5, 2008
For my sister's wedding.  Bottom is white chocolate cake w/ raspberry filling and white choc BC, middle is almond cream cake w/ amaretto cream filling and almond BC, top is chocolate cake w/ chocolate fudge filling and vanilla BC.  RI piping and modeling chocolate ribbon and plaque.
Thanks for looking!
3 11
By rachelbradley
Apr 8, 2008
I made this cake for my  father-in-law's birthday, which happened to be on Mardi Gras day this year.  He was dressed as a king, so I thought the crown was appropriate.
4 13
By clopin0
Apr 9, 2008
Commitment Ceremony.  12/8/6 white almond with buttercream.  Silk flowers, ribbon.   Buttercream corneli lace, fleur de lis.
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By 2kiddos
Apr 11, 2008
My DH's friend wanted a birthday cake for his wife who is a French
 teacher.  So my DH and I adorned the cake with fleur de lis, a Christian
 Louboutin shoe, a Louis Vuitton purse and a small Eiffel tower.  
The main cake is covered in buttercream, the shoe and Eiffel
 tower are gumpaste and the purse is an angel food pound cake
 covered in fondant and gumpaste.
1 3
By cakeshy
Apr 20, 2008
Made this small cake for my friend's girl's night out birthday celebration. She's from New Orleans so she loves Fleur-de-lis EVERYTHING so i thought I'd surprise here with this cake. I think she'll like it.
6 21
By kiddocakes
May 2, 2008


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