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Iced in buttercream.
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By cjf
Apr 13, 2005
A friend saw this cake in one of the wilton books and wanted me to make it. Only my second 3D cake, but I think it turned out ok :) I just made the fish, she had the sheet cake already ordered.
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By kgil1124
Apr 13, 2005
Round sports ball pan and 12 inch pan. Eyes are made of fondant but marshmellows could be subsituted
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By funky_sea_monkey
Apr 13, 2005
This was a yellow cake with tinted blue icing. This was my first attempt at a cake...I was pleased until I had to drive 1 hour to get to the party and the jello ocean started to melt. Ops! Maybe next time will go better.
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By ChefMindi
Apr 13, 2005
I made this for a friend that likes to fish.  Got some ideas from a Collette Peters book.
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By katie
Apr 13, 2005
This cake I made last sunday for my sisters boyfriend at his 49th brthday. It is a choclatecake with my tropical bc.
The idea of a fish is becaurse he is starting to transport fish. He loved it.
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By elin
Apr 13, 2005
This is the cake that has gotten me 2 orders from work!  This is from the Colette Peters' book the Art of Cake Decorating.  I have to say the picture does not do the cake that much justice, it looked better in person I think.  Oh well, it got me 2 orders!!!
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By msumissa
May 18, 2005
Made for my daughters 4th birthday. Used skittles on the cake
By cakecre8tor
May 19, 2005
This is a half sheet chocolate cake with buttercream icing and Nemo BCT.
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By bigcatz
May 28, 2005
Just finished this for my son...had some issues with the fins because I didn't have time to do them right so they aren't all dry and the decorations smudged but I'll know for next time.  All but the fins is buttercream.
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By Kitagrl
Jun 17, 2005
This cake was for a baby shower for a co-worker. The family chose a 'Sea Life' theme for the nursery so I tried to copy the design of the theme as much as possible. It is all done with buttercream icing.
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By moni603
Jul 2, 2005
Here it is all done, white cake with buttercream filling. The rest is done with mmf. The knife - wood like board - scale and lure is all mmf. The only thing you can't eat is the foil hook in the lure and the tooth picks that help hold up the top fin. I had fun doing this cake.
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By sue_dye
Jul 3, 2005
For my nephews' fish-themed first birthday party, I made them each their own sugar-free carrot cake in the shape of fish bowls. For the adults, a cake representing the boys' favorite toy, stacking cups.
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By edencakes
Jul 14, 2005
Nemo Fish Cake
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By robinhood
Jul 18, 2005
I made this cake for a client's party beofre he left on a 3 month trek across the Arctic. He absolutely loved it!

I carved the entire shape by hand, using Colette Peter's book for instruction.

The lemon slices are gummy candies and the lettuce is real.

The shine is from hand painting with silver edible powder.
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By antonia74
Jul 24, 2005
For a fisherman's retirement.  Cakes baked in jelly mold for basic shape, covered in fondant and luster-dusted.  Sugar shells, starfish, lobster and royal-icing corals.  Scales made with back of icing tip, fins are thinly rolled & scored fondant.
All on a bed of "seaweed" (lettuce).
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By navyseawitch
Jul 24, 2005
I made this cake for my son and husband for their Luau Birthday party.
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By hobbycakes
Jul 29, 2005
This is a picture of my fish cake with the candles. I thought it looked better this way so I wanted to post a pic.
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By hobbycakes
Aug 1, 2005
I've been dying to make an 'underwater' themed cake.  When I saw that one of our neighbors had just had a baby, then found the little frog and fishy teethers, I knew I finally had the perfect opportunity!  The 'sand' is crushed vanilla wafers, the rest is all buttercream (except for the teethers, of course).
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By momsandraven
Aug 7, 2005
Red velvet cake iced in buttercream.
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Aug 18, 2005
My 9 year old daughter made this fish cake for her dad last week for his birthday.  It is white cake with bc frosting. The scales are Necco candies. I thing she did a great job, but I'm the mom and I'm supposed to think that :)
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By kgil1124
Aug 20, 2005
This cake was done for an underwater themed baby shower. The figure and boat is my first attempt at gumpaste.
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By amandasweetcakes
Sep 15, 2005
baby shower cake for a friendof a friend did not charge enough will know for next time.  french vanilla cake with french vanilla pudding in it vanilla icing.  candy melt fish fondant turtles.  could not decide what to do with the top of this cake this is what i finally came up with.
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By susanmm23
Oct 10, 2005
I made this for my daughters 11th birthday. We had a heck of time getting the two 8" rounds cakes to stand up and stay together.
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By qtascnb
Oct 11, 2005
Animals done in color flow for ICES 2005.
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By TexasSugar
Oct 11, 2005
18 inch round white cake/lemon filling and BC icing.
Fish is a chocolate cake with the mouth, fins and tail molded out of candy melts then brushed with luster dust.
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By mamaof4
Oct 14, 2005
8 3
By bonniebakes
Oct 15, 2005
I made this cake for my brother in law, who loves to go fishing but never manages to catch anything worthwhile except for a cold or two. It was a dark choc mudcake, covered in marbled chocolate fondant, with gumpaste boot, fisherman, grass, and fish. The water is royal icing.
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By boonenati
Oct 17, 2005
these were supopse to look like dorothy the fish from elmos world.  i think they are cute. my first time to put icing on a cookie not to bad for my first try next time will be better
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By susanmm23
Oct 18, 2005
- beach towel is a piece of gum
- board walk is the top layer of those sugar wafer cookies that have cream in the middle
- the "wood" posts at the end of the boardwalk are pieces of caramel rolled into a log
- sand is "sugar in the raw" on top of tan frosting
- sea animals are from a package of Swedish Fish Ocean Friends
- the waves on the side are from white icing with a blue striped bag
- ocean on the top has blue frosting with some spots of white and deep blue underneath the blue piping gel on top
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By KimberlyKakes
Oct 19, 2005
This cake was made for my Mother's Group combined 3rd birthday in September.  I made a few buttercakes & sandwiched them with buttercream until it resembled a large rectangular block.  I then carved out the Nemo shape and, due to limited time, piped orange butter cream rosettes all over.  The fins are modelling fondant and the shell shaped fins are fondant pressed into a madeleine tin and painted orange.
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By sone
Oct 20, 2005
Nemo made with egg shaped pan Iced with buttercream and MMF stripes and Royal fins
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By Jenc95
Oct 27, 2005
My son loves fishing so I thought a fish cake would be appropriate for his birthday.  He thought it was awesome.  Wish I would of done a better job - I still have lots to learn.  Like they say practice makes perfect - well almost perfect.  This is a lemon cake with BC frosting and gum paste for fins.
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By cowgirl58
Oct 29, 2005
My son's 1st birthday cake. He loves Barney and fish/water.  It's a 12in white cake with pineapple filing and a 6in white cake with raspberry filing.  Both covered in buttercream and crushed vanilla wafers for sand.
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By dodibug
Oct 31, 2005
I love the octopus!
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By dodibug
Oct 31, 2005
cake was yellow with buttercream, palm trees are pretzel rods, sand is brown sugar.......yum!!!!!
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By klsrtr
Nov 1, 2005
Here are my fish cookies.  Had fun making them
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By charlieinMO
Nov 2, 2005
made the goldfish in gumpaste with little cookie cutter
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By antonia74
Nov 5, 2005
This was my final for Begining Chocolate and Sugar class.  It is all poured,molded and pulled sugar pieces.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Nov 6, 2005
This was the first time the spirit over took me with the desire to have the decorations on the cake come up off the cake.  Again this design was inspired by the party decorations chosen by Maxie's Mom.  She had a pool party and fish were the theme.  The coral/seaweed strands were not on the decorations but the cake just seemed to need them.
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By karthurs
Apr 13, 2005


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