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This cake was for my niece to smash.  It was make to go along with the three tiered crooked cake I made for everyone else.
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By kathmc67
Apr 13, 2005
I made this for my son's first birthday. The inscription says, Patty Cake Patty Cake, Bakers Son, Lets All Jump For Joy, Xavier is One. My handwriting came out horrible...but it went fast, so no one noticed :)
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By ChicosMom
Apr 13, 2005
Strawberry cake I did for friend's little girl who is turning one. She is having a Strawberry Shortcake theme and wanted the little one's "first cake" to be a strawberry.
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By Amylou
Apr 13, 2005
I am new to all of this cake stuff but my dad asked me to do this cake for his birthday.He was really surprised how it turned out.
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By mom_of_4girls
Apr 13, 2005
I used the Wilton color spray to get the cake red. It was designed to match their Raggedy Ann & Andy theme.
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By cakegirl79
Apr 13, 2005
I am a complete amatuer who has been inspired by this website. Constructive criticism is muchly appreciated, so please let me know what you think. I used a yellow food cake with vienna/buttercream icing.
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By morwenna
Apr 18, 2005
I duplicated a cake used on the cover of the 1998 Wilton Yearbook. The teddy bear is the baby's "smash" cake.
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By Michele25
May 20, 2005
I got this idea from a Wilton yearbook. To make more servings I baked a one layer cake in an 11x15" pan and set the book on top of that layer (frosted between layers)
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By Michele25
May 20, 2005
I made this for my daughter's 1st birthday yesterday.  This is the first time I have ever made my own icing much less decorate the whole cake! while it is not perfect, I am really proud of it!!  The top layer was carrot which we removed for her to play in.  The bottom was chocolate and very yummy!  All the icing is buttercream and the daisies, banner and #1 are MMF.
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By tntlanes
May 22, 2005
I made this for a co-workers daughter's first birthday.  I made her christening cake also.  It is vanilla cake iced and filled with strawberry bc.  A pink teddy bear was the only request.  I made the smash cake in the same colors ~ different theme.
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By thecakemaker
Jun 27, 2005
Cake for a First Communion
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By mbarajas2327
Jul 3, 2005
Bottom cake(16x16) is half white/chocolate w/ fresh strawberry filling and BC icing. Pooh is a yellow pound cake. Removable "SMASH" cake is placed on a MMF tablecloth and the party hat is a cone with MMF. The presents are rice crispy treats covered w/ candy melts and hand decorated. Everything is edible except balloons and candle.
11 17
By mamaof4
Jul 9, 2005
This cake is all buttercream icing.  I decorated it with lots of colors and swirls for my daughters first birthday.
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By amourette00
Jul 15, 2005
This is my first real attempt at decorating a cake.  I have a set of Irish Twins (children less than 12 months apart).  My daughter turned 2 while my son turned 1.  I made a smash cake for each of them.
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By Jennfer
Aug 8, 2005
I made this for my son's First Communion. I got the idea from a Wilton yearbook and made a couple of changes.
4 6
By jdab
Aug 21, 2005
This was the MOST fun to make ... it was the durable cake recipe for all 3 layers.  Bottom was choco fudge, middle was white choc w/raspberry filling, top was lemon.  All done in buttercream (1/2 butter 1/2 Crisco) with MMF.  Roses on top were mmf/gumpaste mixture.  It didn't turn out *exactly* like I had hoped ... but overall I am pleased!  Forgot the right tip for the border, so it is a little too foofy for my taste, but it had to do.  WOO HOO!  I did it!!!
54 359
By CakeItGood
Aug 29, 2005
this was copied from a family circle magazine Its ment to look like a quilt
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By psurrette
Sep 7, 2005
OK, I'm totally a beginner.  However, I am looking forward to learning this art!  This is my first ever cake!  More to come soon.  :)
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By pandora3799
Sep 15, 2005
I did this cake for my neighbor's son who had his first birthday today.  All BC, chocolate cake with tcrema's strawberry crema filling - YUMMY!
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By momsandraven
Sep 18, 2005
This cake was a true labour of love.  It was for my eldest daughter's first birthday and I wanted to capture all the whimsy and fancifulness of childhood.  It was decorated with rose and purple fondant.  The bottom layer was chocolate with caramel filling and the top was white cake with toffee cream filling.
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By suzyqqq27
Sep 22, 2005
A cake made for a girl last may. Covered with fondant and flowers by sugarpaste. First try of my pearlmold.
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By elin
Oct 4, 2005
The peoples who ordered this cake, called me the day before and asked for help. They had ordered from another lady and she just called them and said she was sick. I took the order and sat down the night before to make this flowers. They was so happy for this one.
By elin
Oct 4, 2005
This I made for a young girl on her puberty seremony. (hindu tradition) I got some ideas from Stephen Benison's book. All made out of pastillage, flowerpaste and fondant. It was a hit for them.
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By elin
Oct 4, 2005
This is the last one I made for a puberty seremony. The mother wanted a hat and flowers. And the colours had to mach the girls saree (dress). Nobody belived at first this flowers was made by me and by sugar.
5 4
By elin
Oct 4, 2005
This was a last resort cake after my topsy-turvy cake flopped.  Frosted and edged with Wilton whipped icing and used fondant for the decorations. The antennae are just floral wire.
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By christyA
Oct 6, 2005
Cupcake cake for two girls turning one.
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By sweetie
Oct 11, 2005
Two layers of Rich Butter Cake filled with Meringue Buttercream.  Covered in fondant and royal icing.  My first fondant cake!
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By Daniemac
Oct 13, 2005
This was the first wedding cake I have ever done.  I have not had a chance to take any classes yet and that's why I love this web site so much lol.  You can't really see it...but above the bottom border is a flower border that was very pretty.  And for the record I will never use a cake stand like this again....very unstable....espescially the top tier.
By a_blonde_betty_boop
Oct 14, 2005
I made this for my best friend's son.  She gave me the plate and invite and gave me free reign to do whatever.  I love it when people do that!!  This was my first time making the little bear, glad I did a practice one first, as his head fell off the practice version! LOL
7 8
By momsandraven
Oct 24, 2005
This was a super quickee cake.  My sister decided not to have a big party for my niece's b-day, but at the last minute I invited myself over for lunch.  LOL  (Made the cake, frosted it and was on my way by noon!) The top is the mini-bear pan with his ears cut off and graham cracker sticks stuck on top for his ears.  You can't tell from the pic, but the sides of the cake were pink.
3 8
By momsandraven
Oct 25, 2005
I already have this picture in my photos but this one is clearer. You deserve to see a better picture. Thanks for looking!
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By CakeDesigns
Oct 31, 2005
I made this cake for my first niece.
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By millie
Nov 3, 2005
10" & 6" French Vanilla cakes with chocolate raspberry filling, iced in buttercream.  Cross is royal icing and poem is on rice paper, flowers are dried fondant.  Thank you to LaCakeria for the inspiration for this one, the mom loved yours so this is my version of it.
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By tripletmom
Nov 6, 2005
This is a cake I made for a little girl turning "1"!  It is a buttermilk cinnamon chocolate cake filled with milk chocolate ganache and covered in MMF!  I wanted the heart tier to represent the "pillow presenting the tiara"!
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By cakemommy
Nov 6, 2005
Here is my version of the popular Hugs & Stitches 1st birthday party supplies. Cake is chocolate fudge with almond BC. Details are fondant, royal and BC icing.
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By mamafrogcakes
Nov 18, 2005
This was fun - I was so inspired by others on this site - kimistry, trisha1972 and charman all led me in the right direction.  Thank you all!  The cakes are strawberry with whipped raspberry filling.  The smash cake worked just as it should have - the photos will be adorable.
14 25
By Newbie
Nov 23, 2005
This is my very first cake.
By Randa_000
Nov 25, 2005
This was a very special baby shower for my cousin she had lost 2 babys before. She got her gift form God.
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By cakelady52
Nov 28, 2005
It was a white vanilla cake and  my third attempt with  buttercream frosting.
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By ruty
Dec 5, 2005
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Apr 13, 2005


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