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I used my son's firetruck as my pattern. The hoses (there is one on the other side) and ladders were made out of Royal Icing. The wheels are chocolate doughnuts
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By bambi64
Sep 15, 2005
Carved from a 15x11 sheet cake, iced in buttercream. Most decorations were made ahead out of royal icing. Base is styrofoam, wheels are doughnuts. Details painted with silver luster dust.

Thanks to everyone who has a fire truck cake in the galleries, you were ALL inspiration for me!
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By edencakes
Mar 9, 2006
The baby's room is going to be decorated in fire trucks.
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By ngerland
Nov 11, 2005
using a 9x13 cake, cut in half long ways and stacked.  totally iced in buttercream, the ladder was chocolate though.
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By sweetcakes
Mar 27, 2006
This was one of two cakes I decorated for a surprise birthday cake for two guys.  The both started out as truck drivers and now one is a fireman.  The other cake has big rigs and road signs on it.
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By kimhamjohn
Apr 12, 2006
This was made for my best friend's baby shower in 2003. It was all bc and I used the firetruck pan. This was a big hit at the shower because it is so bold and the shower was all primary colors with firetruck stuff! (This theme was chosen by the mom-to-be since this is how the nursery was decorated!)
By ajeffery2001
Apr 13, 2006
I followed the instructions in a "Debbie Brown" book (Favourite character cakes) to make this cake.
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By socake
Mar 20, 2006
This was a challange for me i don't usually do formed cake pans I like to design my cake myself.  It was frustrating but i did it.
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By momvarden
Apr 15, 2006
I made this for a local volunteer fire dept.  They held a fund raising auction to raise money for a new fire truck.  This cake sold for $380.00.  I was pretty excited about that.  It's choc. fudge carved from an 11 x 15 pan divided and stacked.  The ladder is sugar paste and the extinguisher on other side was plastic. Hubby made the fire house out of card board.  Not bad for a guy, huh?
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By keonicakes
Apr 29, 2006
The fireman was made from the 3-d bear pan and the truck is sculpted from a loaf pan.
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By divaofcakes
May 2, 2006
I made this cake for a friend's little boy.  I used two loaf pans and cut one in half to make the cabin.  I used fondant for the icing and the decorations.  The ladder is made from white chocolate traced onto wax paper.
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By sillyrabbit
May 5, 2006
Carved from 1/4 sheet cake. Designed in buttercream. MMF on hoses, ladder, hydrant, side panel,front grill, siren lights, & FD logo. Mini donuts covered in black BC for wheels. Inpsired by TheCakeWizard and pinkflamingo's versions.
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By KimAZ
May 5, 2006
This is my third one in less than two months!
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By edencakes
May 10, 2006
I made this for a little boy turning 3.  I was not happy with how this turned out. I wish it had of turned out a little better. I could not figure out how to make the fire truck look like it was up on the wheels, instead of them right beside the truck. Any Advice?  It was okay overall and the little boy and Dad loved it.  Lots of ideas from CC!!!!!!!!
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By klsrtr
Jun 21, 2006
buttercream with fondant details
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By mamacc
Apr 14, 2006
This was carved from 2 11x15 cakes.  Everything is buttercream except the dog which is fondant and the lights are DOTS candy.  It was a lot of work and I will charge more next time.
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By FatAndHappy
Jul 31, 2006
French vanilla cake with whipped raspberry filling, iced in buttercream.  Fondant baby, dog, fire hydrant, and stars.  Edible image fire trucks, hats, and boots.  Thanks for looking!
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By newtocakes
Jul 31, 2006
The mother loved the blocks idea, but also wanted cake to match the decortions.
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By Katie-Bug
Aug 4, 2006
No fail sugar cookies iced with Antonia's recipe of royal icing.
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By SScakes
Aug 17, 2006
This was my first attempt at duplicating a birthday invitation.
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By alfie
Aug 28, 2006
birthday cake for son of a fireman
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By mykidsarekillingme
Aug 30, 2006
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By KellyKrocker
Sep 6, 2006
I want to give adven68, sweetdreams and kittisKakes credit for my inspriation.  I dont know who had the idea first, but I thought it was so cute!  It is a 10 and 8 inch covered with mmf.  The ladders are royal icing, the fireman, truck and hydrant are chocolate transfers.  the fire is BC.    It is for a 3 year old birthday party tomorrow.  This is the first time I am making a cake for this family, so I hope it will meet their expecations.  I had SOOOO much trouble doing the fondant this time.
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By springlakecake
Sep 28, 2006
I actually work for a fire/rescue department, and made this for the Chief's birthday. Everyone got a big kick out of it. Unfortunately, I didn't trim the top to be level, and during transport I cracked the cake right in the middle just slightly. This was my second "starred" cake. Still learning, but thoroughly enjoying the practice!
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By tragicdeathpickles
Oct 2, 2006
my husband is a fire fighter and for his birthday i tried and made a fire truck to see what he would think i know it may seem kinda kiddie but he really did like it and i think its good for my first time doing a fire truck
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By att_i_tude
Oct 16, 2006
The car and truck are made of color flow.
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By dutch220
Nov 5, 2006
This cake was made for a co-worker who was leaving the water department to work at the fire department.  The base colors were Wilton Color Mist.  She loved the cake, and especially loved that she got to keep the fire trucks!!
By Bettycrockermommy
Nov 25, 2006
I attempted a 3-d firetruck for our holiday open house. It was a learning experience... :)
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By tragicdeathpickles
Dec 14, 2006
oh my not the best cake.
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By psurrette
Dec 17, 2006
Marble cake with buttercream, fondant accents.
This cake is actually for my 27 year old brother, who requested a fire truck cake - a kid at heart I guess. :)
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By meghanb
Dec 20, 2006
I made this cake for my neighbors 3 year old son.
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By abacolizard
Jun 24, 2006
This is a cake that my husband and I made.
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By skye0823
Dec 24, 2006
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By bethbyington
Dec 27, 2006
Made for a firehouse christmas party. They wanted the cake to be red velvet so it would be red on the inside.
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By Sugarshock
Jan 9, 2007
Sugar cookies with Royal icing
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By sampy
Jan 12, 2007
Firetruck for 3 yr old birthday-was tougher than I thought!  I hope it's a hit at the firehouse birthday party it's headed for tomorrow :)...thanks for looking
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By jennycakes
Jan 12, 2007
I have to thank everyone on CC who posted a picture of their firetruck cake.  Everyone of the cakes were inspiration for this one.  Carved out of Chocolate and White Almond cakes.  Iced in BC with fondant accents.
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By LadyGDiver
Jan 22, 2007
This is a 12 by 18 cake.  BC, with a few fondant accents.  The design matches the partyware.  This was almost a disaster...cake broke completely in half, and I have my fingers crossed that they'll never know :)
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By Kate714
Jan 26, 2007
A first birthday cake for a little guy who LOVES fire trucks. It is a 12 x 18 sheet cake cut up and covered in red fondant. Inspiration came from : Kiddiekakes!! Thanks!!
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By Sugarbean
Feb 9, 2007
cut from a 9x13 layer cake, with buttercream frosting.
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By TheMixer
Feb 16, 2007


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