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my first attempt with rolled fondant, the camera is cut out from a larger cake and covered in fondant. any advice on keeping the fondant from cracking when working with it.
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By shanbi40
Feb 24, 2006
I made this Finding Nemo cake for my son's 2nd Birthday. He is a HUGE fan of the film, he has a duvet cover withit on aswell, so this just seemed the obvious choice for his birthday cake.
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By lauracox79
Feb 27, 2006
This is a close up photo of my Nemo Cake.
By lauracox79
Feb 27, 2006
Chocolate fudge cake covered w/ fondant.  The groom is in the film/production business, and wanted this for his cake.  The film strip was fondant w/ images of the couple adhered to it.
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By cakesbyallison
Apr 9, 2006
This cake describes the reflections of a man.  This 65 year old's birthday cake reflects an African American film historian and Black Panther from the 70's era all rolled up in one.  He has served as a positive role model for many.  The name "James" is done in white chocolate and brushed with gold luster dust.  Thanks for looking.
May 22, 2006
This was one of those cakes!  You know, the one you have pictured in your head but just can't seem to pull off.  Popcorn box is a chocolate transfer over rice krispy treats.  My original idea of doing it with cake fell through, well fell.   Film reel made of cake with fondant.  This was for a birthday party with a "Dinner and a movie" theme.
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By peterlori1
Aug 10, 2006
Went with the theme of the party.
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By traci
Oct 29, 2006
For a corporate party last night. Their theme was James Bond, so I did playing cards, martinis and guns.
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By antonia74
Jan 19, 2007
6" & 8" rounds frosted in buttercream.  Handmade fondant popcorn box, soda, movie reel, clapboard, film strip and streamers. Fondant stars, bows & Hollywood letters.  Fondant popcorn painted w/ yellow food coloring and pearl dust. Inspired by Sharon's Sugarshack's verson.
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By KimAZ
Feb 22, 2007
Thanks to tanyacakes for the inspiration for this cake!! Tops of each reel are fondant that I airbrushed black. Stars are gumpaste!!
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By CakeL8T
Mar 9, 2007
This cake was a real challenge - I thot it would be nice and easy, but I found it really difficult. I wanted to do Alamosweets' version (thanks Alamosweets for your help), but I couldn't make it work, so I got some inspiration from tanyacakes. Anyhow, client was over the moon with it and that's all that matters... Thanks for looking
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By tporbz
Apr 6, 2007
All fondant
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By KoryAK
Apr 11, 2007
Decorated for a cake auction where the items that were being auctioned off with it were all movie themed items. (TV, DVD's, DVD/VCR Combo, etc....)
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Apr 15, 2007
Done for a Hollywood themed bday party.  They wanted the cake to look like a Hollywood star in the sidewalk, hence the gray icing.
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By momsandraven
Apr 25, 2007
Ok I had come up dry for ideas when I wanted to do this. My friend's bday last month-makes docu movies, builds houses, is enviro 'friendly' also. so for the funny twist I made him taking a break against his big tree. And on the clapboard I wrote his name as the movie and his age as the take/scene. Not happy with white MMF job-it slumped a lot. Not sure how to avoid that :(( Tree stump was MMF covered cake as was cake part. Tools/wood/clapboard/guy all MMF.
By oceanspitfire
May 25, 2007
I made this cake for the county fair last year (2006).  I was so thrilled it was the grand champion cake of the whole cake decorating entries.  It's 11x15 with buttercream icing, fbct of Elvis- I traced the picture from an album cover, and fondant accents.
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By sweetbaker
May 29, 2007
Cake made for a work collegue of my husband, who was leaving to begin a new job elsewhere.  She's a bit of a 'film buff', so I decided on this design!  Modelling paste used for film reel bits, & edible images for the frames.  Got inspiration from that amazing cake on the 'Let them eat cakes website!
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By eilers
Jun 21, 2007
High School graduation for a young lady who really likes old movies.  Her mother says her favorite is "Meet Me In St. Louis", so I thought a film set "clapper" would be fun and she really liked it.  With many thanks to eilers who was very generous with design assistance.
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By aobodessa
Jun 25, 2007
This was made for a friends daughter who just graduated high school. She loves hollywood and Marilyn Monroe. The Marilyn is made from chocolate, I will upload a closer pic of it, I love how she came out. It's the 1st time I tried copying a face. I hope it's obvious but the Hollywood letters are supposed to have lighting shinning up on it. Thanks for looking!
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By my2sunshines
Jul 2, 2007
This is a close up of the top of my Marilyn Monroe Graduation cake. Please see other pic for the full cake. She is made from chocolate. I wanted it to have that kind of ripped paper look so that is why she isn't smooth on the sides. Thanks for looking :)
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By my2sunshines
Jul 2, 2007
This cake was for my oldest daughter's 10th b-day.  She wanted a movie star themed birthday, so this cake seemed fitting.  Cake and decorations are all BC except for the pictures which are Edible Images.  My local grocery store was willing to print them out for me, for a significant charge of course.  The larger photos on the top are her at 1 and 10, the others photos are of her at each of the other years chronologically.
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By chovest
Jul 3, 2007
I was asked to do a gradution cake a for someone taking upt film school!  Chocolate cake hazelnut mousse and chocolate icing.  White chocolate accents.
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Jul 9, 2007
Sugar cookies with royal icing.
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By mundy33
Jul 12, 2007
Movie theme party cake.
Fondant film clapper, stars and accents.
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By Fishercakes
Jul 20, 2007
Film Strips and Fondant Stars
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By Anonymous
Aug 2, 2007
Cake in BC decorations in gumpaste and in fondant.
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By GrannieJ
Aug 4, 2007
Made for my daughter's 6th birthday, which was celebrated on the night High School Musical 2 premiered.  Popcorn is Marshmallow's with yellow tinted piping gel.
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By Georgiared
Aug 21, 2007
For a sweet sixteen with an "awards" theme. It is roughly 10"x10"x10", yellow cake with chocolate bavarian cream filling (so yummy). Fondant, fondant, fondant! Made film strips over the weekend to allow drying time. Rolled white fondant out on a large piece of plastic tablecloth and unrolled it onto the cake. So much fun to make!!! =D
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By Atomikjen
Oct 26, 2007
I used 6 inch cakes and covered with fondant for the popcorn bucket.  For the film I used a six inch cake and used gumpaste for the top, and bottom.  The popcorn I made out of fondant by making little balls and attached small cut out flowers to the end.
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By melmcgill
Oct 27, 2007
I used Penny's sugar cookie recipe and frosted them in buttercream.

Back row (l to r): camera, strip of film, movie reel
Front row (l to r): pop cup, movie ticket, popcorn
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By puzzlegut
Nov 9, 2007
Film cake..made for a movie birthday from the CC gallery..thanks:)
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By Florimbio
Nov 16, 2007
the words to me were"I just love disney" this lady is going to be 71 and said nothing makes her so happy. this is what I came up with its all edible fondant and color flow.
By tripleD
Nov 18, 2007
Little girl's name was Haley, so I thought it would be fitting to make the top layer like the Hollywood sign in the hills.  Cutting out the microscopic palm trees was a nightmare, but added the finishing touch!  Gumpaste reels, fondant accents.
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By Lambshack
Dec 4, 2007
I made this cake for my brother- in-law who graduated as a film director in Argentina.  Buttercream world and fondant flim strip/ stars/ and base cake.  The scene board was made out of gum paste.
By robinradi
Dec 26, 2007
Mickey and the film strip are made of fondant. Made for a little boy's 2nd birthday.  The mother was thrilled with how it turned out.
By Bettycrockermommy
Jan 13, 2008
i used lots of ideas from other cc users and put them all together.
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By loux2
Jan 18, 2008
I loved making this cake! Thanks to all the popcorn and movie cakes posted on CC! Chocolate cherry cake. Popcorn was made out of BC icing and mini marshmallows. Popcorn box cake was iced in bc. Movie reel was iced in buttercream with fondant used as the film and top and bottom.
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By coreenag
Jan 29, 2008
All I was given to go off this cake was that the birthday person was very into cinematography and the name of the person.  So here is what we came up with. The movie reels are 3 10" rounds and the popcorn bag is 4 6" squares stacked.  Iced in butter cream.  All other accents are done in fondant.
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By Erdica
Feb 16, 2008
Film reel on cake's top done in fondant, cookie cutter from
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By antonia74
Feb 22, 2008
This is a cake I did for work. It's Customer Service week and also our theme is "At the Movies", so I wanted to incorporate both. Cake is white chocolate, vanilla BC. Film reel is made from gumpaste with accents made with food writer marker. Popcorn bag is piped BC and acutal popcorn. M&Ms in rosette border.
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By mamafrogcakes
Oct 6, 2005


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