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Cake is 12 inches wide, 24 inches long, 4 inches tall.  Rabbits are Mrs. Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail and are handmade out of gumpaste.
5 9
By tanyacakes
Apr 25, 2007
Buttercream with fondant bow and piglet.
3 1
By karmicflower
May 2, 2007
All decorations are edible including bride, groom, horses, irises, daisies, roses, baby's breath, dalphiniums
8 38
By tanyacakes
Aug 1, 2006
50th Birthday Party cake for my best friends parents. Their 50th birthday are only 2 weeks apart from each others so their daughters threw them a suprise party. Fondant/gumpaste figurines of the parents sliding into the graveyard. It was my first time making figurines. Everything is fondant/gumpaste.
2 12
By Daniellemhv
Apr 1, 2007
This cake I did for my boss. He is the one dancing (looks like harry potter haha) and his wife (thats not happy) on the left. Figurines and cakes covered out of fondant.
2 7
By Delicate-Lee
Apr 28, 2007
I had so much fun with this one! I finally got to use the carousel horse separator. I tried to follow the cake on the box as much as possible. I'm surprising my daughter with the cake this afternoon. The cake itself is Devil's Food (Cake Mix Doctor Recipe), Crushed Peppermint White Chocolate Buttercream Filling (to die for!!!!) and buttercream icing. The roses are royal. The topper is one that I made out of modeling clay so that she can keep it. She loves horses!
9 7
By gilson6
Apr 29, 2006
Made for a 4 yr old's birthday
4 2
By islandije
Apr 4, 2006
By Anonymous
Apr 3, 2006
I made this cake for my friends bridal shower.  She fell in love with it !  Which made my day.  It is white almond sourcream cake with vanilla buttercream/coconut filling and white chocolate fondant.  It was my first time using a mold to make the bride and my first time working with foundant to cover a cake.  I had to do it in pieces to get the effect I desired.  I tried to make a 3-D shoe but I couldn't get the pieces to mold together.  Thank you to the CCer's who made similar cakes that inspire this cake.
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By Novembercakes
Mar 25, 2007
this is a 1st birthday cake for the son of a football fan. The baby figurine was hand formed, and the cakes were carved. It was fun to make!
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By islandije
Sep 3, 2006
Made for a little explorer! Hand painted green turtle with Diego figurine. I tried to make it as realistic as possible, except for the colour, which I made bright green because it was a child's cake. She was very excited to see it.
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By islandije
Sep 3, 2006
From the popular Disney film Shrek, this cake brings out the imagination using some commercial available figures, and some of our own edible figurines. The airbrushed colors of the tree, grass and mountain bring out the cardboard castle theme too..
9 17
By Cynch
Apr 13, 2005
Hello Kitty created for a friend.
3 8
By josiej
Sep 11, 2006
Hello Kitty figure for a friend's birthday cake.
5 19
By josiej
Sep 11, 2006
These are the 2 figurines I made at the Planet Cake (Sydney, australia) Figurine course a couple of weeks ago.  I absolutely adored doing the course - it was so much fun and so informative.
6 9
By sone
May 26, 2006
Baby girl's first birthday cake.
3 1
By josiej
Sep 11, 2006
The cake is covered with fondant.  The girls are a combination of hand molded fondant and gumpaste, then hand painted.  The skulls are granulated molded sugar decorated with royal icing. The flowers are hand cut and sculpted fondant and gumpaste dusted with petal dust.  Then the banners are handcut sugarveil icing.
3 23
By sjlarby
Oct 13, 2006
3 stacked cakes. BC frosting w/MMF figurines
15 32
By dusek
May 31, 2006
My son's 2nd birthday cake. This was a labour of love! It's Clifford the big red dog and hand molded figurines of his friends at a birthday party, complete with cake and milk! When my son saw it on the morning of his birthday, he pointed and with a big smile on his face said "Clifford!" It warmed my heart!
13 30
By islandije
Apr 15, 2006
This cake was created for a 7 year old Princess!  Her favorite colors are pink and purple!  The cake is 10"x6"x4".  Assorted cake flavors and fillings  - All covered in MMF.  Decorations are edible MMF.
12 45
By CakesUnleashed
Oct 28, 2006
My first time with MMF. Managed to do the figurines. Tried covering the cake, but... didn't quite turn out as planned. Snowflakes were RI runouts. Cake was choc cake, mint buttercream, and ganache filling. Quite proud of myself(first time molding figures), though, still kicking myself over fondant. Trying to figure out what went wrong. Ah well, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
6 7
By eagerlearner
Dec 26, 2006
This s a chocolate sofa cake I was itching to  make from a  book.  Made the lady from using aine2 tutorial.  Thanks aine2 for providing it--it's help me a lot but I have a long way to go!!
7 2
By Richiescakes
Jan 3, 2007
50/50 fondant & gumpaste.  I have no idea how to work with this.  Just thought I would try after looking on this site.  Got to figure out how to prevent the cracks in the figure.  Any suggestions?
1 1
By Strazle
Jan 20, 2007
This a roller skating cake for my neighbors daughter -- thanks again aine2 for your help!  Yellow cake with MMF.
4 5
By Richiescakes
Jan 21, 2007
This is a cake for a friends 1st B-day.  I used pulled sugar flowers along with a figurine -- thanks again aine 2 for help! MMF and Chocolate, Yellow cake.
4 1
By Richiescakes
Jan 21, 2007
By Anonymous
Apr 3, 2006
11 28
By kaz79
Feb 3, 2007
2 10
By kaz79
Feb 9, 2007
Marbelized fondant with figures out of 50/50 gumpast and fondant.  The mermaid is holding a heart because today is Valentine's Day!  Inspired by a Debbie Brown Enchanted Mermaid cake.
1 3
By MeredithLA
Feb 14, 2007
A completed class project from a class I took in 1972 from Senora Marithe De Alvarez of Mexico City. The figures face was modeled of pastillage with one of her wonderful molds. The gown is a solid formed pastillage piece and then dressed in Pastillage drapes. Her hair and flowers are piped royal icing.
24 20
By ShirleyW
Feb 14, 2007
Baby Bear fondant figurine for a baby christening cake.
1 2
By josiej
Sep 11, 2006
This is a MMF cake -- chocolate bottom tier, yellow cake top tier. Got idea from the Wilton book.
9 12
By Richiescakes
Feb 24, 2007
Single tier wedding cake, with Wilton figurine, surrounded by blood red roses and buds.  The cake was white choc mud with raspberry swirl and white choc ganache.
6 7
By Sparklepop
Feb 26, 2007
Chocolate mudcake with chocolate ganache filling and fondant icing with flower cutouts all over.  Mermaid is fondant.  made for little girl's 3rd birthday.
3 3
By sone
Mar 12, 2007
Being the nerd I am, I sent this backstage as a gift for one of my favorite artists, Joanna Newsom. It's a scene from one of her songs.
By SugarAches
Mar 9, 2007
Tiggers,Winnie the Pooh and friends all made of sugarpaste by myself
14 23
Mar 10, 2007
Diddl and Diddlina made of sugarpaste.
The figures, so they tell me, are saved in the cupboard.
Mar 10, 2007
A cake I made for my niece's 1st birthday based on a design by Mariak.  I wasn't too happy with it...I couldn't get the icing smooth enough and then it cracked too.  Oh well.  It's iced in buttercream with fondant decorations.
3 5
By janetwhitson
Oct 15, 2006
Gumpaste Raggedy Ann and Andy.  All decorations edible.
9 8
By tanyacakes
Oct 23, 2006
I just finished this tonight after days of working on it.  The top tier is a dummy cake as the bride wants to keep the characters intact.  The rest is fruit cake which allows me the time I need to build these characters over days.  I really had fun with this one.
79 437
By aine2
May 28, 2007


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