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I was so excited to try out some of the techniques suggested by the members of this board, that I had to jump right in with another batch of cookies
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By Lori11941
Jul 7, 2005
This was a baby shower cake I did with the colors that she had chosen for her nursery. The little feet are gumpaste and the rest is buttercream.
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By HeatherMari
Sep 30, 2005
Done for a shower based on invites with little footprints on it.  All BC frosting.
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By momsandraven
Sep 28, 2005
10" & 6" tiers covered in fondant. Ribbons and trim non-edible, everything else is. Booties are painted with luster dust and the plaque is fondant with rice paper over top, once again dusted with luster dust. Idea was based on a cake from
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By tripletmom
Mar 7, 2006
I made the feet with my hand, I stuck the side of my hand in icing color and stamped the cake.
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By geehouse
Mar 20, 2006
These are white and chocolate cakes covered with BC icing.  They are topped with a square of white MMF imprinted with a edible ink baby foot print (I used a stamp bought at the craft store in the scrapebooking area).  These took forever.  I made a 9x13 cake and cut into squares, they were hard to ice without a bunch of crumbs and I won't volunteer this anytime soon!
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By momofjil
Mar 29, 2006
This was a cake inspired by tripletmom's Baby Bolton Cake. Thank you so much to her for the help she provided! It is a 6" and a 9" tier, chocolate and carrot with cream cheese icing covered in ivory fondant. Everything is edible except for the ribbon trim. Sprayed and dusted with super luster.
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By HeatherMari
Feb 27, 2006
These are my first cookie cutter/decorated cookies.  They were fun (and obviously easy) and got lots of comments.  I used the No fail and a random royal icing recipe.
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By chriscrites
May 15, 2006
Made this cake for a co-worker that LOVES women's feet/toes..his name is Thomas... he LOVED it! Chocolate kahlua cake w/chocolate buttercream and chocolate pudidng for filling. TFL!
By mimimil
Jun 30, 2006
This was made for a baby shower. The inspiration was fromt the napkins the customer was using at the party.
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By FancyLayne23
Jul 22, 2006
I hosted my first baby shower over the weekend and this was the first fondant cake I've ever made.  I used MMF & I used 3  8" pans.  2 chocolate & the 3rd cake was pound cake and I cut the arms off from around the pond cake, also I cut the ears and the feet out from the pound cake.  I cut the pound cake so that it wouldn't be as tall as the other cakes.  I iced all the cake with BC. let it set for 10 minutes then I laid the MMF. Everyone loved him and no one wanted to eat him!
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By nickymom
Jul 31, 2006
This cake was made to replicate the nursery theme for the new baby.  It is iced smooth with buttercream.  I created a design to fit the size of the cake.  Then, using piping gel and tip 2, I outlined the design on the piece of paper.  I then inverted the paper onto the cake.  Once that was done, I decorated the design on the cake using colored piping gel.
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By gourmetcakes
Aug 3, 2006
This cake is made to match the baby shower invitation.  All buttercream except for the blue fondant used for the babies pant legs.  Babies legs and feet were cut from a baby doll purchased at Walmart (they sell the most realistic looking baby dolls I could find).
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By lredding
Aug 5, 2006
Decorated to match decorations. This is not my favorite...I hate the bottom tier!!! However, the customer loved it. I guess that is what counts.
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By traci
Aug 14, 2006
Shower for a baby boy;  Winnie the Pooh placed on top for the baby's room theme.  Initials for the mother, father, family name, but the baby is not yet named.  The grandmother said she couldn't wait for the pitter patter of grandbaby's feet, hence the petit fours walking around the cake.
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By akcooker
May 14, 2006
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By Doug
Aug 23, 2006
Blanket, booties and stars are fondant; letters, hearts and feet are white chocolate. Blocks (@#^&*!) say "love" "baby" and 1-2-3-4 were on the back. First time making booties, need some work but fun.
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By Zamode
Aug 26, 2006
Spent the weekend working on two cakes, this one is for my bosses baby girl, took some ideas from other pictures on CC. First time for a three layer. Very hard and heavy...lots of admiration for wedding cake decorators!!
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By kettlevalleygirl
Sep 10, 2006
I should have uploaded this picture first...."the front of the cake", shower is tomorrow night, bottom layer is a 10" lemon, with lemon filling, next is a 8" mango, with a mango jam filling, and the top is a 6" chocolate, with a nutella type filling.
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By kettlevalleygirl
Sep 10, 2006
This was actually made for the nurses who cared for a baby that spent a week in the neonatal unit.  If you look in my pics, these same nurses received cookies that matched this cake when the baby was first born.  This was a fun cake to do!
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By momsandraven
Sep 18, 2006
These cookies were for the nurses in the neonatal unit that cared for my neighbor's baby when she was born.
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By momsandraven
Sep 18, 2006
I made this for a friends baby shower.  I found the directions at entitled "Naturally Curly".  I deviated from the directions some.  My cake is two layers with buttercreat instead of fondant.  I did use fondant for the eyes, nose, ears and feet.  I also used a 10" pan for the head instead of the 9" the directions called for.  I think it turned out pretty cute.
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By jackieb
Sep 23, 2006
These were nfsc and antonia's icing.
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By kstgelais4
Oct 4, 2006
Who knew you could put jell-o in a cake?  I thought the idea was so cool!  It turned out pretty good, and it wasn't that hard.  The hardest part was frosting the holes.  Lisa loved it!
By etigg82
Oct 6, 2006
Decorated to match decorations. Buttercream icing.
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By traci
Oct 8, 2006
These, like all my cookies, were just for fun.
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By littlesis
Oct 16, 2006
No fail cookies with Antonia74's icing.
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By slejdick
Oct 20, 2006
NFSC with Antonia74's icing.
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By slejdick
Oct 20, 2006
Sweet little baby feet
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By Eight
Nov 3, 2006
This was made for my sister-in-law's baby shower. I used hand and feet cookie cutters to make them. Crumbled the left overs and poured green icing as "grass" and placed the hand and feet on top. I put together little favors to go on top. they say IT'S A BOY!
By mommakeef
Nov 9, 2006
Full sheet cake with butter cream icing and fondant bows.  Clients daughter is having twins - 1 boy and 1 girl.
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By FatAndHappy
Nov 19, 2006
First of all, THANK YOU BOWEEN!  This was made for a friend who just had a baby.  It is covered in fondant with fondant baby booties and decorations.  The border is buttercream.  Wish I had a better camera angle.
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By yh9080
Aug 15, 2006
So I posted the pic of Mumble yesterday and here is the cake finished. I was not happy with it at all. The lady's husband picked it up and so she called me personally (we had only been talking through emails) to tell me how much she loved it! I was shocked. I think when I envisioned it I saw it my mind with blue fondant but the lady didn't want a fondant covered cake so I did the buttercream. I would have liked it better in fondant I think.
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By cakegirl0315
Nov 24, 2006
This cake was for my daughter's shower today.  I have to thank Sarahscakes for the inspiration.  i found one of her cakes that I loved and tried to do something similar.  The bottom tier is styrofoam covered in MMF and the other two are real cake.  Everyone loved the cake.  Especially my daughter.
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By jjkcarrier
Dec 3, 2006
This was for a friend who had just had a baby. I took my baby's footprints and did a piping gel transfer for the feet.
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By ahmommy
Dec 14, 2006
He would have to be fuzzy, wouldn't he...oh my aching grass tip! He is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing made with the sitting cuddly bear pan. Fondant/gumpaste beak painted black. This was for a friends little girls 10th birthday in payment for a 3 story Barbie house they let us have. Santa barters with cake at Christmas...
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By Bethroze
Dec 30, 2006
all buttercream
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By sampy
Jan 12, 2007
Here's my daughter's Happy Feet - Penguin Birthday Cake.  She originally wanted all the little BC penguins but while I was putting on the initial frosting of white and blue and trying to get my Jell-o Jiggler water she brought me her penguins to wash and put on the cake.  Anyone know what to do with lots of leftover black icing! :)  I let her tint the water for the waterfall... and a little goes a long way means nothing to a 5 year old who's anxious for a cake.  So this was a mom & daughter effort!  Enjoy!
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By stlalohagal
Jan 24, 2007
Doctored Yellow Cake with all buttercream.  The penguin is an edible image.  This was so fun and really easy!  I LOVE using my edible image printer....the best money that I ever spent in Cake Decorating!  So fast and easy!
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By Derby
Jan 18, 2007
Hi, had too much free time this week and tried out making all kinds of shoes. I'm most proud of this one. Gumpaste Lotus Shoe( the shoe for the bound feet) As I live in China, it was especially interesting for me to do the research and try to make one. Handpainted with gold lustre border
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By Ursula40
Jan 23, 2007


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