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Wanted a bright neon 40 cake to make plates.  Just a little different!
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By shannan6607
Aug 25, 2007
Fun cake for a five year old girl, everything is fondant except the feathers of course.
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By MommaLlama
Aug 31, 2007
Tiered whimsical birthday cake.  Buttercream iced cakes with piped designs and dragee accents.  Fondant daisy on top with feather topper.
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By cakesksa
Sep 8, 2007
This is a display cake for Michaels where I teach. Thanks to cmerola for her lovely inspiration!
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By gingersoave
Sep 9, 2007
My good friend's daughters' 21st B'day cake. It is a Black and White Party which is the dress code also. The party girl is wearing a yellow dress, hence the numbers being done in yellow. Faces were done with chocolate molds, feathers and fluff as accents. Cachous on points of black diamonds. It was fun to make, but black fondant is very soft to work with. Thanks for lookin' and I hope you enjoy ( visually) my cake .
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By maria892
Sep 14, 2007
This was fun! Bright pink/black BC. The top is a "cage" made of RI with feathers!Thanks to DianeLM for the RI tips to keep my little RI "cage" in one piece! I had to fix the ribbon on the bottom tier after the pics. It had scooted up! Pesky ribbon!
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By AuntieElle
Sep 22, 2007
This cake was for my 12 year old sister's party today. She wanted to have a "masquerade." The mask is colored candy melts- it was very easy and I thought it turned out pretty well. The feathers were actually more even than this picture makes them look. MMF with buttercream accents.
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By KittyPTerror
Sep 22, 2007
WASC with raspberry mousse filling and MMF. Looks a little crazy- but if you knew the lady, it would make sense!
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By cakesonoccasion
Sep 24, 2007
Done for a bridal show.  Fondant iced with feathers and glass birds.
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By Shaela
Oct 2, 2007
3 - 6" teirs covered in fondant. Black Lace and Pink Silk Ribbon. Pink and Black Feathers for the topper and black feather Boa for the bottom of the cake. Thaks to CC for insperation!
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By ghghgh
Oct 5, 2007
By Emmibell
Oct 5, 2007
I totally stole this idea from ghghgh.  I love it!
I was making a fun and funky birthday cake for a 26yr old, along with a poker cake for a 50yr old.  They looked great together, like a poker table and showgirl.  Thanks ghghgh for such a great design!
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By feverfixer
Oct 13, 2007
RI tiara, fondant covered cakes
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By darrahmomof3
Oct 15, 2007
The bride wanted lots of bling and peacock feathers.  Cake is all dummies, in 18, 16, 14, 12, &10" layers covered in ivory fondant.  We served cupcakes for dessert.
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By gingsd
Oct 21, 2007
Four Tiers of Classic Yellow Cake with Buttercream Icing covered in Homemade Marshmallow Fondant - 12â€, 10†and 8†tiers with a 1/2 ball to top it off.  Floating Stars and Masks are made of a Fondant Gumpaste Mix.
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By LvMy4Runner
Oct 24, 2007
This was for one of our 30th birthdays!  We were so exhausted from making the other 3 cakes we had to do in 3 days, that this one didn't get as much attention as it deserved, but still turned out very well!  MMF on bottom, and Satin Ice on top.  Fondant scroll work.  Chocolate cake and strawberry cake.
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By DollyCakes
Nov 7, 2007
This was created for a chili-cookoff.  It is SUPPOSED to be a rooster/chicken but with that beak he could very well be mistaken for a bald eagle.....nice.  Body is a sports ball pan, head is the 1/2 ball pan thingy. Anyway, the feathers are fondant.  They were cut with the nested leaf/teardrop.  My fingers will most likely need about a week to, I must have cut 5k feathers.  Doing the red part sucked....they need to come up with a cookie cutout of rooster-red-face-stuff.
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By Virginia
Nov 7, 2007
Chicken.  Sports ball pan for body, 1/2 ball pan (6 per sheet) for head.  Feathers were painstakenly cut (blisters to prove it) from fondant using nested leaves (smallest one).  Easy cake but time-consuming with the leaves.
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By Virginia
Nov 13, 2007
Did this for my kindergartener's Thanksgiving party at school.   Turkey body and head is cupcakes and tail feathers are cookies.  Can't for the life of me take nice photos though!!!
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By Kitagrl
Nov 19, 2007
Turkey centerpiece I made for tomorrow.  Thanks for all of my fellow cc'ers for inspiration!  Cookies are rolled chocolate and cream cheese cut out with antonia74's icing.  One wing broke so I am trying to repair with icing.  TFL
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By hibbers
Nov 21, 2007
Thanks to thecakemaven for help figuring out what tips to use, I didn't get her message in time to take the advice but I winged it alright on my own.  My DD preschool teacher NEVER put these CC's out for the class party, the party was for grandparents and my mom said she mentioned how she's pay $30 or more for a dozen of these for HER thanksgiving get together and how they were so adorable and they stayed put right on her desk .....hmmmmmm...I'm not making any accusations but I have a
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By KHalstead
Nov 24, 2007
This cake was designed to match the party invitations.   First time doing shoes - those little suckers are harder than they look!  Pearls and black dots sure take a lot of time.    All in all, this was a fun cake to do.   Thanks for looking.
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By bonnebouche
Nov 25, 2007
Square cake covered in fondant with silver dragee details.  Non-edible feather boa decoration.
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By sheler412
Nov 26, 2007
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By donvi
Dec 9, 2007
This is a dummy for a shop's window display.. client requested... bright, shocking colours.. something very Kitsch! The shop is in our main piazza, so I can't wait to pass by tomorrow and see it!!!
4 5
By Toniprev
Dec 13, 2007
This cake went with the pink pearl cupcakes I just posted. It is for an 8 year old girls princess birthday party. the cake is scratch chocolate mocha with pink vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. hand rolled fondant pearls, ribbon rose and top overlay, and a white chocolate tiara dry dusted with gold luster. feather boa~
2 1
By melysa
Dec 14, 2007
This was for my daughters 3rd birthday.  It is a chocolate mud cake covered in fondant with fondant lettering.  The tiara and feather boas are unedible.
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By debbiew1
Dec 15, 2007
For thanksgiving, i made a 3D turkey cake. I used the 3D duck pan and stuck fake CLEAN fealthers in it to give it a lil touch of real. HAPPY THANKSGIVING
By Romo
Dec 18, 2007
Covered with red and black chocolate fondant. Used ribbon and applied gemstones by hand with glue. Made the "W" with pipecleaner and swarovski crystals. Sprinkled edible glittered on cake.
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By edibleartwork
Dec 31, 2007
This was so fun to make. A lady ordered it for her dad because she said that he thinks he is a pimp!! all buttercream icing except the zebra part, that is fondant. The feather is a real feather. This cake was airbrushed!! My first attempt at airbrushing and I love the technique!! I will be doing more airbrushing!! Thanks for looking!
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By turtlemom
Jan 12, 2008
French vanilla strawberry filled with a strawberry whipped cream icing, and a chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache icing.  Covered with MMF, and MMF accents.
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By Jayde
Jan 15, 2008
It took the customer a few minutes to convince me that her call wasn't a prank and that the name of the bird she wanted made into a cake was real and not a joke!  Carved choc pound cake, vanilla bc, covered in fondant with rice crispie head.  Board accents were colored coconut and fondant leaves.  TFL!
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By bdrider
Jan 19, 2008
My daughter had her 6th bday at Hungry Jacks, and wanted her cake to resemble the fairy on the invite. I tried my best...took ages to make! She seemed happy enough with the result. I will post more pics with a close up and invite to compare.
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By dreamykittykat
Jan 23, 2008
Buttercream iced cake with fondant and dragee accents; whimsical feather topper.
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By cakesksa
Jan 27, 2008
A friend of mine needed a cake for her grandmother that was "bedazzled". She loves gold, jewels, glamour and glitz. I sprinkled edible glitter in two different colors all around the base and the feather boas. I glued glitter on the dragonfly and butterflies to brighten them up. Both tiers are covered with a pale green fondant, a gold ribbon and white feather boa. I used styrofoam for the base and glued jeweled ribbon to it.
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By edibleartwork
Jan 30, 2008
Buttercream frosting and colorflow feathers
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By sweetsaracakes
Feb 1, 2008
Buttercream frosting, fondant decorations and gumpaste mask.  I found the coolest tiny lights at Michaels that are the size of a larger capsule that you twist and they turn on for at leat 8 hours.  I added them behind the mask, so it lit up the top of the cake!  Looked totally cool b/c the party was at night.  Thanks for looking.  I'm tired, it was my 3rd cake for this past weekend.  Normally I just do one.
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By avenje
Feb 11, 2008
This cake was made for a Birthday party where the theme was Barbie gothic hot pink! It was interesting to say the least. But the cake was a hit and we had fun making it. It is fondant covered and the little hearts are made form gum paste.
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By LusciousCreations
Feb 14, 2008
Lemon poppy seed bottom, chololate middle and  WASC top layer. Fondant covered. First time using the edible jewels on bottom layer, really liked them, they added sparkle but in this picture you can't tell. This was really only the second cake I've ever covered in fondant.
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By weezasmom
Feb 23, 2008
Hannah Montana three tiered cake. I made the feather boa at the bottom out of cotton candy using a leaf cookie cutter. the guitar on top is made from fondant and the butterfly is fondant as well. the top layer is haand painted swirls with butterfly foam stamps. everything on the cake is edible except the purple spray on top. this was for my daughter's 11th birthday and was a great hit!! She loved it.
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By KariCanary
Feb 24, 2008


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