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By kissmecakes
Mar 9, 2009
The 'b'day boy' was nicknamed "Chief" so they asked for an indian or feather headdress.   Feathers are wafer paper; picture is frosting sheet pic I found on the internet.  The 9x13x2 sheet is iced in buttercream.
By kakeladi
Mar 10, 2009
this was a massive cake the bottom tier (not including 'paper' and lid) was a 13" round that was 5" tall. top tier was a 9" round. fondant covered cake with fondant covered styro lids. the 'paper tissue' was gumpaste and the strings of pearls were fondant painted in super white lustre and decorators alcohol. toppers was actually a facinator headpiece. i wanted to add red in but wasn't allowed wven though the wedding was in red white and black. i would have been happier if the topper was bigger with large feathers but all in all i was quite happy with my first tilted stacked hat box design. TFL
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By deliciously_decadent
Mar 14, 2009
Star is Choc pound cake iced in BC with MMF & white chocolate accents.
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By BlairsMom
Mar 15, 2009
The mom wanted me to copy a cake she saw on Pink Cake Box--I didn't have the same cake stand, but the rest was pretty much the same.  Fun cake to do!
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By tripleE
Mar 15, 2009
This is her cutting cake. Don't our personalities show? :)
By lanilani
Mar 16, 2009
A cake for my beloved auntie's housekeeper.  When auntie asked me to make a cake for her housekeeper, i immediately thought of a feather duster.  The handle is chocolate.  WASC with raspberry filling.
By christeena
Mar 19, 2009
I made this cake for my beautiful daughter who is turning 8 . Cake is 10, 8, 6 inch  covered in fondant with all fondant accents. Cake inspired by CC member ( sorry I cant remember the name )
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By all_for_my_baby
Mar 21, 2009
Made for my cousin's 9th birthday.  She loved it!
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By amandamoomoo
Mar 22, 2009
BC with fondant details and GP lingerie
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By tara22
Mar 26, 2009
White cake, whipped cream & strawberry filling, IMBC, fondant accents with luster dust.  My DD designed  this for her b-day celebration at pre-school today; these all her favorite shapes and colors.  Can't really see the sparkle in the picture though. Feathers were a BIG pain, but her smile made it all worth it.  :)
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By saberger
Mar 27, 2009
This is my first fondant covered gift box with a lid and Sugarshack bow, tassle...ect I made everything and then remade it till I was happy...LOL The tassle was made using my cheep clay extruder and smooshing it together in the right way. I added thin rope to Sharon's bow and made a faux broach accented with crystals and dusted with highlighter. The ink pot reads, l'encre noire- which means black ink. The love note reads, Ma Cherie, Tu as couer  'a jamais.-which means My Darling, My heart is yours forever. Made with all the love in my heart for my Darling.
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By sadsmile
Mar 27, 2009
i was forced to set it up in the managers office as they had a wedding prior to this one so i was forced to edit the background out. 12"10"8"6" tiers in fondant with fondant detail, RI 'stems' on black tier. black flower detail is in edible decorating marker. stars are gumpaste and feathers were wired and wrapped in florists tape before insertion. if you are interested i have a tute on how to make this cake on my flikr (Deliciously Decadent) thanks for looking!
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By deliciously_decadent
Apr 4, 2009
Bachelorette cake I made for a friends party.  This cake is a much smaller version of ghghgh’s feathers & lace cake.  I added the pearl monogram (which was actually a “T” pearl ornament that I formed into a “J”) This cake was made of chocolate cake w/strawberry cream cheese filling (top & bottom tier) & vanilla w/same filling (middle tier).  All wrapped in MMF.
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By cksweets
Apr 5, 2009
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By delaware
Apr 7, 2009
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By delaware
Apr 7, 2009
I wantet to make something special for my mothers 50th birthday, so i did this 3tier dummy for decoration, she also gets a "real" cake, just for 10 people, tomorrow...
thanks for looking!
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By zipfi
Apr 10, 2009
This egg is becoming very popular.  Thank you Maraschino for the inspiration.  It truly is a great idea.  The kids loved it!  I had a hard time with this one, as it HAD to be chocolate cake and it wanted to collapse on itself.  Used the Wilton 3D egg pan.  Covered in MMF.  I saved what I could.
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By kello
Apr 11, 2009
I was asked to make this cake for my cousins (twins) 21st. They gave me a picture of a cake they'd seen & I just changed it slightly.
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By cakesbylisa2004
Apr 12, 2009
This Topsy Turvy was for a Sweet 16 Birthday!   The bday girl sent me various pics, each having something she liked and wanted on her special cake,  so,  I had very specific design directions for this cake.  I think the cake reflects her fun and whimsical personality! :)  Bottom tier is two 14" x 3"  fr. vanilla cakes filled with cheesecake filling, middle tier is two 10" x 3" chocolate fudge cake with chocolate filling, top tier is two 6" x 3" fr vanilla with cheesecake filling.  Cakes are frosted in buttercream, all fondant & gumpaste accents/designs,  dragees joining each diamond and genuine 12" Ostrich Feathers. The "16" is made of solid gumpaste which I made holes down the center of then stuck the candles down into those holes so only the wick is showing from the top of the numbers.  Bday girl wanted it to look like the numbers 1 and 6 were on fire, yet be edible.  TFL!!
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By Teekakes
Apr 13, 2009
Did this one over the weekend.  It was a 6, 8, 10, and 12 in. sq. done in fondant with styro. seperators in 4, 6, and 8 in. I made the calla lillies out of gumpaste.  The reception hall looked fantastic with pink glow sticks in white frosted vases and feathers coming out of the top.  TFL
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By helipops
Apr 13, 2009
This was for a sweet sixteen birthday.  I really enjoyed doing this one.  She loved it to, which helped..
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By meeah
Apr 14, 2009
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By mbwcakes
Apr 16, 2009
Star cake on top of a 10 inch round.  Fondant covered and fondant decorations.   Cake flavor was Chocolate midnight.  Used strawberry Whoppers around the base of the cake and yes, that IS a pink feather boa around the baseboard!  :-)   Silver Edible glitter used as well!  Let me know how you like it!  TFL!
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By cakelady45
Apr 17, 2009
another 18th birthday cake. cornelli lace, scroll work, shell border, topped with sticker stars on wire, bow and feathers with little blck roses.
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By DestinyNicole08
Apr 17, 2009
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By tara22
Apr 19, 2009
This was a double sweet sixteen cake.  The girls designed it from three different cakes and I made it...Thanks for looking
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By meeah
Apr 20, 2009
MMF covered. Used MMF with gumpaste powder for the "6" on top - made a few days in advance so it would harden.
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By thegrrrl
Apr 20, 2009
the bday girl wanted BRIGHT colors for the eyes of the feathers. very unique and interesting cake to make!
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By twistedsplinters
Apr 23, 2009
This cake was made for the grand opening of a local spa.  Lemon sour cream cake underneath w/ white chocolate BC and fondant on top.  The branch on the top layer was made with a stencil I handcut.  Satin ribbon was stretched around the base of each layer.  I piped a few bobbles around the cake and added some dragees for good measure.  thanks for looking!
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By Vylette
Apr 26, 2009
How to describe this cake...  The bride wanted copper zebra stripes, and feathers and pearls.  The topper is a gumpaste frame with a picture.  The reception was so neat and had all these vintage frames with the couples pics hanging fron the ceiling.  My hubby came up with the idea to make frame borders on each tier to tie it all in.  Way to go hubby!  (I was stuck- I have carved the cakes in a little at the bottom,  so the plates stuch out and my pearls borders were too little.)
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By brea1026
May 3, 2009
Hello this was a 6,8, 10 and 12 inch square, all done in Satin Ice..and the bride made the toppers....Thanks for looking NIcole
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By nicoles-a-tryin
May 11, 2009
Made this for a friend's daughter for her second birthday. BC with gumpastes zebra stripes and pink feather boa around the board. She loved it!
May 13, 2009
This is my 5th cake, done for my Beau's mom for Mother's day. She loves chickens and her favorite colors are black and white. top tier filling is a mint frosting, bottom is plain cream cheese.  another 3am cake, so the silhouettes cant ALL be seen through the little holes. Hand painted them. Got inspired by "State Fair Entry" By: littlegrahamcracker
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By AlandraD
May 13, 2009
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By tara22
May 18, 2009
Mom wanted hot pink and zebra.  Hope she likes it ;)
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By meeah
May 20, 2009
Being  a K- state fan, this was a challenge... He has a wood frame, covered with rice krispies on the bottom half and cake, obviously, on the top.  It made for an easy split on flavors, his head was one and the body was the other.  Then good old fondant.  all the feathers were a lot of fun to cut out and attach individually with a leaf cutter, but it looks a lot better, i think.
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By TheMixer
May 24, 2009
All BC with feather boa around cake board and novelty flashing light on top.
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By amandamoomoo
May 31, 2009
Nintendo DSi with accents from Zelda game - chicken and feathers and other accents are fondant. Top lid is RKT covered in buttercream and fondant. Bottom is cake covered with fondant. Lots of fun to make, TFL.
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By vescakes07
Jun 3, 2009
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By caketherapy
Jun 9, 2009


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