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By caitlinng1023
Oct 28, 2008
This is for a sweet 16 birthday.  She didn't want anything to big, because it only needed to feed 20...She also wanted black and red with polka dots.  Hopefully she will like it....Thanks for looking
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By meeah
Oct 31, 2008
This picture didn't come out very good, but the cake was rather nice.  GP calla lilies, peacock feathers and dragonflies.
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By Fairytale
Nov 9, 2008
Pumpkin sugar and spice cookies with pralines and cream royal icing and buttercream.
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By pood
Nov 12, 2008
This was a for a Thanksgiving day birthday party. Buttercream icing on cake and royal on cookie feathers.
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By CutiePieCustomCakes
Nov 28, 2008
Made for a neighbor, this is a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and filled with an orange mousseline bc.  She wanted it to wear a pilgrim's hat.  The head/neck are made of rkt covered in bc and fondant; the hat is fondant and the feathers are wafer paper run through an edible ink printer (I had looked up turkey feathers on the internet) and cut out.  I attached them to lollipop sticks w/ piping gel so they'd stand up straight instead of flopping over for the tail.  The wings are just attached w/ gel.
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By Sugar_Plum_Fairy
Nov 28, 2008
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By Jenny552
Nov 28, 2008
This lemon sponge was made for a very elegant and glamorous hen party.
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By AlixsCakes
Nov 28, 2008
NFSC; "Feathers" were made using rows of different colors of royal icing (drag a toothpick through the icing while it's still wet, starting at the center of the cookie and dragging to the edge); oval "body" portion was cut from RBC; head and face made with royal icing. Inspired by pood's adorable turkey cookies; TFL!
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By Michele25
Dec 3, 2008
Black and red sponge cake for 'very glam' 50th birthday
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By AlixsCakes
Dec 5, 2008
Hand Painted Deco- Style "Flapper" with Gumpaste feathers,etc on black (chocolate) fondant  covered cake.
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By McLin
Dec 5, 2008
This was a cake for my Aunt's 50th was supposed to be a surprise party but the cover was blown.  I wish the beer sign wouldn't have been in the back, but I am going to try and edit that.  It was 3 tiers, the bottom german choc., the middle lemon with lemon filling, and the top was white with strawberry filling.  I was happy with the over all look of it and I traveled 2.5 hours to deliver it too.  Thanks for looking and any constructive criticism would help.  Thanks everyone.
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By BakeLoveMom
Dec 7, 2008
This was modeled after one by darylrc.... 8 sq and 3 6" rounds, all bc icing, feather boa added for diva style and foam accents on 18 gauge wire.  Loved doing this one, so fun!  The girls at the "sassafrass" party who were getting made up, loved it too! TFL
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By SugarBakerz
Dec 14, 2008
This is a cake I made for my daughter's 4th birthday.  It is based off of the children's book "Fancy Nancy".  It was REALLY ugly at first.  But, in the end, it came together.  Thanks for looking!
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By Prudence
Dec 18, 2008
6" & 8" cakes covered in BC. Fondant accents w/ blk feathers on top & boa around bottom.
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By tonyap
Dec 18, 2008
All cakes covered in marshmallow fondant with mmf decorations, and gumpaste masks and feathers.  Beaded necklaces are all mmf and the cake is 100% edible except for the decorative wires.  Tier sizes are 8, 12, 16.  This was so much fun to do! Adapted from several cakes found online by the customer at Pink cake box and cake central.
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By steffla
Jan 11, 2009
This was for a 30th. Birthday. The cake is frosted in buttercreme. The feather’s are craft feather’s arranged on a sucker stick, secured with white tape, and so feathers would not drop on to the cake I sprayed them with super hold hairspray (away from the cake of course) and left to dry. I decorated it with party picks, printed out a Vegas picture, drink stirrers, and 30th. Birthday candles.
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By KakeDeZNr
Jan 11, 2009
this is a cake for a historical outdoorsman club. powder horn, musket bag turkey feathers 
all in fondant. the west virignia boys gather and camp out .....its january its snowing i'm glad i'm inside
By tripleD
Jan 14, 2009
This cake is for an engagement party, the brief was to be gothicy and possibly skulls and roses
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By citruspink
Jan 17, 2009
Smash cake for my 2 year old nephew.   4" round topped with mini ball pan, and carved to fit shape.   Thanks to all for the inspirational pics and to diamondsonblackvelvet13 for the advice :)
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By janebrophy
Jan 17, 2009
Sweet 16!
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By tara22
Jan 18, 2009
buttercream transfer on 1/4 sheet cake
By justgale
Jan 27, 2009
My first try at stacking cakes.  Bottom tier, chocolate & top tier is French Vanilla.  Buttercream Frosting covered in fondant.  The number 5 is Gumpaste, border is fondant.  I inserted straws into the cake, then inserted the feathers into the straws.
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By Susie53
Jan 30, 2009
I've never done such an intricate birthday cake.  Ordered by the triplets grandmothers for a surprise 1 year birthday.  They wanted "everything girly" in turquoise and white with feathers.  This is what I came up with.  Yellow cake with white chocolate mousse filling. All the accent decorations are out of gumpaste.
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By khoudek
Feb 4, 2009
6"9" tiers, black and white theme with feathers, decorated with black ribbon, feathers and a single white rose
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By deliciously_decadent
Feb 6, 2009
This was my first attempt at a chocolate tiara...I am VERY happy with it!
The rest of the cake is fondant.
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By Katie9812
Feb 7, 2009
i designed and made this cake for my god-daughter's christeneing, but it would make a super birthday cake for a little girl
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By kissmecakes
Feb 10, 2009
4-tier cake iced in buttercream.  Black buttercream and fondant scrollwork inspired by the bride's dress.  Feather topper and ribbon border.
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By tcakes65
Feb 11, 2009
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By abbeyloo
Feb 12, 2009
another huge cake if not abit over the top but it is her 21st after all,  bottom layer is coconut sponge, the next is choc sponge and the top 2 are plain sponge. all covered in fondent, we did pipe round the bottoms with royle icing to start with which was to thin so lost its shape, so we had to scrape it off and try something else as no shops where open at 12am on a sun to get some more icing sugar! so cake was not as we planned but we were happy with it in the end. :-) tfl
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By abbeyloo
Feb 16, 2009
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By Launa
Feb 19, 2009
Book cake for my son the writer.
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By dstippy
Feb 20, 2009
Made this pink bc icing, strawberry cake for my sister-in-law's 40th surprise birthday party.  Everyone loved it.  Thanks for looking.
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By Aaggie
Feb 21, 2009
Spice cake with apricot filling covered in blue fondant.
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By AllysonR
Feb 27, 2009
Bridal shower cake to match the wedding colors
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By tara22
Feb 27, 2009
Fondant covered, light pink and quilted on top with darker pink lusterdust and edible pearl accents.  Bottom was white fondant, with vertical lines grooved in, also accented with the pink lusterdust.  Lots of pearl dust on this.  Maribou around the bottom and top tiers.  Used the ring from the princess set as the bow center.  Earrings are on either side of the "plaque" that reads Alexandra in white chocolate melts.  Adhered jewels and pearls with white chocolate.
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By BeesKnees578
Feb 28, 2009
12", 8" squares(2" pans) and a 6"(3" pan), French Vanilla Almond cakes with Strawberry filling and buttercream, dragees and pink cake sparkles.  This cake was a lot of fun to do and the little bday girl loved it.
By adoptingmommy
Mar 2, 2009
I call this cake a "hostage" because although it looks like it's for Mardi Gras, this birthday cake was actually done in December and I just received it from the b-day girl (it's March!). Anyway, it's WASC, Pineapple and Chocolate Fudge cakes all filled with my BC and covered in MMF. The masks (1 of which is not shown), name and "17" are gumpaste. The beaded border and accents are all MMF. Sorry for the clutter, but I didn't take the pic. TFL!
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By Tita9499
Mar 4, 2009
This is a 6-8-10 tiered cake covered in white fondant and then in purple fondant that was covered in sanding sugar and cut into strips.  Each strip was then applied to the cake the make the layers for the dress. The headband and feather on top are also fondant and the feather has some painting for dimension. TFL
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By jadak
Mar 7, 2009
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By kissmecakes
Mar 9, 2009


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