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By LuisaMaria
Nov 8, 2014
back of farm themed wedding cake
By yeelan
Aug 20, 2013
Three tiered farm themed wedding cake with bride and groom toppers
By yeelan
Aug 20, 2013
By michka
Aug 7, 2013
By michka
Aug 7, 2013
By yeelan
Aug 20, 2013
By Thoughtfulcakes
Jun 5, 2013
3 10
By LHarper
Jul 20, 2013
By michka
Aug 7, 2013
Three tiered farm themed wedding cake with bride and groom toppers
By yeelan
Aug 20, 2013
By ebielefeld
Jun 21, 2013
By ebielefeld
Jun 21, 2013
tractor birthday cake
By CakesEtcLindsay
Apr 1, 2014
Farm Cake
By Shiloh Cakes
Jan 31, 2014
This is a close up of the little girl on my horse cake.  I followed a Aine2 tutorial to make her.  Thanks Aine2...your tutorials are wonderful!
By mommy2owen
Oct 9, 2007
Barn made from graham crackers stuck together with royal icing.  It was then covered in fondant.
By Virginia
Feb 20, 2007
another view, BC w/fondant accents
By glor08
Dec 31, 1969
For our daughter's 3rd birthday, I made a farm-themed party and cake.  Figurines are a mix of gumpase and fondant.  Lots of help from hubby too!  We love this cake, thankfully her birthdays are just once a year!
By bigmousies
Jul 1, 2009
Handmade Gumpaste Cow Bride with a Daisy Bouquet
By Ashley524
Oct 19, 2011
By dolly324
Jan 25, 2013
Thanks to all you CC-ers who had such great suggestions on how to make fondant farm animals!
By goodcakefairy
Oct 20, 2006
Here is my try at some little farm animals.  All made from fondant and then accents painted on.  I used the Sculpty book for reference....  Thanks CC for all of my inspiration and support!!
By tomswife
Mar 10, 2010
By Meg828
Jun 7, 2007
By Brittneycc1982
Mar 6, 2013
MMF animals for a farm cake will post the finished here also
By mitcheechee
May 13, 2011
Pig birthday cake.  Thanks to Krabbykatie for the inspiration.  If I had more time, would've done something more to the lower tier the pig is resting on.  Too much pink!
By mvucic
Oct 24, 2008
Any idea to complete the theme ?
By mylan
Mar 2, 2006
Farm cupcake toppers
By mariajoselunas
Jun 1, 2013
Fondant/tylose farm animals
By ginak
Jan 19, 2009
Shaun the sheep 3D cake
By CakesSoCool
Sep 5, 2013
By rajinaren
May 11, 2010
I made these for my son's birthday cake.  I will be working on it this weekend.  I haven't sculpted figures in a while so I had a lot of fun with these.  I think the cow and sheep are my favorites but I really love the hen too.  I used fondant mixed with some tylose powder.  TFL!
1 87
By misterc
Jan 28, 2010
Thanks, dabear, for this super cute idea!! I loved your farm cake!!
By Sarsi
Sep 15, 2007
By cyndi8604
Aug 20, 2014
By Bex1p
Oct 21, 2013
By jking513
Oct 16, 2013
By momade
Sep 6, 2010
By Meg828
Jun 7, 2007
Close up picture of the cow that was on 1st B-day cake uploaded earlier
Made from gum paste.
By cakesbybert
Mar 7, 2007
Fondant animals created for a barn/farm cake.
By Virginia
Feb 20, 2007


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