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This is a vanilla cake iced with buttercream for a little boy's 3rd birthday.  His mom put a tractor, cow, chicken, and barn candle on it.  I got the idea from someone here on CC, but I didn't write down their name...thanks for the idea though!
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By SweetConfectionsChef
Nov 4, 2006
Carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  Bought the farm set, and loaded the wagon with candy pumpkins.
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By cake2decorate
Nov 5, 2006
Chocolate barn cake, vanilla cupcakes all done in buttercream. Made for my niece's birthday party.  The party was a weenie roast at a 100 yr. old farm, hence the barn and my niece is crazy about pigs!  Thanks for looking!
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By LittleBigMomma
Nov 12, 2006
Thanks to Cambo for her tractor cake photo!  This was for a little boy's John Deere party.  The mother wanted to have it all in fondant but pay the buttercream price. . . hence it's done in buttercream!  The tractor is a plastic toy.  All buttercream icing and decorations.  Lots of fun to make!
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By ksimp6577
Nov 12, 2006
This is a half sheet cake with BC frosting and fondant animals. The fence is made out of fondant and wire to get the look of a barb wire fence.
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By MsRhonda
Nov 18, 2006
This cake was for my nephews b-day.  He hates fondant so everything except the plaque was buttercream.  They were a cowboy theme so i tried to use a bandana to decorate and just added the farm animals made out of buttercream.
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By rosita6882
Nov 20, 2006
Chocolate sponge with real chocolate bc icing. Fondant animals. Oh boy another late nighter - have only just noticed the toothpick sticking through the rooster in the photos. Didin't even see it with my tired eyes. Luckily the cake is being delivered later today so am able to fix it!
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By Leigh01
Nov 24, 2006
This cake was another shared birthday cake for two people that used to be farmers and now they work in a garden.  The customer that ordered wanted corn and flowers combined, so this was the final outcome.
Nov 24, 2006
The animals and scene were created to match a bedding set that the new mother had registered for.  I borrowed the cow/bird and the sheep off the comforter.
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By chloe1979
Nov 25, 2006
For a baby shower! The parents own a brand new tractor and are very proud of it as well, so the client wanted to incorporate that. How cute!
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By antonia74
Nov 27, 2006
All buttercream with MMF accents.  First birthday for neighbor.  Thanks for the inspiration CC members.
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By kellylowe
Dec 1, 2006
Sheet cake iced in bc...hand sculpted animals.
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By Tat
Dec 1, 2006
This was for my son's 2nd birthday.  He is OBSESSED with horses, to put it mildly!  I made this to resemble the Fisher Price Little People figures.  He loved it!  It was a 12x18 butter cake with regular buttercream icing, freehanded drawings.  I was in a rush and didn't get to finish all the details, like grass, a haystack, etc., but was happy with it anyway.
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By potatocakes
Dec 5, 2006
This is one of my first cakes when I first started decorating. (Before I discovered fondant)  It is simply a white cake frosted and decorated with buttercream. The John Deer logos are made from piped out buttercream with egg white powder to harden and then transfered to the cake.
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By cakeman1
Dec 5, 2006
My first tiered cake.  In keeping with the theme, a different flavor for each layer: snickerdoodle, chocolate pumpkin, and gingerbread.  Cinnamon buttercream frosting.  Decorations are fondant.  Still trying to get the icing smooth!
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By leightorres
Dec 8, 2006
Half chocolate and half yellow cake with vanilla BC.  Used the Wilton Pan.  Was a little harder than I thought it would be!
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By sugarlaced
Dec 10, 2006
The barn is made with rice crispy treats covered with marshmallow fondant.All the animals are also made from fondant. The fence is chocolate.
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By smitakasargod
Dec 14, 2006
House pan (2 back to back) atop 10x15.  Buttercream with fondant accents.  Chocolate molded animals. Royal icing fence.
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By DianeLM
Dec 17, 2006
These accompanied the barnyard cake for triplets!
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By DianeLM
Dec 17, 2006
The parents own a graphic design firm, and designed their own darling custom birthday invitations.  They asked if I could transform the 2-D invitation into a 3-D cake.    Half chocolate, half white, iced in buttercream, all fondant decorations.  Barn and silo are fondant-covered rice krispie treats.  

It was a blast to make, but I didn't start it until midnight last night.  Pulled an all-nighter save for a 3-5 am nap.  I'm too OLD to be pulling such stunts!  Haven't been worth a pip all day.
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By Ksue
Dec 17, 2006
Barn Cake
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By Barbend
Dec 19, 2006
thanks for all the great inspiration and ideas from CC!
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By drurys
Dec 26, 2006
My sister is president of her son’s FFA (Future Farmers of America) Booster club, and she asked us to develop a Farm / Christmas themed cake for their holiday dinner.  The result is 50 pounds worth of Barn, icing, candy animals, and Christmas trees.  Barn is 5 layers of cake, butter cream icing and a fondant roof.  Animals are made from candy melts.  Trees are iced ice-cream cones.  Snow and mud are butter cream.  Bit of a strange theme, but the FFA members loved it.
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By olekebbie
Jan 8, 2007
9x13 chocolate cake, used grass tip. Crushed graham crackers for the drive. MMF animals. Used gel mixed with coloring to get the pond and the mud for the pigs, ran out of brown so had to have black mud. Was not happy with the barn at all. It was so heavy it kept falling back even though it was doweled, so I cut a square in the cake the same size as the bottom of the pan, and stuck the cake into it. That is why the barn looks so short. All in all I was pleased, especially with my animals. It was my 1st. time
By brightbrats
Jan 19, 2007
This was for a little girls b-day.  It was my second attempt at this cake.  I added a mud pit for the pig and had a pond in the back for the duck.  You can see some of the pond in the left corner.
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By Barbend
Jan 22, 2007
Three marble pound cakes, stacked.  Red/White Buttercream, black gel.  Chocolate Graham Cracker Roof.  Silo is oreo's stacked w/ marshmallow pinwheel cookie for the top.  Grass is dyed-green coconut.  Hay is shredded wheat.  This is one of my personal favorites!
By bayouclarinet
Jan 23, 2007
dummy cake for my county fair where I won 1st and best in category. 
all fondant with royal icing
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By pinkflamingo
Jan 23, 2007
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By CakeL8T
Jan 27, 2007
This was my very first 3-D cake for my friends son's birthday.  The barn is a 1/2 sheet cake cut into 4 sections, stacked and then sculpted to look like a barn and the "farm field" is a 9 x 13 cake with Little people farm animals on top.  The haystacks were made from cupcakes turned upside down then iced with the grass tip.  The barn doors & windows are graham crakers.
The red silo is a stack of sandwich cookies iced together and topped with a muffin cup upside down.
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By shannycakes
Jan 30, 2007
my gift to a dear friend for her little boys first birthday,  they live on a little farm with cows and chooks... colors are pale blue, terracotta and choc brown, cakes iced in buttercream with fondant decorations...
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By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 31, 2007
Hand sculpted MMF animals, MMF decorations.  My husband had to help me design the barn because I wasn't sure what one looked like, lol.  This was really fun to make.  Again, I was inspired by another cake here on CC.
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By coolmom
Jan 31, 2007
This is a farm animals themed cake that I made to match invitations that I was giving. This was my first sheet cake too!  It was a lot of fun.  I made matching cupcakes as well which I will post a picture of.
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By indigojods
Feb 4, 2007
Here are the cupcakes that I made to match the farm animals cake.
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By indigojods
Feb 4, 2007
One of my 1st cakes. Made after finishing Wilton course 1.  Farm theme for my grandparents.  Buttercream except for fence on top & the tractor which was a kids toy.
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By gelfling
Feb 6, 2007
My husband insisted he wanted a boring old cola cake for his birthday.  I really wanted to decorate something challenging and exciting, so I thought about it and how it looked undecorated.... like a pigpen!  So I made some fondant piggies, haystacks, corn, carrots and a trough and got to decorate a little at least!
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By MavericksMommy
Feb 6, 2007
This cake was made for a baby shower with a farm theme.  It's made of buttercream and fondant.  This was my first time using MMF and free forming anything.  I amazed myself at how well all the animals came out.  The barn is also covered in fondant, rolled out, cut and imprinted with detail.  Everyone could not believe the anilmals were edible.  Everything was edible except the little yellow sign, "Welcome Baby".  I used pretzel sticks for the fence backdrop.
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By toneg24
Feb 8, 2007
Another tractor cake similar to what i've done before.  Carved from a car pan, covered in fondant.
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By geehouse
Feb 8, 2007
Made for a girl who was having her bday at a Chinese restaurant and it's the Year of the Pig. 

The head is made from a small sportsball pan and the body is made from a Wondermold. Everything covered in fondant. :-)
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By KimmysKakes
Feb 10, 2007
A friend and I did this together for her little boys 1st birthday.  She found the picture in a magazine.
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By jabrbx
Feb 20, 2007
Strawberry sheet cake, house is sourcream pound cake, buttercream icing, silo is cookies, there are also some pretzels, graham crackers and marshmallows in there!
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By cake_momma
Feb 20, 2007


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